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What is the best parenting advice?

Parenting is not a job that comes with a manual, and every child is unique in their own way. With so much conflicting advice available on the internet, it can be overwhelming for new parents to decide what’s best for their child.

Here are some of the best parenting advice I’ve picked for your reference. Let’s dive in!


Take care of yourself first

The first and foremost advice for parents is to take care of yourself. It may sound trivial, but it is vital. When you’re not in your best mental and physical health, it can impact your ability to parent effectively.

It’s okay to dedicate some time to yourself, socialize, or even get help from others. Remember, a happy parent means a happy child.

Keep effective and open communication with your child

Keep your communication with your child effective and open. Listen to what your child has to say, recognize their feelings and emotions and acknowledge their opinion.

You can help to build their self-esteem and enhance their confidence through positive communication while keeping them grounded with discipline.

Practice patience in parenting

Patience is one of the most important traits to have as a parent. Raising a child is a process of trial and error, and you will make mistakes along the way, but it’s vital to learn from those mistakes and be patient with your child.

It takes time and effort for children to learn and grow, and as parents, you must learn to provide that space and support.

What is the best parenting advice : set realistic goals and praise often

Set realistic goals for your child and praise them often. Every child has unique talents and abilities, and the goals you set for them should be realistic, achievable, and set with sensitivity to their emotional needs.

Regular encouragement, guidance and appraisal can enhance their determination and self-esteem from an early age.

Lead by example: show good manners and empathy

Lastly, children learn by example, and as parents, you should set a good example in front of them. Display good manners, empathy, and consideration for others. This teaches them important life skills and helps them develop positive attitudes towards the society.


Parenting may be full of challenges, but it can also be rewarding. The best parenting advice for a parent is to do the best they can do for their child is to raise them in a loving, supportive, and safe environment.

While every child is different and may require different approaches, the above-listed pieces of advice can serve as a guide for parents to help them nurture their child in the best possible way.

Remember to enjoy every moment of parenting, as children grow up too quickly!

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