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12 Beach Essentials for Babies You Should Pack for Your Next Trip

12 Beach Essentials for Babies You Should Pack for Your Next Trip

When you think about babies and the beach, you might imagine your child peacefully sleeping in the shade, the sounds of waves and the coconut trees gently waving in the breeze. But we all know truth looks like baby screaming and sandy diapers.  

With the right beach essentials for babies, things have changed.  

Our favorite beach must-haves for baby includes unique things from parents who already beach-tested these beach essentials for toddlers with their child. Maybe you already have some of these products and if you don’t, we listed the best baby items that are both durable and useful, which makes them worthy of an investment for the family. 

Breezy Wrap

You might already own a carrier that you love for daily babywearing use. However, if you decide to go to the beach or water parks more frequently, think of investing in one of the must-haves for a toddler at the beach which is the quality breezy wrap. This is a wrap carrier designed to get wet while maintaining baby cool. 

Misting Water Bottle

A simple squeeze bottle offers a wide range of uses while you and your baby are at the beach enjoying. It’s important for the baby to stay hydrated and drink more water and so, this toddler summer gear is a must-have.

Turkish Towels

This is also known as Peshtemal, Fouta towels or Hammam which are growing in popularity in the U.S. for its durability, high absorbency, lightweight and beautiful designs. Taking a newborn to the beach with this towel ensures her or his safety. 

Neso Beach Tent

In case you didn’t know, it isn’t good to put sunscreen on babies until she or he is six months old and so, having the best baby beach tent is the main priority. Umbrellas or tents are ideal solutions if you have one that is handy and not likely to shake in the ocean breeze.  

ZOMAKE Picnic Blanket Tote

Parents especially the mothers are choosy about the blanket for their baby and this baby beach blanket tote hits the main criterion for a beach vacation with your sweet pea.

Lulyboo Baby Lounge

Have you ever wondered, even half-seriously about carrying your baby crib or pack-and-play to a wherever casual beach vacation or outdoor sites, so that your newborn can get a good sleep and you don’t have to be trapped in a hotel room and babysitting her or him? Here’s Lulyboo Baby Lounge enters the picture. This should be on your baby beach vacation packing list. Baby Lounge combines the qualities of a bassinet, crib, playpen and changing station into a backpack that’s waterproof below and has a roof for shade.

Fitted Sheet

Your beach vacation toddler activity isn’t complete without bringing this fitted sheet. You can attach the corners with your big beach things such as a backpack, chair, cooler and beach bag. This provides a little walled barricade that holds your baby free of sand while you have fun at the beach. 

Play Snap Eco-friendly Swimsuit Diaper

If you decide to take your baby for a swim, you will want to make sure you’re protected just in case of mishaps. 

Baby Bath Chair

What to bring to the beach with a toddler? Do you have a durable baby bath chair? Bring that together with you for an immediate small waterproof hammock that is familiar to your baby. 

Boppy Pillow

Like at home, this beach gear 2019 is ideal for supporting up your little one on the sand and placing her or him for breastfeeding or sleeping. This makes a water-resistant protector, which can be removed and washed after enjoying your day at the water park.  

Floor Seat

If your baby can sit straight, Bumbo Floor Seat is a perfect waterproof and sand-proof beach gear for sitting and having those first sensual experiences like enjoying the sand and water.

Stroller Wagon

What’s your beach essentials toddler 2019? This might be the beach cart of your life and one of the beach essentials for toddlers. Stroller wagon was introduced in the baby products online market in July 2019. This baby gear is designed for everything from a daytime beach trip to an everyday walk through the community.

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