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9 Best Breastfeeding Books Every Mom Should Read

There are some best breastfeeding books available that can help you be prepared and confident for whatever breastfeeding issues you may encounter. Breastfeeding may seem easy and natural to do, but for most parents, it can be challenging than they ever imagined.

Educating ourselves is the best when can do for a successful breastfeeding experience. Here are the best 9 best breastfeeding books to check out:

BREASTFEEDING MADE SIMPLE by Kathleen Kendall-Tackett and Nancy Mohrbacher 

This second publication of Breastfeeding Made Simple is a complete resource that answers all the essential breastfeeding dynamics. Learning the seven natural rules of breastfeeding will help you prevent and conquer challenges such as weaning problems, breast refusal, low milk production and every other issue that stop you from enjoying nursing your baby. 

THE WOMANLY ART OF BREASTFEEDING by Diana West, Teresa Pitman, Diane Weissinger

The book is dedicated to promoting breastfeeding and pregnant mothers, the globally acclaimed La Leche League has set the criterion for teaching and encouraging mothers in the pure art for generations. Their classic successful guidebook has been refocused, retooled and updated for today’s pregnant mothers and behavior. Stay-at-home moms, single moms, working mothers, and moms will all take advantage of the guide’s scope of breastfeeding information, stories, and advice – from planning for nursing during pregnancy to nourishing cues, from breastfeeding positions to communicating and collecting breast milk.


Latch manual is wisdom-free information to nursing that will educate you on the essentials to meet your breastfeeding objectives. In this book by Robin Kaplan, he focuses on specific nursing problems, allowing them to become empowered while nursing and overcoming difficulties as they occur. After talking with numerous expectant who have felt exceptional in their nursing challenges, and as a mom of two who nursing breastfeeding tests of her own, she understands how special breastfeeding is. Caring and gentle, Latch comprises the most important topics at each phase of breastfeeding.


Breastfeeding with Confidence is a useful handbook to breastfeeding aimed to take the secrecy out of the development and deliver new mom with the useful talents and perceptions they need to be productive. Writer Sue Cox describes both the art and the process of nursing and focuses on the reality that making breast milk comes easily, but nursing is a studied skill. When many expectant moms are asked if they will breastfeed, they usually respond, “I will if I can.” Cox answers that reply proactively and clearly with advice, information, help, resources, and support for new moms.


With years of experience in supporting expectant moms, mothers, and newborns, Ina May Gaskin goes into the health and emotional benefits of nursing and offers you helpful practical information that will support you take care of your baby in the most rewarding process possible. It is loaded with valuable guidance, medical facts, and true adventures that will help you realize how and why nursing works and how you can apply it to more genuinely associate with you and your newborn. Whether you’re considering breastfeeding for the first time or are searching for the latest, most advanced professional guidance out there, you couldn’t wish to discover better information than Ina May.


Kathleen Huggins’ handbook is amongst the two best breastfeeding books for more than 30 years, with over 1 million copies sold worldwide. It is recognized and endorsed by experts and is a favorite by many new moms for its easy and positive style. 

Kathleen Huggins teaches nursing moms with the guidance they need to overpower possible problems and breastfeed their infants productively from the first week all through the preschool years–or wherever they decide to stop. This completely updated and modified edition offers guidance on subjects such as advantages of breastfeeding, how to handle with breastfeeding issues, and challenges including a breastfeeding process into a busy life, communicating, keeping and supplying breast milk, and more.


In this complete handbook, Dr. Jack Newman, a top authority on baby care, and Teresa Pitman, a La Leche League director for over 20 years, offer you the information about nursing and give solutions for the basic problems that occur. Packed with the same hands-on information that made the first version a must-have for breastfeeding mothers, the new version features updates on: accomplishing a good breastfeed, what to do next if your baby says no milk, avoiding aching nipples, making sure your newborn gets adequate breast milk, nourishing a colicky infant, and nursing early and special-needs infants.

THE BREASTFEEDING BOOK by Martha Sears and William Sears

William Sears, M.D and Martha Sears, R.N both pediatric experts, deliver complete, comforting, trustworthy guidance on:

  • Breastfeeding and fertility
  • Toddler breastfeeding and weaning
  • Importance of “milk-oriented microbiota” and omega-3 fatty acids
  • How to start breastfeeding, with exemplified instructions for latching on
  • Nutrition and health for moms
  • Improving your breastmilk supply
  • Nursing when being busy
  • Ensuring your breastfeeding newborn gets the best nutrition, like the most updated information
  • Pumps and other innovation associated with nursing
  • Bedtime breastfeeding
  • Unique circumstances

And much more!

WORK PUMP REPEAT by Jessica Shortall

The breast pump is the frenemy of every busy, nursing moms. Many women are over with “breast is best” and focusing more on how to produce milk-white going back to their hectic jobs. Work. Pump. Repeat. is the first handbook to provide women what they must understand beyond the commotion of the “Mommy Wars” and assessment on breastfeeding alternatives. She offers the essentials of continuing the hectic world as a nursing mother, providing a manual for discussing the pumping schedule with partners, navigating corporate travel, and more. Taking from hacks, war adventures and wit of busy moms, and on her adventures from her challenging job and journey in growing countries, she offers moms moral support for handling the stress and guilt that involve juggling breastfeeding and working. As she informs all the readers in her humorous, inspirational statement, “Your value as a mom is not quantified in ounces.”

What were the best breastfeeding books you’ve read during your pregnancy or even after giving birth that you love and would recommend?

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