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12 Important Things to do in the First Trimester

Congratulations! You’re going to be a mother soon. You may be overwhelmed with the many changes and adjustments that pregnancy and having a child will bring. So, in this article, we’ll share the handy checklist that will help you with things to do in the first trimester and pave the way for a healthy and happy pregnancy.

From having a balanced diet to exercising, our guide will help you deal with the physiological and psychological stress of pregnancy. These are some of the fun things to do when pregnant. You can do whatever you feel is right!

1. Make your first meeting with your midwife

The moment you know that you’re having a baby, inform your GP so that you can make your first appointment with a birth attendant.

Booking appointment is the schedule of your first official antenatal meeting and depends on where you are living. You should have your appointment when you’re 10 weeks pregnant.  

2. Take vitamins

Immediately start taking daily folic acid vitamins. Folic acid is an important nutrient that defends your baby from the brain and spinal cord issues including spina bifida.

You need 400 microgram vitamin of folic acid (vitamin B9). You can purchase them over the counter from drugstores or supermarkets.

3. Safety check before drinking medicines

One of the 1st trimesters of pregnancy precautions is that you need to be careful of the meds that you are taking and even the OTC. They may be dangerous for the unborn. Discuss with your midwife or GP about any medicines you’re taking or ask your pharmacist to give you a recommendation when purchasing OTC drugs. 

4. It’s time to quit smoking

If you’re asking what to do if pregnant and don’t want it, well, stop smoking because it can cause ectopic pregnancy, miscarriage or premature labor. Also, the smoke you take can affect how you unborn will grow and this is among the important things to do in the first trimester.

5. Stop drinking alcohol

There’s no way to determine for sure how much alcohol is still good during pregnancy. So, experts recommend to completely stop drinking alcohol while you’re pregnant.

6. Reduce caffeine

Although you can still have a cup of coffee when your pregnant, it’s best to decrease your intake to 200mg of caffeine every day.

7. First-trimester nutrition

A good healthy, nutritious diet will ensure that you and the baby are having all the essential nutrients. 

8. Get help from pregnancy sickness

Many expectant mothers are suffering from the first trimester symptoms which are morning sickness. To alleviate vomiting, eat small amounts but frequently. Try to feed yourself with food that you like and try to avoid the ones that make you feel nauseous.

Eating crackers, breadsticks or plain biscuits can help. Your morning sickness should wane between 16 weeks and 20 weeks.

9. Know the danger signs

There is 1st trimester of pregnancy precautions that you should not disregard. As your tummy becomes big you can feel mild cramps and odd pain. Make sure you check with your midwife if you’re feeling this, just to be safe.

If you’re having a cramp and bleeding, immediately contact your hospital’s early pregnancy unit, GP or midwife

10. Rest

Pregnancy information is that it’s very common to feel drained while pregnant because your body is adjusting quick-changing hormone levels. Rest and put your feet up, though this can be difficult if you are working. 

11. Plan when to publicize your pregnancy

Some women excitedly tell their family, friends, and colleagues as soon as they know they are pregnant. But others wait up until they’re in their second trimester, where the bump is already big and obvious. 

12. Exercise

Exercising regularly is one of the things to do in the first trimester because it can help you deal with the physiological and emotional stress of pregnancy. If you feel happy and comfortable, there’s no reason to stop your workout routine. Also, it will be easier for you to manage your mass if you’re active.

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