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Baby Health: Best Essential Oils That are Safe for Pregnancy

We cannot blame anyone for considering about using oils for pregnancy. But before you decide to hoard some, do some careful investigation. While essential oils can sometimes be useful, science is integrated, the quality of products changes greatly, and specific oils are possibly harmful to moms-to-be. For the best, safest and most beneficial oils that are safe for pregnancy, continue reading!

What Are Essential Oils for Pregnancy and Labor?

The word “essential oil” is derived from “quintessential oil,” which, in return, originates from Aristotle’s idea that while, earth, air, fire, and water constitute natural resources, it’s the fifth component, also known as essence, that gives a specific element its “life force.”

Essentially, now we understand that essential oils or aromatherapy which are derived from plants, seeds and flowers are consist of elements and can be separated through distillation or mechanical procedure. Credit to the volatile elements, essential oils are aromatic and so used in aromatherapy, which can be considered as “plant medicine,” explains Amy Galper, the executive director and creator of the New York Institute of Aromatherapy in New York City. “Essential oils know that our sense of odor is deeply related to the general health and wellness of our system.”

How Do Essential Oils Safe for Pregnancy and Breastfeeding? 

Aromatherapy associated with pregnancy for any other condition isn’t intended to be consumed. Instead, they are gasped or diluted into a mix and applied topically, if it’s a spot medication or bath soak. According to Nita Landry, MD, an ob-gyn who is a regular co-host on the syndicated TV show The Doctors, “When applied as a topical treatment, essential oils or some other skincare products are immersed in the skin. When applied through inhalation, the transport of the compound from the mouth or nose to the brain, lungs, and other parts of the body,”

Since many treatments are forbidden when you’re pregnant, applying specific oils that are safe for pregnancy can be an ideal choice for medicating diseases and unpleasant symptoms, and that’s why they are becoming more well-known with expectant mothers. As said by Lakeisha W. Richardson, an ob-gyn at Delta Regional Hospital in Greenville, Mississippi, “essential oils are natural treatments with minimal side effects.” “More patients are trying to use other ways to cope with diseases and ailments because of the huge side-effect profile of most treatments.” 

Are Aromatherapy Safe for Pregnant Women?

It depends on the patient. Many ob-gyn or health doctors won’t suggest essential oils due to the lack of randomized monitored studies showing it’s an efficient treatment through pregnancy for discomfort or illness. Based on Landry, “The use of essential oils during labor is controversial, and the quantity of study they have on the issue is limited.”

Many essential oils are very dangerous during pregnancy, either because health experts aren’t sure about how they would impact pregnant mother or fetus or they cause problems (for example, they might stimulate uterine convulsions). These comprise camphor, sage, marjoram, fennel, parsley seed or leaf, clary sage, pennyroyal, mugwort, tarragon, wormwood, caraway, hyssop, tansy, aniseed, birch, basil (estragole CT), thuja, cinnamon, and wintergreen.

The Best Oils That Are Safe for Pregnancy

With expert guidance and safe essential oils, you may experience that aromatherapy can help you feel good and be happy. The following are highly recommended essential oils for pregnancy and labor, but again, be sure to discuss with your doctor before applying them on yourself.

  • To appease muscle discomforts: Lavender, chamomile, ylang-ylang, frankincense, and ginger. Put 12 drops of essential oil to 2 tbsp of base oil such as almond or jojoba oil.
  • To lessen vomiting: Lavender, peppermint, ginger, and chamomile. Inhale them directly from the bottle or inhale cotton ball with a drop or two. They help calm belly upset and are the best oils that are safe for pregnancy.
  • To better sleep: Lavender, frankincense, mandarin, and ylang-ylang. Put 12 drops of essential oil to 2 tbsp of distilled water in a spray bottle and mist over pillows before sleeping.
  • To cure hemorrhoids: Tea tree, lavender, geranium, and cypress. These oils that are safe for pregnancy can help relieve the irritation and swelling. Mix all three essential oils for pregnancy and labor (a total of 8 drops in all) and add the blend to 2 tbsp of aloe vera gel and use mixture directly on the affected part with a tissue or cotton ball.

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