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15 Weeks Pregnant

You have reached your 15 weeks pregnant, you must feel incredibly energetic, and this can also mean a high is believed that the Pregnancy week is not attracted. Be realistic, the idea that the Baby is so close while you are intimate, it can drive away. It does not know what happens to your Baby and only reminds your Partner that Sex does not hurt your Baby or affect your pregnancy.

After 15 weeks of pregnancy, the Baby is as big as Orange. The average 15-week-old Baby weighs 2.5 oz and is 4 inches tall. And the figure of the baby has become more common, as the feet are measured by the arms.

15th Week Pregnant Signs

Here’s a list of what you might be experiencing, from an attractive increased libido to less of an attractive things as nosebleeds and stomach issues at week 15 of pregnancy:

1. Increased Sex Drive.

Now that your energy is back, you can feel more energetic in the room. In fact, when you have Sex, every 15 weeks of pregnancy, what you will feel, it is absolutely understandable.

2. Nosebleeds.

Very annoying symptoms due to the combination of increased blood volume and sensitive nasal cavity.

3. Heartburn, Gas Or Indigestion.

Please specify exactly, in which abdominal disease these hormones occur. Please be careful with the foods that cause the symptoms, and try to avoid them. Also, ask your doctor how safe it is to treat stomach complaints. Since they contain a lot of calcium, the stock of some antacids is twice as large!

4. Swollen Gums.

Your gums are too sensitive now because you are pregnant. Take care of her. Frequently brush your teeth and apply your floss to consult your dentist regularly.

5. Shortness Of Breath.

It is certainly becoming more crowded with your torso. This means that expanding your lungs to breathe sufficiently can be more sensitive.

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15th Week Pregnant Tummy

15th Week Pregnant Tummy
15th Week Pregnant Tummy

Your 15-week pregnant belly makes a huge transition process. During her first semester, her womb is still firmly in the pelvis. But now it stretches out to meet her growing Baby, and soon it will overtake her pelvis and sit higher on her belly. All mothers, all beings have different bodies, and their growth rates can be slightly different. It is normal that the unevenness in the 15th century was not affected. In the 19th century.

Pregnancy weeks do not show too much or too much. For example, the valley of 15-week pregnancy for the first pregnancy may take a little longer until it becomes noticeable.

In the second and subsequent pregnancies, the uterus is already stretched so that it can occur in repeated pregnancies with the previous node.

If you are pregnant with 15-week Twins, your bowel will grow faster and you will show it now. Normally, the recommended weight gain for 15 weeks of pregnancy is 1 to 2 pounds per week. So continue eating 300 calories per day and make it as healthy as possible.

If you notice significant or sudden weight gain, consult your doctor. This may be a sign of severe pregnancy, referred to as preeclampsia.

15th Week Pregnant Ultrasound

15th Week Pregnant Ultrasound
15th Week Pregnant Ultrasound

You may not have felt it yet, but an ultrasound in the 15th century was found. Pregnancy week shows that the baby is growing. Now he can move all the limbs and joints.

If you want to examine multiple markers, take between 15. and 20. Week of pregnancy blood.

This Screening measures the levels of specific proteins and hormones in the mother’s blood and assessed the risk of neural tube defects in the Baby is more accurate than the first Screening during pregnancy.

Amniocentesis is another optional Test that is performed between 15 and 20 weeks. This invasive test can diagnose neural tube defects, chromosomal anomalies, and other genetic disorders. It is generally regarded as safe but involves some risks. Therefore, talk to your doctor to determine if you are receiving the procedure.

In the case of the amniotic fluid, your doctor will examine after 15 weeks of pregnancy your belly with the ultrasound and the needle to the amniotic SAC to remove a sample of the liquid to be tested.

Useful Tips:

– Plan the demonstration.
– If there is amniotic fluid, plan amniotic fluid.
– Take care of yourself and take care of yourself.

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