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36 Meaningful Baby Names Starting With J

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Why choosing a baby name starting with J. The letter J carries with itself knowledge, inventiveness, and abundance, all of which can help your child kid prevail throughout everyday life. Individuals with this letter are fearless, aggressive, decided, independent with a steady fortitude.

Baby Boys Names Starting With J


The name of the flower, purple, variation of hyacinth. The battle of Jacinto was the last battle in the war of Texas ‘ independence from Mexico.

2. JACK.

Often used as a nickname for John’s name to date, Jack is a relatively popular name for children, especially in England, because it becomes a child an added advantage:there will never be a problem finding children’s books for your child’s name(Jack and Bob, little tree, little Jack).!


Jackie, a commonly used name for both boys (i.e. baseball legend Jackie Robinson) and girls, is now better suited for both fashion kids and for keeping one of their derivative words Jack, Jackson, or even John’s name.


Jay, or maybe a contemporary mixture of Jacob and Measles


Jack is the perfect complex name for the future scientist, politician and formula 1 pilot. Unfortunately, unless it’s clearly a French heritage, naming American babies is something to be proud of… Pretentious guys, however, do not attach importance to their own mind, and always use a middle name or reduce it to the American Jax.

6. JACY.

Derived perhaps from the initials JC or as a familiar form of Jason


Jehovah heard.


A modern blend of Jay and Adrian


They are equally pronounced, but it was the Jaguar became popular instead of the Jaguar. Maybe it’s too close to Jaeger, a popular alcohol brand for fraternity kids, to take it seriously.

10. JAHNU.

The name of the legendary Hindu sage, who played a role in the history of the goddess Ganges.


Not being a popular mega-superstar like Jayden or Jayden, Jayden still remains a famous baby name and is growing in popularity. Derived from the Hebrew word Jadon, which means”God heard”, Jaiden has a great modern hip that parents now love.

12. JAIR.

Jair is a dark biblical name and seems to go through the Torah several times. Pronounced like Jay-Ar, the biblical character, as we know, conquering several cities, and is an ancient name with a middle Eastern sense of”in 30 cities with 30 more than 30 sons” and” 30 donkeys highway.

13. JAMAL.

No wonder this name attracts attention, it means “beautiful”! Jamal has been popularized here in Arabic-speaking countries of America as well as among African American parents as an alternative name to James or Jason”J”.

14. JAMES.

James is a common real name used in the English version of Jacob in Europe, and among the top 20 in the last century, the name of the most popular child of all time Jacob is also one of the few true eternal names: you hear about him and do not know whether the said person is fifty-five years old.


If his name is James and he wants to give his name to his son, he really doesn’t like the idea of being an advanced person. Jamison is a simple solution. This name literally means “James’s son,” so you can continue the legacy of your name without having an annoying label. Also, this name is full of modern nicknames like Jamie or Mason.

16. JANUS.

Arch; in Roman mythology Janus-God starters and of the late, often visible in the opposite direction and shown with bilateral head. The moon bears his name.

17. JARED.

The name of the Bible before the flood is connected with Jordan


Can you imagine a child growing up as a professional surfer? Star player? An adventure in the Outback? This name is preferred among big and tough Australian footballers and Rugby stars as well as many American athletes.

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Baby Boys Names Starting With J


A contemporary blend of Jay or Jaycee and Lynn

20. JACEY.

Variations of the modern name, initials JC or Jacinda, perhaps simply based on


The French version of Jacqueline Jacqueline jumped to fame thanks to Jacqueline Smith, who starred in the show”Charlie’s Angels” in the ’70s. If the actress was out of attention, then this version was called.


Repressed or held by the heel: the female form of Jacob.


The elegant first lady Jacqueline Bouvier Kennedy Onassis, the feminine French Jack that permeated her name, the refined sheen it can also be pronounced in three syllables and can also be pronounced as France’s jak-LEEN.

24. JADE.

Jade is the name of a popular girl both in the USA and in France. Originally the baby’s name, he is now ready to make a unisex return as a short form of ubiquitous Jayden. Stone of the month, the green gem has a reputation for providing wisdom, protection, and courage.

25. JADEN.

Unisex name, originally a male biblical name that means God heard

26. JAEL.

Jael (Jay El) is a Jewish name taken directly from the Bible. (Speaking of Feroz, she was the woman who killed the army commander of Canaan in her sleep!) It is also the name of the place in Isreal and is used by both boys and girls.

27. JAMES.

James is a common real name used in the English version of Jacob in Europe, and among the top 20 in the last century, the name of the most popular child of all time Jacob is also one of the few true eternal names: you hear about him and do not know whether the said person is fifty-five years old.

28. JAN.

A gift from God; Jan is John’s female form and Jane’s transformation. In Roman mythology, Janus was the wife of Janus.


John’s feminine form and Jane’s transformation; Jan was Janus ‘ wife in Roman mythology.

30. JANET.

Get a list of surnames with the name Jane.

31. JANIE.

Jehovah was kind, showed favor.


Jasmine (pronounced yaz-meen) is consistently popular every year in the United States and, of course-this precious species, flowers evoke greatness and exoticism in Persia. It’s the perfect timeless name for a girl who really doesn’t look like another.

33. JAYNA.

God has been gracious; variant of Jane, which became an independent name, just like the name Jay became independent from the origin of Jacob


Genevieve is a modern transformation of the voice.


Jennifer Frick is common in Cornwall. Originally from Geneva. Inking Arthur’s mythology, Geneva was the Queen of Arthur.

36. JENNA.

Jenna is another member of the Jennifer Jenny family who has become quite popular over the last decade. Your kid won’t get the link, but an old fan of late-night TV Soaps from the ‘ 80s, Dallas gets a little homesick every time they hear the name.

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