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Fabulous 45 Baby Names Starting With L

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Why Choosing a Baby Names Starting With L?

L is a serious positive letter, as it emanates a creative mind, commitment, and intelligence. A kid with this letter in his name is bound to accomplish everything that he has set out for. He even comprehends the significance of family, companionship, and each relationship he is in.

Baby Boys Names Starting With L


The land of lakes and swamps in lakes is so nicknamed for Scotland from Norway


It is the surname used as the first name; at the age of 20, the French aristocrat Marquis de Lafayette fought for four years in the American revolution.


Langley, Virginia, is known as the headquarters of the Central Intelligence Agency.


Laramie is a city in Wyoming named after the 19th-century French fur hunter Jacques Laramie.


Pronunciation was rock Lin, the name Raffin gave the Vikings the Irish invasion. It is an unusual choice among the most common Irish names, but it is a strong and masculine choice.


Most people would assume that Lauren was a female name, but was also a male name from the early twentieth century. How popular it was while the girl’s name disappeared into oblivion in the 80s. Almost the same spelling, but the male name is Lauren or Lawrence(the name comes from him).

7. LAW.

The law is most often used as a nickname for Lawrence, and in rare cases, it is used as the full name of the person. But it has a certain quality of hard and low type that parents can attract soon.


This name has existed since the days of Ancient Rome, but it is still modern. Lawrence felt very elegant Britain, was the nickname of the law.

9. LEE.

Lee is a soft name that is more often used as a surname or patronymic than as a first name. It peaked at # 1951 with a peak at # 226, but has since fallen and is now somewhere around 600.

10. LEIF.

According to Scandinavian legend, Viking Leif Erickson landed his ship off the coast of North America, about 500 years before Columbus arrived in the Caribbean sea.

11. LEO.

The lion is the figure in art and religious symbol in many cultures that symbolizes royalty, Majesty and courage, dad’s name and the name of certain popular in Ancient Rome, and Leo.


Strong male names with a ferocious meaning of “lion” and “brave”, this child’s name is often found at the last moment, and serious actor Leonardo DiCaprio is also the name of actor Penelope Cruz and Javier waldum have decided their older child’s name.

13. LEVON.

The elegant revolution of Leon, or Levi, Levon takes advantage of the greatness and power of lions. The name is not very popular, but in 2002 there must be a reason why the actors Uma Thurman and Ethan Hawked named their sons Lavon.

14. LEX.

Given its magnificent Greek meaning, this name carries a sense of grandeur and abundance in one syllable. A wonderful name for a child, Lex has increased his popularity in recent years.

15. LIAM.

Irish names are on the rise, and Liam is no exception. Liam started out as a short version of William, but now it’s a terrible name. First, popularized by actor Liam Neeson, it’s likely that young people associate him with actor Liam Hemsworth from the hunger games movie, or the devil movie.”

16. LOGAN.

Like the name “cool kids” Logan and become Carter, Jackson. Logan has historically been everywhere in terms of popularity, but he’s gained ground again as a popular name and looks like he’s not going anywhere soon. In addition to being a Scottish surname, it has become a name for unisex(although it is more popular with boys than with girls). Logan is also the name of Wolverine from the comics and x-Men movies:a bonus your kids (and your father) will love.

17. LOREN.

Loren really sounds too much like Lauren to get anything as a baby name. It started out as a baby name and became a name for unisex, and now it’s completely dropped off the radar name. Lawrence and Lorenzo-like sound choices that you can consider.


Lorenzo dates back to the times of Lorenzo de ‘ Medici, a merchant Prince and one of the main patrons of Renaissance art (their descendants still live today!). And Shakespeare’s merchants in Venice. This is a unique thing (in Italian you can feel how long it takes to get a shortened baby for an American update).


Derived from Lucien as charming, Luciano did not see much popularity in the United States. However, this name can follow this example because the Italian name of the old school appears in the list of names.

20. LUIGI.

Luigi Russolo has been used since time immemorial by Mario green brothers, but his classic style has received a charming vintage look. But the lack of his nickname is unfavorable.

21. LYNN.

Historically, Lynn was a proper name for boys, but for a long time, it was used mostly for girls. The name comes from the Gaelic word”Cascade”.

Baby Girls Names Starting With L.

22. LACEY.

Like the fabric that evokes that name, Lacey sounds a bit fussy, a bit flying and very feminine.

23. LADA.

Goddess of spring and love from Eastern Europe, Rada, worshipped in Lithuania, Poland, and Russia.

24. LAILA.

A seventh-century Arab poet named Kais, the Central character of his lyrical poem was born at night, at dusk.


In Indian mythology, Lalita is a friend of the God Krishna.

26. LANA.

The names of this charming girl are the most common variants of Alana and Helen, ranging from Irish (“little Rock”) to Hawaiian (“floating”) and Greek (“light”).


The surname and traditional name of the child, which is now used for both sexes. Langley, Virginia, is a famous CIA house.

28. LARA.

Lara was a fairy, Roman mythology, who betrayed the love story of Jupiter and Juturna, and the result was the word.


Protection; Lara, defender of homes and fields, was obtained from individual Roman household gods.


In Greek mythology, Larissa was the mother of Please. Larisa is also the name of the Greek city, the moon of the planet Neptune. See also, Lala.

31. LAURA.

It’s never too fashionable, it never sounds archaic, and the mention of literature from past centuries, and although it’s not a name that other parents hold Hu-But firmly true.

32. LEAH.

Leah is a weakness of meaning, “fatigue,” and no wonder. Wouldn’t you be too”tired” if it happened to you? Finally, Leah gave birth to six sons, who became the ancestors of the tribe of Islam. Despite its somewhat somber origins, Leah has become a very popular choice of names for girls. Leah will also use common writing and answer using Star Wars-an-REIA.

33. LEANA.

A variant of the vine, which is a short form of indefinite origin, perhaps Julian (young), or a modern mixture of the names Lee and Anna.

34. LEANN.

A modern blend of obscure origin, a variant of the vine that is perhaps a short form of Juliana (young) or the names Lee and Ann.

35. LEIA.

The name Leah is synonymous with universal specific Princess Saga “Star wars”, but its origin was the sixth mother of the first wife of Jacob and his baby, Leah Bible it acquired a more modern spelling and the rear, but it’s a family word shows the perfect sense of femininity. Since the beginning of the decade 2000, gained momentum among children’s names and perhaps with a new generation of George Lucas fans.

36. LEIGH.

An attractive old name, Lee is a variation on Lee’s less romantic spelling. This quiet sounding nickname is often used as a middle name rather than a name or as a combination of names such as Lee Anne or Jody Lee.


This mythical sea nymph was known as the White goddess after she followed her son to the sea. Dionysus rescued her and she became le quote.


Derived from the Latin word Laetitia meaning “happiness”, Letitia guessed the full name of a small package, it’s fun. It hasn’t gone out of fashion since the ‘ 70s, probably because of its archaic sound, but I think it’s a lovely name with charming, mediocre charm.

39. LEXI.

Lexi is Alexandra’s most beautiful and fun sister. Seriously, you scream a million times? “Lexi, come here!- Oh, Alexandra, come here!- Let me be your guide.

40. LEXUS.

The best name for a luxury car, Lexus hasn’t been hit since… Well, never. He had a brief moment in half of 1996 and has been on the decline ever since.


Give me freedom or give me freedom… Another name? If there was a Patriotic name, then freedom was never a popular name, but a pretty one. Freedom would be a fitting nickname for his daughter if freedom and America were his passion.


There’s a very nice thing in Lillian’s name. In the 1880s, the super popular name Lillian went out of fashion and returned in recent years. Additional benefits: it’s much more unique than your ultra-stylish cousin, Lily.

43. LILY.

The most popular of the names of flowers is not only the name of the famous comedian, “mother” of Harry Potter, but a beautiful flower of the most popular flower for the famous baby traditionally represents purity, and the soft and soft sound of the name will be a guarantee for your favorite generations.

44. LISA.

Unprecedented popularity in the 1970s that Elvis named his daughter Lisa Marie. Since then, the name has not gone out of fashion, and now it goes well with other names, such as Annalise. It is also the name of the early Simpson meson.

45. LOVE.

Love surrounds us… Not the name Love (the name, not the verb) is more often used as a second name(the Jennifer Love Hewitt method), but still it should be a sincere name. Maybe parents are worried that an adult woman named Love can’t be taken seriously, or too fired for being a hippie. A name that means love but not quiet is as impressive as Amanda, Caris, Cheryl, and charity.

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