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4 Best Formula for Babies with Reflux

4 Best Formula for Babies with Reflux

Is your baby experiencing acid reflux? Most mothers, especially first-time moms out there, are having a hard time on what to do for babies with acid reflux. Many moms out there are having doubts about the milk they feed their babies with. Some of them have their ideas about breastfeeding their babies. Well, mothers must believe that when it comes to getting them to latch will be no problem at all and everything will be fine. But sometimes, mothers are stopping breastfeeding due to the reflux of their babies. They always find themselves ending up to the best formula for acid reflux and constipation for their little ones. For mothers out there, whatever your decisions are, it is totally fine because you can always bond with your baby through the love and care formula. 

There are a few reasons other than the maturity of the esophagus that can cause your baby’s reflux. You as a parent should understand the struggles of your baby who is experiencing reflux and somehow you are trying to find the best anti-reflux formula for your baby. It is even harder to search for the best formula for breastfeeding babies because you know that they are used to a mother’s milk. This article will help mothers out there to search for the best formula for babies with reflux. It is important to understand how to deal with acid reflux and know what type of milk is best for 1-year-old babies or younger to reduce your baby’s struggles and your stress as well. 

Formulas for babies with reflux 

Are you worried about your baby’s reflux? Check out these baby formulas that you might want to consider to help you in feeding your baby. These top picks of baby formulas tend to have the best baby formula reviews on the internet and are known to be the best baby formula in the world. 

1. Similac Pro-Advance Non-GMO Infant Formula with Iron, with 2′-FL HMO, for Immune Support, Baby Formula, Powder, 36 oz, 3 Count (One-Month Supply) by Similac

 For those who don’t know, Similac is the first formula brand that is mixed with Human Milk Oligosaccharide or HMO. This is a kind of Similac Pro Advance for reflux that helps strengthen your baby’s immune system to be just like infants who breastfed. Who doesn’t want their babies to be healthy, right? This product has its essential ingredients that help support the development of your baby’s brain, eye health, and even your baby’s growing and developing cells. 

Similac Pro-Advance Non-GMO Infant Formula is the brand that leads when it comes to natural growth hormones. It does not contain any artificial growth hormones that is why it is in demand in the market. Similac’s product ingredients come from cows that have not been treated with any artificial hormones for growth. 

Many of the consumers especially the mothers who feed their babies with Similac, have proven that this product reduces fussiness, spit-up, and gassiness after day 1. Many of them switched their brand because they have proven that Similac is the best backup formula for breastfed babies. Many mothers like it for it contains an exclusive blend DHA, Lutein, and Vitamin E nutrients that are found in the breastmilk of a mother, which helps support the overall growth and development of the baby. 

2. Enfamil A.R. Ready to Feed Spit Up Baby Formula Milk, 2 fluid ounce Nursette (48 counts) – Omega 3 DHA, Probiotics, Immune & Brain Support by Enfamil

Enfamil AR for acid reflux is a kind of infant formula designed to reduce frequent spit-up of babies due to their ever-changing digestive system. This formula meets the criteria of reflux reduction that is why Enfamil A.R Infant Formula is a top brand for spit-up and common reflux. 

From 0-12 months, Enfamil A.R Infant formula has met the entire nutritional needs of an infant most especially in supporting their early milestone. These nutrients support the cognitive development of the baby, such as DHA and choline. Enfamil also has Triple Health Guard blend, a dual prebiotic blend for immune health and growth. 

This formula is also made up of on-the-go moms because you can always be prepared whenever your little angel is hungry because Enfamil A.R Infant formula has its 8 fl oz bottles and it is ready-to-use. This milk is the number 1 baby formula brand recommended by pediatricians. 

3. Tippy Toes Lactose-Free Soy Baby Formula by Tippy Toes

Tippy Toes Lactose-Free Soy Baby Formula is a soy-based baby formula for babies from ages 0-12 months. It is a formula that is nutrition tailored for infants and is the closest formula for breastmilk. It is a Non-GMO product that contains trace levels of genetically engineered material. This product is nice as it is generally filled with weight and not by volume and it is known to be a soy formula better for spit-up.

4. Enfamil Nutramigen Hypoallergenic Colic Baby Formula Lactose-Free Concentrated Milk, 13 ounces (Pack of 12) – Omega 3 DHA, Probiotics, Iron, Immune Support by Enfamil

Enfamil Nutramigen Hypoallergenic Colic Baby Formula is proven to be hypoallergenic formula to manage the baby’s colic fast, in just 48 hours. Some babies are allergic to cow’s milk protein in infant formula, but if Nutramigen is being taken, worry no more. Because it contains extensively hydrolyzed protein to provide colic relief. 

Its benefits other than being hypoallergenic is that it contains easy to digest proteins that are proven to promote skin health in babies up to 18 months old. It is proven to protect and helps the digestive system of babies in just 1 week of use. And helps babies who struggle from acid reflux and spit-up. Nutramigen is balanced, free of lactose with no added sucrose. 

Wrapping up 

Parents should be very cautious when it comes to what they feed their babies. Breast Milk is the number one option when it comes to feeding your little angel. And as time goes by, you need to introduce formula milk to them. Searching for the best formula milk for babies with reflux is a bit difficult but with the 4 best options discussed earlier, it would not be hard for moms and parents out there to decide. Just make sure the formula will work on your baby. Trial and error are good, but the best thing to do is to first read the instructions and nutritional benefits of each product. 

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