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5 Wonderful Ways to Treat Dry Skin During Your Pregnancy

For moms or soon-to-be moms, pregnancy is both exciting and nerve-racking. Pregnancy can be exciting because you are finally having a baby and you got a wonderful blessing inside you. On the other hand, it is nerve-racking because you are going through a lot of changes and you will notice it throughout your pregnancy. Some may find themselves pregnant and moody for they are experiencing a moody pregnancy. Some may notice physical changes like having dark underarms during pregnancy or having dark spots on face after or during pregnancy, red spots on face during pregnancy and even forehead wrinkles during pregnancy. 

One of the earliest changes that you will notice is having dry skin during pregnancy. If this is your first time, you might be shocked but don’t worry. Having dry skin has different ways to deal with it. First, let’s know what causes dry skin during early pregnancy. 

What Causes Dry Skin During Pregnancy?

Your hydrolipidic barrier or film is the protector of your skin from external bacteria. However, it is sensitive to different kinds of internal influences. External factors may affect your hydrolipidic film but it is highly controlled from inside your body. Generally, one of those internal influences is hormonal imbalance and obviously, during pregnancy, your hormone levels are sometimes up and sometimes down. 

When your hormonal levels start to vary, your hydrolipidic film will also start to become thin, weak, and even break down in spots. These “holes” allow the moisture of your skin to decrease and evaporate quickly within your skin that eventually results in dry skin during pregnancy.  After knowing what causes dry skin, let’s go on to the ways on how to prevent and treat it.

Preventing and Treating Dry Skin

Basically, you have to preserve the hydrolipidic film that is still there in your skin by using the best face moisturizer for your dry skin during pregnancy with the help of your doctor. These products can fill in the holes until your hormones settle down. Moreover, here are some ways on how to treat dry skin mostly on face during pregnancy. 

Wash with lukewarm water

Remember that too hot or too cold temperatures can weaken your hydrolipidic film and decrease the moisture in your skin. That’s why one way to prevent your skin to dry is to avoid washing with hot or cold water and use lukewarm water. You may adjust your shower or bath towards the middle scale to have a lukewarm bath. For normal body temperature, around 98.6 degrees Fahrenheit is considered lukewarm. 

Avoid rough fabrics

Dry skin during pregnancy can be easily harmed by rough fabrics because of your weak hydrolipidic film. Also, your skin can be easily irritated by rough fabrics. To prevent this, you must prioritize soft fabrics when choosing your clothing. Prevent buying hand-woven wools and denim and avoid rubbing them to your dry skin. Lastly, try patting your skin dry instead of rubbing it to prevent irritation as well. 

Exfoliate your skin once a week

Exfoliating your skin can remove dead cells and promote healthy skin. However, dry skin should only be exfoliated once a week. Focus on healing products like moisturizers for penetrating your skin deeper. Exfoliating your skin once a week will preserve your skin’s balance and will give it time to adjust to your varying hormonal levels during pregnancy. 

Moisturize in the morning and night

Dry skin is caused by evaporating moisture. One of the effective ways to treat your dry skin is to apply a moisturizer in the morning and before going to bed, frequently. Moisturizers serve as barriers between the outside air and your skin to keep the hydration from evaporating quickly. If you are concerned about safe beauty products, consult your doctor about it.

Add a hydrator to your skincare routine

Hydrators, on the other hand, put water on your skin. To prevent and treat the dry skin, you can add a hydrator on your skincare routine because it keeps your skin hydrated, like what its name suggests. Remember, you should apply the hydrating product first before applying the moisturizer. When moisturizer is applied on top of the hydrating product, it forms a layer that locks moisture to your skin. 

Hydration in pregnancy can also be achieved by drinking lots of water. If you have dry skin, don’t be discouraged. With the right products to use and skincare routine, you will be able to treat it eventually. 

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