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Top 10 Adorable Disney Names for Babies

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Parents who are expecting a new member of their family may be quite excited to create a name for their babies. This is one of the exciting parts when you think of the name you will give to your baby. However, it can also be frustrating when you can’t decide or when you have something in mind and some family members or friends criticize your choice. But it is still up to you because you are the parents. 

Some thought that Disney-inspired names are really nice to give to your child. And some parents who are not very fond of Disney might still want to consider the list because it is not a bad idea at all. To help parents decide what is the best fit for their children, here is a list of the top 10 adorable Disney names for babies.


The name Anastasia was inspired by Anastasia Tremaine from Cinderella. This name is quite very feminine and classic. This elegant name might be the perfect fit for your precious child. For parents who are expecting a baby girl, this name is a nice idea. You can use Ana as a nickname for Anastasia and it gives a very classy vibe in it. Parents can seriously consider this name because it is seriously wonderful.


The name Aurora was inspired by the beautiful princess Aurora from the popular Disney movie “Sleeping Beauty”. This distinct name has a very charming vibe in it. It reflects a feminine side as well that parents may like. This is actually a very nice idea for your own little princess.


This beautiful and elegant name was inspired by the popular Disney movie “Beauty and the Beast”. This nice name is a favorite because of its simple yet very sophisticated vibe in it. Parents who are expecting a baby girl might consider this in their shortlist because of its beauty. Although it is popular, it never goes out of style. Your child will never go out of style.


This very nice and wonderful name was inspired by Judge Claude Frollo from The Hunchback of Notre Dame. This name has a very strong statement and it can reflect the bravery and strength of your baby boy. This unique yet very cool name is really a favorite and parents can consider it in their shortlist of names to think about.


The name Clayton was inspired by Clayton in Tarzan. This cool yet very sophisticated name has been used in many boy names as well. Though it is not especially unique, it is a nice idea to name your child with Clayton because it is rare yet not odd. Parents who are expecting a baby boy can decide to go on the more unfamiliar side by picking this name.


The name Flynn was inspired by Flynn Rider from Tangled. This charismatic character has also put some flavor into this name. Although the character was bad in the first parts of the movie, it showed how he has changed and how he is really good at heart. The name itself though is very modern and cool to name your precious little boy. Flynn would be a classic choice!


This name was inspired by Oliver & Company. The name Oliver is quite popular but it never goes out of style as well because of its modern yet charming vibe. Parents who are expecting a baby boy can actually consider this name in their shortlist of best names. This name is also something that will not feel awkward when your baby boy becomes a man. This is something he can be proud of forever.


The name Penny was inspired by the movie One Hundred and One Dalmatians. This cute yet stylish name is quite popular as well. Parents who are expecting a little baby girl can consider if this name is something they would want to call their babies. Cute names like this actually make your child always feel young even when they grow. This is something they would be thankful for.


The name Thalia was inspired by the popular Disney movie Hercules. This classy yet very feminine name is a very good choice for parents who are expecting a precious little girl. Although this name has many variations, like Nathalia, Thalia on its own has its chic and stylish vibe. Parents can seriously consider this wonderful name for their wonderful baby girl.


The name Charlotte was inspired by Charlotte La Bouff from Disney’s movie The Princess and the Frog. This very charming name is also a nice choice for parents who are expecting a baby girl. Parents should seriously consider this stylish and classic name because it will never go out of style. 

The list of top 10 adorable Disney names for baby girls and boys above are nicely-picked and the most recommended Disney-inspired names for girls and boys. Expectant parents will surely find precious names and meanings with the list and where it’s inspired. Although there are many more available suggestions on the internet or books, it is important that parents become decisive in their choices. 

Whatever name they decide for their children, the important thing is that their children grow up to be the best version of themselves and a good bearer of that name. We can find people with very nice and great names but with the ugliest personalities and attitudes. The great name doesn’t make up for bad behavior. But a nice and great name with a pleasing, peaceful and friendly personality will double the charm. We hope that your children can live up with the beauty and meaning of their names. We hope that this article has help parents attain that goal and may you find the perfect name for your bundle of joy!

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