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7 Essential Oils to Help Baby Sleep

7 Essential Oils to Help Baby Sleep

New moms or parents may find it challenging to put their babies to sleep when they are still very active at night. As much as essential oils help adults to sleep, it also helps the baby to have a good night’s deep sleep.  

Essential oils are good for putting us to sleep and it has a nice effect on us. It is used to encourage sleep, calm anxiety and feel relax. However, when it comes to babies, parents should be extra careful. It is important to select essential oils that are safe for the baby. Because essential oils are widely used, you need to check the labels to make sure that you are using pure and authentic essential oils.  

Remember that mixing the oils with alcohol can be irritating. Avoid synthetic fragrances because it can be irritating to the skin and don’t have any benefits. 

To help you decide, here are carefully picked safe selections of essential oils to help baby sleep well: 


Roman and German chamomile are essential oils that are gentle for babies. It can help babies who have trouble sleeping. It has a natural soothing effect and is widely and traditionally used to treat insomnia. Chamomile mix with lavender can help anxiety and help with the baby’s fussy spirit. 


This is a natural expectorant that can help with respiratory congestion. This suits well when your baby is having some respiratory problems like colds or coughs. This is a favorite during cold winter seasons. However, babies should use the Eucalyptus Radiata variety, not the Eucalyptus globulus. You can also consult your pediatrician first before using this to ease respiratory problems. 

Tea Tree 

Tea tree is a natural antifungal and disinfectant. It helps to add a few drops of tea tree oil to your unscented oil to heal diaper rash and fungal infections of babies. However, tea tree oil is a stronger essential oil, babies younger than 6 months should not use it yet.  


Lavender is a common essential oil that has a sedative and calming effect. You can do a lavender oil massage to your baby to encourage sleeping. Lavender oil can actually be used for insect bites and itchiness as well. 


Dill is an antispasmodic oil that can relieve indigestion. It has a calming effect. To use, you should dilute one drop of dill per teaspoon of carrier oil. Mix them thoroughly and massage it on your baby’s skin.


Mandarin is similar to Lavender. It has a calming effect and is a great alternative for babies who are irritated by the smell of lavender. This sweet scent is similar to orange varieties. It’s not phototoxic, so when diluted and applied to the skin, it doesn’t cause skin irritation. 

Distilled lemon

Distilled Lemon of the other hand lifts up mood and energy. This is best for babies who just woke up to lift up their mood. Unlike expressed lemon, distilled lemon should not cause skin irritation when applied to the baby’s skin. 

The list above is just a few of the carefully-picked and thought-about when it comes to safe essential oils to help the baby sleep well. Parents especially moms can research more about other essential oils suitable for babies. If you are not sure if the essential oil is safe for your baby, you should consult your pediatrician for some advice. We hope that these suggestions of essential oils can help parents to encourage a nice good sleep to their little ones.

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