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Abdominal Tightening During Pregnancy

The abdominal tightening is one of the problems the women suffer from during pregnancy. The pregnancy is bringing about a lot of changes in the body and that is because of the alteration in hormones .you can notice the pain, circulatory, digestive as well as tendons issues as the center of the gravity is changing. The abdominal tightening is considered as a feeling of pain in the abdomen. Also, it is often confused with the cramp. The uterus would feel harder as it is brushing against the skin as the pregnancy start to grow.

The tightening sensation that is spreading across the abdomen would be a shocker. So, is it considered as a cramp? Or even a contraction? You can only read on in order to learn what are the things that could cause the abdominal tightening while pregnancy, what the pregnant could do about it. In addition, when she should call the doctor.

The Reasons Stomach Is Tightening UP During  Pregnancy

The abdominal tightening could be the ligaments stretching, early in the pregnancy “It is pushing out on the abdominal musculature, as the uterus is growing”. All the stretching, as well as the pushing, may cause ligament pain, the reason you feel like a sharp pain in the abdomen.

After in the pregnancy, it would be little things, for example, the baby may only be moved around in there, you may have the gas, or even maybe the uterus contracts .the contractions of Braxton hicks area part for the course in the second as well as the third trimesters and are not one of the reasons to worry about. If the tightening or the pain is much constant and which does not let up, that can be the preterm or even the full-term labor.

The Abdominal Tightening In The Early Pregnancy

It is believed that the ligaments’ stretching is responsible for the abdominal tightening in early pregnancy. The uterus is stretching itself pushing the other organs as the newborn grows as well as demands much more space. Due to this, the stomach is getting hard and tight with every passing day. Moreover, you can feel uncomfortable with the stomach which is tight. Round ligament pain is accounted as fairly common during this pregnancy’s phase. This though, could not be regular. Not only this, but also large amount of meals, or even the flatulence are able also to lead to the abdominal tightening.

The Abdominal Tightening In the Late Pregnancy

In the late pregnancy, the movement of the newborn could result in the tightening. With the pregnancy’s advancement; the abdomen is expanding so as to accommodate the growing fetus.

An abdominal space is shared by the organs in addition to the growing newborn.

Abdominal tightening is clear. Also, it could be persistent in the last few months.

Both The growing uterus as well as the movements of the baby can cause the tightness’s feeling in the stomach.

Weight gain while the pregnancy is as well related to the tightening of the abdomen.

A fat deposited under the skin is stretching the abdominal wall; it also can cause tightening.

The Gastric problems are considered frequent in the late pregnancy which is the reason that causes the stomach to feel more tighter.

Nevertheless, if the tightening is much pronounced as well as does not leave; that would be a sign of the preterm even the full-term labor.

Some Of The Causes Of Stomach Tightening During The Pregnancy

The Braxton Hicks contractions are considered common either in the second or the third trimester are also responsible for the abdominal pain.

Those contractions are usually referred to as the ‘false labor’. Also, they are known to prepare the body for the actual or even the ‘true labor’. True labor pain and contractions are coming at regular intervals Moreover; they are rhythmic in nature.

The Placental Abruption: It is significant because it is nourishing the growing fetus. The bleeding happens. In addition; the uterus gets firm and usually tender to touch. The tightening is not temporary. However, it lasts for a long time.

Treating The Abdominal Tightening In The Pregnancy

The treatment of abdominal tightening is dependent on these following underlying causes.

  • The changing in position would be of help if the contractions of the Braxton hicks were the root cause. Such us, if you sit, stand up as well as walk a while and vice versa.
  • No treatment will be needed for tightening that is caused by the uterine contractions or even because of the fetal movements.
  • On the whole, the abdominal tightening while the pregnancy is for sure harmless. However, the preterm labor may make your abdomen tight as well. Therefore, do not ignore the tightening of the stomach.
  • Try to keep making yourself more hydrated and drink a lot of fluids.

Dealing With The Abdominal Tightening

So, what can the one do for the tightening sensation?

It is depending on the things that are causing symptoms. If it is the Braxton Hicks contractions, one could try switching positions. For example; one should stand if he or she could when he/she issitting for a long time, or sit if you were standing; then, they will probably go away. If it was preterm labor, you will need to have more medical attention.


On the whole, we can say that the tightening problem is accounted for as one of the most pregnant suffer from. If you were on the heavy side; you can probably feel this tightening later than the women who are skinny.

You would likely feel that the stomach is tightening at irregular intervals. Also, you might explain them as contractions. Although this tightness’ feeling does not last for long; a lot of women reported that they felt their stomach tighten up for mainly 5 minutes.

it is believed that the tightening of the abdomen is usually accompanied by weight gain.

Finally, the increasing of the weight is stretching the skin; in addition to the Braxton Hicks contractions, even the prodromal labor, and the false labor can be also set in.

Therefore, the Braxton Hicks contractions are considered helpful in preparing the body for the pains which are actual.

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