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The Dry Lips During Pregnancy 

The dry lips or (dry mouth) is considered as a common symptom which is related to pregnancy. This is in part because the pregnant needs to drink a lot of water because that is assisting the baby to be developed.

The changing of hormones can also be another reason to make an effect on oral health. Not only this but also you may be affected by the gingivitis which allows you to be exposed to loose teeth while pregnancy.

Some of the circumstances during the pregnancy like gestational diabetes will as well cause dry lips.

The Causes

There are a lot of causes which are potential for the dry lips in the period of the pregnancy .these causes are, including:

The dehydration

This term is achieved when your body water is in a quick way than when it takes in. That would be so hazardous for pregnant women especially . All that is because water can assist the baby to be developed. Water is more needed when you are pregnant than when you are not.

Dehydration during pregnancy probably leads to defects of birth even the premature labor in severe cases.

These are some signs of the dehydration which include:

  • The overheating feeling
  • The urine is dark or yellow
  • The so feeling of thirst
  • Feeling tired
  • The headache

Diabetes which is gestational

The gestational diabetes is done just during the pregnancy the reason which will cause you a high blooding of sugar. However, it is usually disappeared after giving birth.

During the pregnancy, the pregnant needs as much as insulin than usual. Gestational diabetes has occurred when the body could not make extra insulin.

There will be a cause of many problems either for you or the baby by gestational diabetes. However, and by proper care, it would be managed, for example , practicing exercises, as well as a healthy diet .you, may even need insulin or medication.

There are several women that are with gestational diabetes and who have no symptoms, they may have minor ones. It will be detected while the pregnancy test which is given to all women. Therefore, if you have these symptoms as well as the dry lips, they could contain the thirst which is excessive as well as fatigue.

The thrush

It is called Candida Albicans and which is an overgrowth of the fungus. Everybody is having is in small amounts. Nevertheless, it may be grown out of the normal range if the immune system has not worked as it normally does.

The dry, as well as the cottony feeling within the mouth, can be caused by the thrush.

The sleeping problem

A lot of sleep issues can be caused by pregnancy. Like: not being able to fall asleep or even waking up throughout the night in a frequent way. In addition, it may also cause or lead to some breathing problems like sleep apnea or even snoring.

The frequently changing of hormones can be the cause of the throat as well as narrowed nasal passages, the reason which leads to the breathing issues.

Your breath with the mouth will be opened during the sleeping by the snoring as well as the sleep apnea. The reason makes it even harder to produce the saliva in addition to the drying out of the mouth. So, the apnea could be a challenging problem, in this case, you have to call a doctor.

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The symptoms of the dry lips

The potential symptoms of the dry lips are containing the tooth decay , problems of swallowing, the changing of the taste sense.

The treatment

It is believed that the dry lips are not understood as there was a lot of research in the area. Although a lot of studies, the researchers were not able to the particular causes of the drying lips. However, there are some home remedies that are enough in treating it for example. Using free gum because that helps in encouraging the mouth in order to create the saliva, eat sugar-free hard candy, try to drink more water as well as using the humidifier during night which is also considered as a helpful treatment to make dry lips a bit softer. In addition to the skipping of coffee.

The moment you have to see the doctor

One will have to be treated by the doctor, in some conditions. So, if some remedies of home do not assist to treat, you have to see the doctor. Also, one must see the doctor if you realized some of these symptoms like:

  • The redness or the soreness in the mouth.
  • The excessive thirst, the need to urine more as well as the feeling of fatigue.
  • The brown or the black spots on the teeth even the toothache which does not go away.
  • The dehydration which is so severe.
  • The sleep apnea, the snoring even the frequent wakening while sleeping.

The changing of the hormones in addition to the lots of needs of water may lead to the dry lips during the pregnancy period. Finally, if the home remedies did not assist you to be treated with the dry lips or there are several other symptoms of the case of gestational diabetes, try as much as fast to see the doctor.


To sum up, it will be better if the causes are identified in order to be treated. The dry lips in a typical way are considered manageable. In addition, the controlling of the levels of the glucose may be the best tool and means in order to manage the dry lips if there were any diabetes. The medication has to be taken as advised and the avoiding of the sugary food. As well as a drink, would be much better. Finally, if the dry lips are still continuing to be a serious problem, call or see the doctor. Moreover, the visiting of the dentist regularly can as well assist to treat the dry lips or mouth.

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