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10 Fun Activities for one Year Olds

Being a parent of a one year old is an exciting time. You’ve reached the milestone of when your baby is no longer a baby and has officially become a toddler. At one year old, your little one is full of energy, curiosity and eagerness to learn new things. To help your one year old develop, here are 10 fun activities for one year olds you can enjoy together!

Here is a non-exhaustive list of fun activities for one year olds:

Music Time –

As soon as babies can hear, you can introduce them to music!

Singing songs with your little one will help them learn new words and associate words with actions.

They may even start to babble along with you or try to imitate the rhythm of the song!

Arts & Crafts – Activities for one Year Olds

From crayons to paper and glue sticks, there are so many creative ways for your one year old explore their artistic side. It’s important to remember that at this age they shouldn’t be held accountable for coloring within the lines – they’re just learning how to use art materials!

Science Experiments –

Even at such a young age, science experiments are educational and entertaining!

From exploring different textures like water beads or cornstarch, to making a lava lamp with oil and food coloring in an empty water bottle – there are plenty of safe experiments for you and your one year old to do together!

Storytime –

Reading stories with your child every day helps them develop cognitive skills by connecting pictures with words and helping them understand the world around them better through imagination.

Don’t forget about all those furry friends in books too – animals are always fun characters to read about!

Sensory Play –

This type of play is great for teaching young children about the senses while having fun at the same time!

Fill up a bin with objects that have different smells, textures, colors and sounds such as rice, oats or dried beans.

Your little one can explore these items in their own way while learning about each sense as they go along!

Outdoor Adventures –

Get out into nature with your toddler and see what kinds of fun adventures await outside!

Take walks around your neighborhood or visit local parks where kids can explore plants, rocks or dirt piles in search of bugs – all while discovering something new in nature every day!

Dress Up Time –

It’s never too early for dress up time!

Letting your little one explore different costumes builds their imagination by allowing them to pretend they are someone else for a short period of time – from superheroes to princesses – let their imagination run wild during dress up time! 

Movement & Dance –

Encouraging movement helps build physical strength while also getting rid of excess energy – perfect combination right?

Put on some music that gets you both moving around then watch as they follow simple dance movements like hopping on two feet or clapping their hands together once they get comfortable dancing along with you!

Hide & Seek Games –

Whether it’s playing peekaboo behind a blanket or hiding behind furniture around the house – hide & seek games help promote problem solving skills by teaching patience until it’s their turn again after seeking out all those hiding spots around the house!

This in our opinion makes up for one the best activities for one year olds.

Puzzles & Blocks–

Last but not least puzzles and blocks are great tools for teaching young ones coordination skills by helping them identify shapes/colors in order to fit pieces together correctly (or as close as possible!).

With enough practice from putting together puzzles/blocks over time – eventually it becomes second nature which means more advanced puzzles later on down the road when they get older too!.  

One year olds have so much energy that sometimes it feels like there’s nothing you can do to tire them out but these activities for one year olds should definitely do the trick in keeping them busy yet entertained at the same time!.

Playing games/doing crafts/experimenting/etc not only keeps toddlers occupied throughout their day but also teaches essential life skills such as problem solving, critical thinking and communication which will prepare them for success down the line!

So take some time out each day whether it be indoors/outdoors/at home/at school etc., grab yourself some supplies (if necessary) then enjoy quality activity time together!

In no time at all you’ll have created lasting memories that both you and your little one will cherish forever!

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