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The Best Books For Your Babies

A child won’t understand all you do, or why. But reading your baby aloud is a marvelous conventional business, and it is essential to your baby’s brain for years to come. Once babies reach their first birthday, they mastered the sounds needed to speak their mother tongue. The more stories you read, the more words your child hears, and the more they will say.

Literacy helps build a wealth of words in the intelligence of a child. Children whose parents listened to them and read them sometimes learn more vocabulary when kids are two years old than they who have not been taught. So kids who are read in their early years will probably learn to read at the right time. 

But perhaps the most significant thing you can read aloud is because it connects the things that your child loves most— your voice and close relationship with you— and books. 

The time spent reading your child shows the value of reading. And when children are often read with joy, anticipation, so closeness, they start connecting books with happiness and creating new readers.

Best books for babies

Smooth, predictable, recognizable texts and simple photographs of babies’ books should be available. Your baby likes to hear your voice in the first few months of life. So almost everything, especially books with a song or rhyme. You can read nearly everything as the kid becomes more interested in looking at things, select books with strong backgrounds with clear pictures.

You will read vinyl and fabric books with eyes, beautiful colors, and form when your child starts to pick. If your child wants to ask what is in your books, add pictures of children and everyday items such as dolls to board books. 

You can find simple tales about daily routines such as bedtimes and baths when your child starts doing things like sitting in the tub and enjoying finger foods. Use books that let babies repeat essential words or sentences when their child starts speaking. 

One of the easiest ways to ensure that your baby is growing up is to have books in your home. When your baby is old enough to go over to a toy kit and choose one, make sure that some books are mixed.

An original listing of the best books for babies!

To help you, we provided some of the best book options that you can purchase for your babies. These books all have high ratings from customers, usually parents, and we made sure to choose only the best books for babies. Happy reading!

1. If Animals Kissed Good Night Board book – June 3, 2014

by Ann Whitford Paul (Author), David Walker (Illustrator)

  • “If animals kissed
  • like we kiss goodnight,
  • Giraffe and his calf
  • would stretch their necks high
  • and kiss just beneath
  • the top of the sky.”

If you’re looking for a book that can help you introduce animals to your baby, then this book is definitely for you! It’s an excellent choice if you want something artistic that you can use to tell a story. With this board book, you will be able to narrate and show illustrations at the same time. 

2. On the Night You Were Born Board book – January 19, 2010

by Nancy Tillman

  • “On the night you were born, “
  • “the moon smiled with such wonder.”
  • “that the stars peeked in to see you “
  • “and the night wind whispered.”
  • “Life will never be the same.”

Nancy Tillman’s board book contains beautiful illustrations showcasing the essence, beauty, and happiness of being born. It’s a great way to show your baby how grateful you are that he or she came into your life! It’s a book that shows appreciation for the special people in your life and how much they matter. So grab one and tell your little one how much you love them with one of the best books for babies!

3. The Wonderful Things You Will Be Hardcover – August 25, 2015

by Emily Winfield Martin


“PreS—Childhood is a time full of potential, and Martin celebrates this promise in this work. The general premise of Dr. Seuss’s classic, Oh, The Places You’ll Go, is pared down to elegant simplicity. “Will you stand up for good/By saving the day?/Or play a song only you/Know how to play?” While the rhyming text falters a bit in spots, the word choice overall is spare, inspiring, and accessible to preschoolers. Children are encouraged to be kind, intelligent, and bold, to take care of the small, and to help things grow. Martin’s oil paintings have the same retro, mid-century feel as her other illustrations, with large-eyed children of many ethnicities playing, gardening, and sharing. VERDICT A go-to gift for new parents, and a potential bedtime favorite for many children.—Martha Link Yesowitch, Charlotte Mecklenburg Library, NC”

Emily Winfield Martin’s rhythmic pattern reflects all the loving things parents think of when seeing their children. From brave and courageous and smart to imaginative. It is a book for grownups that is always happy to read to children, adults, and children, with stunning and even sometimes quirky drawings and a fun gate shape with kids in outfits: a wonderful gift, but a specific highlight for baby showers, birthday parties, and graduations. 

4. Premium Baby Book (First Year), Cloth Book Baby Gift, Fun Interactive Soft Book for Babies, Infants, Boys & Girls with Crinkly Sounds, Developmental Toy, Cute Baby Shower Box, Touch and Feel, Peekaboo

by ToBe ReadyForLife

Customer Review:

“My 5-month-old is so in love with this adorable book! I was able to snag this book on an amazing lightning deal not too long ago and knew it would be perfect for my little guy. He’s just starting to show interest in toys and seems to enjoy things with a variety of textures and colors- and this softcover book doesn’t disappoint! There are multiple activities to help you engage with your baby and lots to see and touch to keep them interested. Each page is a new adventure with ladybugs and leaves, puppy dogs, and a great big elephant that has a mirror on his blanket. The fabric of the pages feels like a silky poly-blend, and the creatures all have some feature or add on that makes them unique. My guy’s favorite is the curly leaf! We love this book for ourselves, but it would also make a great gift and comes in a cute box that would make it easy to wrap.”

Developed by American experts, that book has an inspirational fabric collection. The bright colors keep the attention of your child longer. It’s an adventure to discover new things. Also, the soft pages contain games such as a peek-a-boo, a mirror, different voices, and textures of touch and smell. Ideal for children’s newborns. 

Reading the rhymes and stories of this soft book will provide you with a hot opportunity to connect with your child. It is also an instructional game, an excellent way to promote exceptional abilities such as language and reading skills, imagination, physical capabilities, and all of them. It is never too early for a child to begin reading. And our book includes an eBook full of tips. Their long-lasting textile books have even been designed for the harshest of children! 

Their soft cover books are hand-made from soft polyester, completely non-toxic, and healthy for your child. For extra longevity, the stitching is solid. The book has a handle that can be easily attached to a walk-in, jacket, or car seat. And the laundry holds up. They don’t speculate when it comes to features!

5. First 100 Board Book Box Set (3 books) Board book – January 26, 2016

by Roger Priddy 

Customer Review:

“This was a steal, in my opinion! Essential words displayed in a gorgeous, colorful manner for baby to learn and enjoy! The books are sturdy and well-built. I read these every day to my 4-month-old son, and he loves it! Very educational for him and fun for mom as well! I love the animal book- the black cat looks like one of our cats, and I’m sure that’ll make him smile when he’s older and can understand it better!”

The passion of Roger Priddy for the education of children with fun and informative books has led him to produce some of the early learning publications that are the longest lasting and most successful. Roger lives in London and has three kids inspired by many of his best publishing ideas.

The books are the perfect size for little children and are great for language and speech growth. These include a slipcase of three Priddy’s best-sellers, chunky panels–”First 100 Words First 100 Animals and Number Colors Shapes.”

6. Lamaze Peek-A-Boo Forest, Fun Interactive Baby Book with Inspiring Rhymes and Stories


Consumer Review:

“The Peek-a-Boo Forest book (designed for ages 6m+) is charming. It has very bright colors and peek-a-boo flaps that lift away on each page to reveal a cute animal (e.g., move the tree to see the moose, move the leaf to see the owl, etc.). There are five two-page spreads – each asking, “Who is hiding behind the [tree or whatever]?” on the lefthand side, then revealing an animal beneath a wavy flap on the righthand side. The featured animals are a moose, an owl, a bear family, a raccoon, and a beaver. The front cover also features a bird with a raised, fuzzy, wrinkled face. Between the bright colors, the repetitive peek-a-boo activity, and the simple text, this seems very age-appropriate for my 6mo old. And more importantly, he agrees – he loves it!”

Peek-a-Boo is an immersive book supporting your little adventurer to learn about the diverse animals in the woods. This baby-book has long-lasting pages of flat, simple to open and close, hand-eye coordination flaps, for small hands. The bright colors, the different textures, and the combinations of variations inspire experimentation. This cloth book on forests covers many species in the woods and has a lovely, curly plush on the cover.

The language and creativity grow: Reading and seeing vivid pictures encourages the imagination and language skills of the child.

Creating Durable Memories: Sharing an immersive Lamaze children’s book gives family, as well as children the perfect way to connect warmly and lovingly.

Created to last: Included with waterproof clothes is this peek-a-boo immersive fun book.

7. teytoy My First Soft Book, Nontoxic Fabric Baby Cloth Books Early Education Toys Activity Crinkle Cloth Book for Toddler, Infants, and Kids Perfect for Baby Shower -Pack of 6

by teytoy

Customer Review:

“Our infant son loves these. We bought several different ones for him. He managed to rip the button off one of the ribbon straps, and we had to cut the plastic off the ribbon. But other than that minor issue, they are colorful and hold his attention for a little while. They have held up well over several months, clean up easily, and are lightweight (a plus for the diaper bag). No regrets.”

Baby first book teaches your child how different things feel through these soft books, and by reading this sweet book, you have the opportunity to connect with your baby, a warm and welcoming time. High-quality digital printing has brighter colors, clearer images, and bright colors that help to build sensory awareness for children. Such photos allow the kid to learn this exciting world early!

Your baby deserves the best and made the highest standards of those books — exclusive model, long-lasting, washable, not easy to ripen. Every book is made from an exceedingly soft (pinch up softly) full premium bottle cushioning. Be not afraid that these sweet baby books harm your child — light like a feather.

The size of the book is quite small so that the child can carry and play comfortably. Your baby is allowed to remain busy when traveling with fun animations and colors. Each book also has a simple belt to hang on the coach and car seat.


There you go! A list of the best books for babies created for you and your lovely child. We hope that this list can help you find the best choices for your baby because they deserve only the best. 

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