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Are swaddle blankets safe for newborns?

As new parents, we all want nothing but the best for our precious little bundle of joy. And when it comes to comfort, swaddle blankets have been a go-to for centuries. It is a common practice to wrap newborns in these soft and cozy blankets to mimic the feeling of being in the womb. However, with the increasing concerns about Sudden Infant Death Syndrome (SIDS), many parents have been questioning the safety of swaddling.

In this blog post, we will explore whether swaddle blankets are safe for your newborns and how to use them appropriately.

Benefits of Swaddle Blankets for Newborns

Swaddle blankets have several benefits for newborns. They can help calm a fussy baby, promote sleep, prevent scratching, and make swaddled infants feel secure. However, incorrect swaddling can pose a risk to newborns.

Before swaddling, ensure that your baby is placed on their back, and avoid overheating by using only lightweight blankets. Also, be mindful of the temperature of the room where your baby is sleeping, as overheating is a known risk factor for SIDS.

Risks and Precautions of Swaddling Newborns

When swaddling your newborn, make sure not to wrap them too tight, as it can lead to hip dysplasia, which can interfere with the development of their hips.

Leave enough room for the baby’s legs to move freely and ensure that the blanket is not covering their mouth or nose. Swaddle blankets that feature a wrap-around design with Velcro or snaps are ideal, as they allow for a secure and custom fit.

How to swaddle a baby
Guide of how to swaddle a baby

Transitioning Out of Swaddle Blankets

Another essential consideration when wrapping your newborn is to transition out of swaddle blankets when your baby starts to show signs of rolling over. Basic swaddle blankets that wrap around the baby’s body can increase the chance of suffocation when the baby starts rolling over, hence the need to transition to wearable blankets that allow for more mobility.

Choosing the Right Material for Swaddle Blankets

Swaddle blankets come in different materials, including cotton, muslin, polyester, and bamboo. As much as possible, use organic cotton swaddle blankets to avoid exposing your little one to harmful chemicals. Avoid swaddle blankets with loose threads, tags or any embellishments that might come loose and become a choking hazard.


Swaddle blankets are safe for newborns, but improper use or incorrect swaddling can pose a risk. As a parent, it is essential to understand the best practices when wrapping your little one, including avoiding overheating, not wrapping them too tight, using appropriate materials, and transitioning out of swaddle blankets at the right time.

With these safety measures in place, your little one can enjoy the calming and comforting benefits of swaddle blankets.

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