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Baby Bumps: when Does Your Stomach Start to Get Big when your Pregnant?

Baby Bumps: when Does Your Stomach Start to Get Big when your Pregnant?

There is no exact time that mothers start showing a pregnant belly. Each woman is different. But still, there are many signs to see whether you are beginning to show or not. Here is an article to help you know more about your pregnancy and baby bumps!

When does your stomach start getting big when you’re pregnant?

If you’re at your first pregnancy, you could begin to notice a baby bump between 12 and 16 weeks at any point. But you may start to show faster if this is not your first child. It is because the muscles in your uterus and abdomen might have been strained since your last childbirth.

The vagina is a pear shape in the early days of your pregnancy. It slowly gets flattened over the first 12 weeks, until it is about the size of a grapefruit. It is when the bump will start to form.

This early bump development is only partly due to your baby growing up. Your child is still an egg until 11 days. He doesn’t need a lot of room! You may feel a little smaller around the middle instead as your uterus thickens to accommodate your little child.

Your womb expands at 16 weeks of pregnancy in order to fit your growing baby. That’s when the bump can really start showing. But when you start shopping for maternity clothing, there are all sorts of factors that can influence you. If you begin to look pregnant, your age can be an influence. Older mothers frequently start to show faster than young mothers. It is because younger women appear to have bigger stomach muscles that can conceal their bumps.

Your chromosomes can also affect your baby bump appearance. Ask your mother, sister, or other female relatives on your mother’s side if their bumps have started to appear. It might give you some insight into when the bump might surface.

Your weight can also play a role when you get pregnant. When you weight a little more in your tummy, your bump may be covered during early pregnancy. But you will soon see a growing hump as your baby grows.

Bump influencers

  • The weight

How much more weight (or not) you bear will decide how convenient it is to see your growing uterus. People who are slim and have a BMI of less than 25 are generally able to see their pregnancies more early than people who have a BMI of more than 25 years.

  • The height

Most females have more midsections, and more or fewer women spread their pregnancy mass. There’s less space up and down the body if you’re on the shorter side, and the vagina can protrude sooner.

  • Your abdominal power

Tighter abdominal muscles make the growing uterus more comfortable and elevated. If your abs are more prominent, they literally hold your growing baby more into your skin, so you have a less noticeable bump. If your stomach is smaller, probably your butt would rise faster. The power of the muscle is not only about clocking crunch in a gym; umbilical hernias and recti diastasis can also play a part.

  • The location of your uterus

If your vagina is in the rear, which ensures it slows down to your neck, your hump may not be apparent at the end of your second trimester. On the reverse side, you can display before if your uterus is turned against your abdominal wall. The only way to know your uterus location is to ask the obstetrician for an ultrasound or pelvic test.

  • Number of pregnancies

It usually takes the longest time to show your first child. But with the second pregnancy, the body is ready to burst about one month earlier than before. The explanation for this? Your womb never fully recovered after your first birth to its original size. The abdominal muscles are already swollen and over-extended, which lets the growing fetus settle in the belly more forward and becoming apparent earlier.

  • Carriage of multiples

When you’re pregnant with twins, the vagina is twice as large, and you’re likely to start appearing on the first side. Your height, BMI, number of pregnancies, and abdominal endurance all play out.

3rd month of pregnancy

Your 3rd month of pregnancy is equal to your 12 to 16th week of pregnancy. As you may begin to show during this stage, there are some essential things that you should take note of:

  • Share your news about your child

You may feel ready to share the story with family and friends after three months of pregnancy. Talk about who you want to talk to and how you can announce it to them.

  • Make plans for maternity leave

Start thinking about taking maternity leave at school or work. Choose your preferences and find your interests. Have a plan in place if you speak to your boss about it.

  • Exercise in childbirth

With a rise in strength and before your tummy gets big, the second quarter is an excellent time to move. Talk to your doctor about healthy and gentle workout choices for you.

  • Bond with your bump 

Your young person can hear muffled noises like the sound of your voice and your breathing, so start to bundle with it and dance to the “bump” and listen to your favorite music together.

  • Tell your spouse

Pregnancy is a position and perspective that both parents must share. Talk to your partner about ways he can help. It helps the husband to be more involved, which takes some of the burdens from the mother to be.

Final words

Seeing your bump appear for the first time definitely calls for a celebration! But, of course, it also means that you need to be more responsible and careful with your actions. That baby bump right there? It will soon come out as a beautiful baby that you and your husband both love. Remember; all mothers are different. You just have to learn and do it your way.

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