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Baby Names Starting With E: Find Out The Hottest Baby Names

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Baby-names starting with E are rising stars on the baby name charts. And it’s easy to see why: the hottest E names for boys and girls are a stylish bunch.

Baby Boys Names Starting With E.


Eternal ruler, always strong

The Scandinavian name Eric, the most popular of the boys ever in the United States, has since waned and peaked in popularity in the 1970s and 1980s.


“Strong” and ” company”

Ethan is now a mega-popular name for boys. It’s also a great choice if you want a name that doesn’t come with a crappy nickname.


The Lord is my God

Elijah has one of the most impressive Bible stories of a child’s name. Elijah was a prophet who at the end of his life was carried to heaven by a chariot of fire, instead of suffering the usual death of a bored old man.


God with us.

In the Bible, Emmanuel is the pseudonym of Jesus, the Messiah. Emmanuel fell off the road after Manny showed up, but he’s been back a little while.


Promotion, promotion, high

There are many ELIS in the coming decades and their names are always present. According to the Bible, Eli was the high priest of Israel and an old Testament figure who instructed young Samuel.


Young warrior

Evan has been a popular name in Wales for centuries, but recently he has become one of the”In” names in the United States. Evan is a super hot guy in France.


The Rich Guardians

It is traditionally considered as a real name. Edward could have a relationship with a romantic vampire. In Cancer, you acquired the name of the supernatural Edward the classic. Also, it comes with a bunch of nicknames.


Earlier Puritan name Elijah came to the mainstream, it made great. A Greek variation of the classic Elijah, Elias is now in high popularity all the time. It’s a strong name choice that sounds cooler than Elijah or Eli standard.


The Rich Guardians

Edward: it’s not just that he’s exotic and dark. It’s also the name of some former President of Argentina.



Names based on the titles of English aristocrats


The Spanish version of Steven, Esteban, has experienced steady growth in popularity since the 1960s and aims to become a hit crossover with a Latin name.


Who, Emily, would be so happy with blue sports? It is exotic and attractive, perfect for your little heartthrob.


Wreath; crown

I have heard this word and there is a possibility to speak quite easily even a sound to qualify for now… So, St. Etienne commented that the French version of Steve, the sound of Steve is good. Unfortunately, in the case of this name, it is too hot to speak English.


Like a wild boar.

EVER is an unusual name for children, this name has seen an unexpected increase in popularity in recent years. Thanks to a part of its related creatures, the wild boar that always exudes masculinity and athleticism.



Ephrain is used exclusively by Spanish speakers and variants of the Hebrew name Ephraim. It enjoys a consistently decent level of popularity and is an interesting name for bilingual babies.


Earl is the name of the title brought to England by the Vikings, which is now fashionable and different from kings and Dukes. His greatest popularity was in the 1920s, which gives him a sense of great grandfather to a great grandfather, but there are also young counts in pop culture.


Legacy of the rich

In addition, which has an unattractive sound, has long been identified with models of very modeled Ford cars.


Baby-names starting with E, Erne.

Being one of the grandsons of the biblical Noah, of course to honor their relatives by the name of the Builder of the Ark.

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Baby Girls Names Starting With E.


If you think about it, is there a line in”children’s song” On the great head? If so, the beautiful and attractive Elaine can name your name (or rather your child). The name is believed to be a variant of Helen, Elena or Elaine, meaning “bright light”.”She’s on the rise and she’s just getting more energy, so watch out for Elaine.


Bright light;original French version of Elena. In the Legend of King Arthur, Elaine was a young girl who loved Lancelot. She was also the sister of Lord Percival and the mother of Lord Galahad.


Bright light

Did you think the venerable Eleanor was no longer modern? Well, think again. This Grand and majestic name are most often associated with the former philanthropist first lady Eleanor Roosevelt, and in recent years is experiencing a surge of popularity, probably his name inspires (which is a cute potential nickname), “bright light”, which causes a sense of happiness. elegant.


Scorching sun

The burning sun; ELEKTRA was the mythical daughter of Agamemnon and the Central character of three Greek tragedies.


God is my oath.

It will be a more romantic and feminine touch than Elizabeth and we love it. Another advantage: Elizabeth is not as popular as Elizabeth, and hopefully the absence of Z will help you avoid that nasty nickname, Lizzie.


Dedicated To God

The French version of Elizabeth, Eliza, has a small French effect that many parents love, which is partly due to her current peak of popularity do you want a good (later) life for her little girl? Well, in Greek mythology, the Elysee Palace is a place where the blessed soul lives forever and happily.



Elisha is actually the name of the old Testament referring to the Prophet Elisha who was a believer in Elijah. However, like the girl’s name, it’s also a great alternative to Alice’s variations (don’t ask) and overuse of Alicia. Just keep in mind that Elisha really got the land as a child’s name.


Beautiful fairy woman

Now she is one of the most popular girls and a favorite of long-term celebrities. It is easy to see the beauty of this name. He manages to sound romantic, modern and sophisticated at the same time. And there’s this catchy Rihanna song,” Umbrella ” (she,she, her she. And the girl will love the meaning of “beautiful fairy woman”.


for God.

Elsa is the baby’s name for the next success. With the increase in Isabella and faith following the success of dusk, we could see an increase in Elsa after the popularity of the Disney Frozen mega-hit. This beautiful and elegant name is perfect for any ice Princess.


Beloved, rivals

The name Em is rarely used, Ema, is a multicultural choice suitable for travelers around the world. It was found in Germany, Spain, and Romania, but because of the Association with the wooden Board that shintoists used to write a faithful prayer, there were many perceptions in Japan.


Workers, fighting

Please note: Emily is currently one of the most popular names in the United States and England(which has been for the last few decades). Given the timeless quality of his name, it’s amazing. British writer Emily Bronte, author of “storm hills”, and American poet Emily Dickinson-the only known carriers of this name. What else can you say?


Complete, holistic, versatile, it can also mean babysitter

The name of many great literary heroines, including Jane Austen, Emma means “universal”. Its meaning is also relevant today. It’s definitely not unusual, but it’s fun and classic(not modern).



There are many names for Lin, but most of them are quite popular. Emma and Emily still rule the list, so Emmaline is an easy alternative to going by the name you love.


Pleasure, pleasure

The biblical Paradise houses of Eden, Adam, and Eve are now at the peak of their popularity. If you’re looking for a name that’s a bit original but not too exclusive, then the gentle sound of the nickname is a great option.

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