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The Deepest And Beautiful 52 Swahili Baby Names

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The number of Swahili speakers change generally and are assessed to be between 50 million to more than 100 million. Swahili is the national language of Tanzania, Kenya, and the DRC. Officially, Swahili is one of the most widely used languages in East African communities. In addition, most of the Swahili vocabulary comes from the Arabs to get in touch with the Arab-speaking Muslims who live on the coast of Swahili. Here are 52 Swahili’s most beautiful and deep names to consider for your little one:

Swahili Inspiring Names For Boys:

  1. Safiri: means “a journey.”
  2. Musa: means “saved from the water.”
  3. Jamba: means “a hero.”
  4. Muraty: means “friend.”
  5. Simba: means “lion; a strong person.”
  6. Sultan: means “ruler.”
  7. Shani: means “marvelous; wonderful.”
  8. Tamu: means “sweet & delightful.”
  9. Shomari: means “forceful.”
  10. Muhammed: means “praised.”
  11. Rajabu: means “born in seventh Muslim month.”
  12. Johannes: means “God is gracious.”
  13. Kamari: means “moonlight.”
  14. Rashid: means “rightly guided.”
  15. Kheri: means “Better.”
  16. Ramadhani: means “born during the month of Ramadan.”
  17. Neema: means “born during prosperous times.”
  18. Khary: means “better.”
  19. Hodari: means “strong; powerful.”
  20. Mune: means “the rules.”
  21. Sefu: means “sword.”
  22. Muraty: means “friend.”
  23. Shani: means “marvelous; wonderful.”
  24. Kwanza: means “First.”
  25. Kijana: means “Youth.”
  26. Jaleel: means “Noble, grand.”
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Swahili Deep And Feminine Names For Girls

  1. Kanene: “important thing.”
  2. Alix: means “defending men.”
  3. Juma:  means “born on Friday.”
  4. Onyesha: means “clear; sight.”
  5. Jaha: means “dignity.”
  6. Imara: means “strong one; resolute.”
  7. Nigesa: means “born during harvest season.”
  8. Aza: means “Strong”.
  9. Julisha: means “the advisor; gives advice.”
  10. Nadira:  means “rare.”
  11. Issa: means “the Lord is my salvation.”
  12. Kalere: means “short woman.”
  13. Mwasaa: means “timely.”
  14. Ujana: means “youth.”
  15. Najuma: means “abounding in joy.”
  16. Nbushe: means “the godly one.”
  17. Mzuzi: means “inventive.”
  18. Jiona: means “to glow with pride.”
  19. Penda: means “loved.”
  20. Oyana: means “uplift and inspire.”
  21. Imara: means “strong one; resolute.”
  22. Kanika: means “black cloth.”
  23. Kamara: means “moonlight.”
  24. Kaluwa: means “forgotten one.”
  25. Kakena: means “the happy one.”
  26. Jamani: means “friend.”
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