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Baby Names Starting With G: 58 Amazing Baby Names

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Baby-names starting with G describes an analytical and philosophical girl who loves to study and travel. Discover with us a list of baby names starting with G for your newborn.

Baby Boys Names Starting With G.


Gabriel, one of the seven archangels, appeared to tell Mary about her pregnancy and the upcoming birth of Jesus, and the traditional Spanish names of Christianity, Judaism, and Islam have returned to style in recent years, shortening Gabe’s cute nickname. What do you make?


Capricorn (zodiac sign), child, my gift, my gift; derived from Gad or Gadwa, means gift or gif.


God is my wealth, twisted strings, shape, mood, country, state, tribe, hair braids.


Silence!. For 1500 the accepted medical practice was based on the study of Dr. Galen in the 2nd century.

5. GALL.

St. Gall was one of many seventh-century Irish monks who brought knowledge to Christianity and then to Europe in the Middle ages.


Egyptian President Gamal Abdel Nasser ruled from the 1952 revolution until his death in 1970.


Ancient surname of uncertain etymology, which probably means Fox.


Rules Gerard Garrett, a mutant with a spear.


The option of the Board of Gerard spear.


Lord Gareth was the legendary knight of king Arthur’s round table.


From lance field; last name.


The option of the Board of Gerard spear.


Cities or settlements in the form of a wedge or three horns

14. GARTH.

Garden; last name indicating who lived nearby or worked in the garden.

15. GAVIN.

Gavin had a meteoric rise to the top. Perhaps because of musicians Gavin Degro and Gavin Rossdale (also known as Mrs. Gwen Stephanie), their parents have recently massively gravitated to this name. In the legend of king Arthur Gavin is a member of the knight Round table of king Arthur and his nephew

16. GAVYN.

Whitehawk is the name of medieval Gawain. See also Gwynne.

17. GENE.

When looking at old names and obsolete names, genes are probably at the top of the list. Jean Kelly, Jean Jean and went out of the spotlight and behind the scenes since their happy heyday in the era of their full version of Eugene. This name, after an interesting moment through experience and learning from it recently, is the name that baby genes that trigger the song Oasis and Vime metal band.


It can be a name that is difficult to achieve because geniuses, especially those with high intelligence or talent.


As MoE concluded, on the occasion of the birth of Prince William’s son and Kate Middleton, George is a rather brilliant name. In medieval legends, St. George (the knight who became the patron Saint of England) killed the dragon with a spit of fire. The name is also a perennial bachelor and sexy ex-man, not to mention George Clooney, the most important of the many heads of state of England, Greece and the United States, can forget George’s mischievous little monkey? Hey, no pressure.

20. GERAR.

The power of a brave spear with a spear; introduced to England through the Norman conquest, Gerard has been popular since the middle Ages.

21. GERMA.

That sounds like a name with an obvious meaning, doesn’t it? Incorrect German is most commonly used in Spanish-speaking countries and is pronounced HER-mon. There are also variations of Latin and Russian derived from German. This is an unusual choice for British speakers because most people pronounce it as a country. But the name should go well with Latin Americans.


Siblings; derived from the Latin word germ, which means epidemic or epidemic


Holy gerbasi was one of the first martyrs, whose remains were discovered in Milan;in an indefinite sense, perhaps a spear or a warrior-servant

24. GINO.

Gino is Eugene’s soft Italian cousin. It is a fundamental element of the homeland and a sign to the American ear thanks to long years of mafia movies. Short and sweet, it will be the name of a Great Tribute.


Giovanni was again a wonderful classic name, it is ready to decipher the names of the top 100 people. His most common nickname is Gianni, but a relationship with Italy can make him exotic and attractive by cutting down on modern gio.


God’s peace, Gottfried in the name of the German.


Godric hasn’t seen popularity since the middle Ages, and it’s easy to see why. It has a distinct sense of ancient English, and its meaning is “the power of God”or”the ruler of God”, it becomes a little arrogant. But that name came back subtly thanks to pop culture. Fans of Harry Potter will learn the name of the brave Godric Gryffindor, one of the founders of Hogwarts.

28. GRAM.

Grandmother, the old women a lot of names than children. Also a unit of measurement. Instead, try the most beautiful of Graham.


Farmers; surname; grunge-organization of the rural agricultural community of the United States. Well…  For almost 150 years, it has provided not only agricultural resources but also social and educational opportunities.

30. GRANT.

Grant or the Great; stop. The American General and President Ulysses S. Grant. Surname.


Land or large or gray fields; possible variant of Grantley; surname.

32. GREG.

From Greg Brady to Greg Kinner, Greg evokes a perfectly healthy environment of the 50’s. It peaked in 1961 and has been declining ever since. You can consider the Regal names that remain your most complete equivalent, Gregory and the eternal classic.


All a glorious name, really. While Pope Gregory XIII established the Gregorian calendar in 1582 to replace the Julian calendar, the names of some saints and popes, the Gregorian I, If it is not much to live up to, we do not know what it is.


The battles with the bosses; fierce. The fierce Gryphon of Greek mythology and medieval legend was a creature with a quarters before the eagles and lions behind.

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Baby Girls Names Starting With G.


God is my strength.

36. GAIL.

Joyful; Abigail omission. Gael is a term for the descendants of the ancient Celts of Scotland; the Islands of Ireland and man.

37. GAIA.

The mythical embodiment of Earth woman and mother of the titans.


In mythology, Pygmalion fell in love with the statues of Galatia and Aphrodite, who gave him life.


The little female girl probably comes from the French word garçon, which means boy.

40. GEMMA.

A staple food for a long time in Italy, Gemma also became popular in England and France before crossing the pond to America. Gemma combines Emma’s best qualities, feminine and classic, and Jenna’s, modern and fun.


Genesis, which means “the beginning” of the Jewish world, has become a fashionable name for girls in recent years. When the name debuted on the list of baby names#1988, it would have been considered pretty impressive since it was virtually unknown until 1988. It is also the name of a famous rock band from the 1970s.


Place names of historic cities in the South-West of Switzerland.


The feminine form of George is also sweet and irresistible in Georgian. Charming old-fashioned and names evoke feelings of a better time when things were slower and just prettier-they considered ray Charles “Georgia” in my mind a name that was very popular in the 1880s, with the card as a good thing in Georgian”fallen”, but the ancient name of purple Tetris, which is the name of a cousin.


Rules with the spear, the feminine form of Geral.


Germain female form originating from the embryo, meaning Bud or Bud brother, the Latin word.

46. GIA.

Thanks to Matt Damon and Mario Lopez, Gia has finally become mainstream(did you know that all it took was a few heartbeats? It is short, sweet and sounds much better than the name of the Creator, Janna.

47. GLA.

Glad to see Gladys called him old-fashioned a lot? And this name does not go anywhere, in a plausible sense, in the sense of”unconvincing”


The ancient name of an undefined value may be derived from the Latin name Claudia, meaning lame.

49. GLENN.

Outside of Glen’s close, it’s hard to find Glenn’s women. No genre is popular, but there are more boys than girls named Glenn.


Gloriana is often not heard in the United States and is most recognizable across the pond in the UK. Gloriana is used towards Queen Elizabeth II and it says British military Korean ‘ Gloriana, Gloriana, Gloriana, Gloriana!- After the defeat of the Spanish fleet.


Mercy; blessing. The mythical grace of the natural goddess Agua, Thalia, daughter of Zeus, who served Aphrodite and daughter of Zeus, who served Aphrodite.


This Spanish variation of the refinement only adds a touch of elegance and femininity of his name. It comes out beautifully from the tongue and you can shorten it to Gracie or modern.


The grain is associated with the name of the ancient Irish goddess and the net, which often means love.


A modern blend of green meadows is perhaps a variant of Grills, but most likely green and “Lee” over English”)


Greybalt maiden; Italian author Giovanni Boccho, hence Griselda’s expression of perseverance, used the name of a very patient wife.


Grey; Grey; Grey; Grey; Italian writer Giovanni Boccio used the name of a very patient wife, hence the expression of Griselda’s patience.

57. GWEN.

Gwen is an abbreviated version of the medieval and romantic name, Gwendolyn and Geneva. And thanks to the elegant rocker Gwen Stephanie, the name again sounds new and modern. One advantage: she still needs to get on the popular train, which makes a pretty unique name for the Gwen girl.


Fair bow, the element Gwen (white, fair or Blessed) and the drain (the arc or the mix of rings).

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