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Baby Names That Start With C: The Most Popular Names For Your Newborn Baby

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The letter C has always been a somewhat popular way to start baby’s names, with C among the most common first letters for baby names. The consonant has been a constant near the top of the baby’s popular names list.

Baby Boys Names Starting With C


The French name is not associated with the biblical Cain.


In the Bible Caleb together with Joshua, was one of two Valitov who has lived long enough to leave Moses and Egypt and enter the Promised Land. Its literal meaning comes from the word”dog,” but after it celebrated its peak in the 1800s, which often translates to two qualities commonly used to describe a person’s best friend, “faithful” and”faithful,” Caleb fell off the chart and reappeared in the 1960s, and has since grown in popularity.


Cameron, as you know, is the name of a Big mountain clan, which means”crooked nose”(which you guessed) by adding a character.


Der sinuous Valle, surname adapted to the use of the first name, the geographical names of the London section.


Lands in current


The village or town of Carl, the name


The origin is not clear, but refers to the city of the city may Charles, an English name


Casper (sometimes known as Gaspard) is said to be the name of one of the three wise men who traveled far to find the child, Jesus.


Vain, a world-renowned name belonging to the great boxer Cassius Clay, now known as Muhammad Ali


Perhaps of undefined origin associated with the French channel, which means or indicates the official of the Church;spelling-the son of Chang or the father of Kahn, etc.


Charles town or settlement, last name, Carlton variant, the famous port city of South Carolina


Chas was a very popular name after the Civil war but has not seen the light of day since. It’s Charles ‘ perspective instead of Chaz’s, but most people might be a little confused about how to pronounce it.


People in different languages. One of the largest Indian tribes of America.


He lives in a soldier camp, an ancient Roman settlement in England(Rochester)


Charles, the avant-Garde Alternative for Ticks, was just as popular, but it’s a flexible name for kids. Also, you can’t think of a little bird that helps so cute. Interestingly, this name is very common among baseball players.


Christopher joined the REACH program for nicknames as an independent name as Chris easy


The Christian became the name of a great great man. Today, among the regulars are popular as names for boys, in the middle ages, Christians often used as names for girls. By coincidence, it also includes Christian Dior, Christian Lacroix, Christian Audigier ed hardy and his iconic red bottom, Christian Louboutin.


Christopher-the patron Saint of travelers, controversial “discoverer” of the new world and the only human friend Winnie the Pooh. This classic name remains a popular name for children experiencing a great Renaissance between 1960 and 2000. Despite its importance, it is not one of the names that get tired of hearing again and again. Real winner.


This name is something other than lame. It has male and female variations and is taken from the Latin Claudius. For connoisseurs of history, they recognize the name Claudius in the name of some Roman emperors, especially Caligula-successful emperors. In fact, his family thought he was lame because he suffered from mild hearing loss, stuttering and lameness. He was a very capable ruler. In addition to its Latin origin, the name Claude is perhaps best known because of the iconic French artist Claude Monet.


The classic of this is Joseph Conrad, the author’s name and other books

The dark mind spent time searching for the right word for each sentence of his sentence.


The Irish name is now hot hot hot hot and riding the waves of Connor. Connor comes from the Gaelic Conchobar and means “wolf lover” or “dog lover” (which pretty much guarantees you at the request of Connor’s future dog. In Irish mythology, Conchobar Mac Nessa was a great warrior and hero, king of Ulster, and grandfather of cohaven.


Emperor Constantine made the official religion of the great Christian Roman Empire; a permanent, solid.


Cooper Union in New York is a free College architect, engineer, and artist.


Corbin was a car in the early twentieth century. Corbin was the mystical castle of the Grail, sacred from the legends of Arthur (also known as Corbenic and Carboniferous).


The Romanesque Church in Casella, Ireland, is known as the chapel of Cormac of Colombian Carter, king of Alster, who built it.


Spanish Explorer and adventurer Hernando Cortes conquered the Aztec civilization of Mexico.


Cory is like the boy’s name 80. And like many other things that were loved at the time (neon and reeds bothered), that name plummeted in popularity. But don’t worry, we are sure that the name will be repeated and live on the endless boy meets the world and his main character, collie Matthews.


Once Courtney was a unisex name used by boys and girls alike. It came only to the name of the girl, but modern, who knows what the future will bring?


Nature genus of large birds with long legs and neck/bird names. The name of the word machine. A verb meaning “extend your neck.”

Fujian white crane is one of the five animal-based martial arts in The Wu Zu-Kun style.


The Name Cray. “Descendants Craobh”), the majority of people these days associated with the word urban slang meaning “crazy.”- Name your own risk.

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Baby Girls Names Starting With C


Caitlin is a version of Caitlin in Ireland, but it’s actually a variation of Katherine(Oh, that Celine appears everywhere?) This particular writing was very popular in the 1990s and early 2000s, but then popularity declined.


Cute name for a girl, Kali is becoming more popular every year, but still original enough to deserve attention. Kali comes from the Emerald Isle, evoking power and femininity.


Castle or Tower; Caliana was a Large Palace, but the Moorish Princess was built in Spain.


Describes a mythical Muse for a beautiful voice, a magnificent poem and a musical instrument full of steam whistles


In mythology, Calista was deceived by Zeus and as a result, gave birth to his son Arcas. Hera turned Callisto into a bear, and when her hunting son almost killed her, both created a big Bear and A small Bear, and now in the constellation, Callisto is also the moon of Jupiter.


Hidden; the mythical nymphs Marina and the daughter of Atlas, who deceived Odysseus for seven years. Calypso is also a West Indian song style.


The name of the original place in the Latin word for Wales; a variety of Cumbria


Der sinuous Valle, surname adapted to the use of the first name, the geographical names of the London section.


Camellias, like flowers, reflect the beauty of each petal, or in this case, the ether in the syllable. The name is elegant, soft, evokes Italian romance and the beauty of an idealized woman, which can be found only in epic poetry. Currently, unlike other colors, names are not popular, but Camellia should be.


Kamal mutants women, which means perfect, full, full、


Curved mouth: the name of the famous Mountain clan.


Both Candice and Candice plunged into popularity after their good times in the ‘ 80s, probably because of a nickname that’s so sweet it’s disgusting, candy, that a parent can make.


The baby names of the country Canada comes from this name.


The mythological goddess of rapids and loop protectors.


Gardens, orchards, vineyards: Mount Carmel in Israel is considered a Paradise.


Carmen is beautiful, exotic and lyrical. It is also the name of the heroine of Bizet’s opera, Carmen, based on a short novel by French author prosper Merim. A beautiful Gypsy, Carmen will be involved in a series of tragic love relationships. Talk about drama.


Name at least two figures in Roman mythology: goddess of the organs of the body and the nymph with the power over the door handle.


English name that refers to the city, although the origin is not entirely clear


If your dear Cassandra tells you something, listen carefully. In the Homeric epic, King preamp, the daughter of Iliad Cassandra, predicted the end of the Trojan War, but her warning was tragically ignored and we this mysterious sounding name had its peak in the 1970s but has been far since.


The name of the wife of the great Kurosh: value unknown


Cinnamon; the Jewish variant of Kezia was one of the daughters of the biblical job.


In Greek mythology, Cassiopeia was the mother of Andromeda. According to legend, both women are now constellations.


Catalina is a modern alternative to Katherine, made up of cool, and her options. It is now in popularity of all time, but don’t worry, it is not as common as olives and Sofia in the world. Your little Catherine still has one chance to get into the class.

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