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When Will Your Baby’s Eye Color Change?

Have you noticed that your baby’s eyes have changed color since birth? You are not alone.

Most babies are born with grey or blue eyes, but as they grow and develop, the color of their eyes may change.

Let’s take a look at when to expect this change in eye color and what it means for your little one.

Why does eye color change?

It’s important to understand why babies’ eye colors change.

All babies are born with grey or blue eyes, regardless of their genetic heritage.

This is because melanin, the pigment responsible for eye color, is not produced until several months after birth.

As your baby grows and develops, melanin will be produced in the iris (the colored part of the eye).

The amount of melanin in the iris determines the final color of your baby’s eyes.

When will my baby’s eyes change color?

The timing of your baby’s eye color change depends on many factors such as genetics and environment.

For example, if both parents have brown eyes, then there is a good chance that your baby will also have brown eyes.

However, if only one parent has brown eyes and the other has blue eyes, then it can be hard to predict which color your baby will end up with.

In general, most babies’ eye colors will settle by around six months old but can take up to two years for some children to reach their final shade.

What else might affect my maby’s eye color?

In addition to genetics and environment, there are other factors that may affect your baby’s eye color including hormone levels during pregnancy and exposure to sunlight post-birth.

If you live in a sunny climate or spend a lot of time outdoors with your baby then this could cause their eye color to darken sooner than expected due to increased exposure to UV rays from the sun.

On the other hand, if you live in a colder climate then it could take longer for the melatonin production process to happen naturally without additional external stimuli like sunlight exposure or diet changes (which can also impact melatonin production).


Understanding why and when your baby’s eye color might change can help prepare you for any unexpected developments as they grow older!

By understanding how genetics and environmental factors can influence this process—as well as taking into account hormone levels during pregnancy—you can better predict what shade of eye color you should expect from them down the line!

And while it might feel like an eternity before you know what hue those bright orbs will settle on permanently; just know that these changes occur naturally over time so try not to stress too much about it! In no time at all you’ll find out just how beautiful those peepers really are!

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