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Bad Baby: what can you do to Change the Behavior of Your Child?

A lot of things can impact on the children’s emotional outbursts, and General “bad” or unexpected behavior. If you have a bad baby there is no need for you to worry about it, because there are some biological reasons behind that such as Hunger or excessive tiredness. This also includes emotional reasons, such as the inability to deal with emotions or explain them. The environment also affects children’s behavior.

Is This Behavior Normal For Children?

 All your child’s behaviors depend on his age, his personality, and his physical and emotional development. The behavior of a child can be a problem if it does not meet the expectations of the family, and it can be more destructive sometimes. Normal or” good» behavior is usually determined by the fact that it is socially, culturally and politically appropriate. In case you have some expectations about your child’s behavior at any age, the way he is behaving, you can definitely tell if your child’s behavior is normal or not.

Is this behavior normal for children?

What Can You Do To Change The Behavior Of Your Child?

Children continue to behave in a certain way when they are rewarded and stop when they are ignored. It is important that you react consistently to your kid’s behavior. To reward or punish the same behavior that your child did in different ways and actions actually can make your child very confused. If you think that your child’s behavior can be a problem, you do have three options:

  • You should know that Behavior is not counted as a big deal or a problem because that’s normal and it is suitable for your child’s age and stage of development, and it’s just a period of time and it will pass.
  • Try to stop your child’s behavior by ignoring or punishing it.
  • Tell your kid about the new behavior that you like, and you support it by rewarding your child if he follows the rules. 

The Way Of Happiness

The best way to prevent bad baby behavior is by ignoring it. This way works effectively and gives nice results. If you want to stop this bad baby behavior immediately, you can try to use the time-out method.

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How Can I Use This Method (The Time-Out Technique)?

You have to determine first the behaviors that will be in a time out method (usually super annoying, offensive or dangerous behaviors). Choose a nice place that is not interesting or scary for the kid, like chairs and Parks. If you are not home, you should use a car or a nearby Seating area.

You inform the child in case of an unacceptable action, that the action is unacceptable, and warn your kid if this bad behavior is not stopped, you will put him or her in time-out. Be calm and avoid being angry. If your child is still misbehaving, take him or her quietly to the time out zone.

If there is a possibility, always keep an eye on your child’s time-out. Set a Timer to inform your child when the time comes. The time is really short (normally only one Minute for each year of age) and should start straight away once you reach the time-out zone after the child has settled. You should keep an eye on your child, but do not talk to him.

When your child leaves the area, you should return him to the zone in a gentle way and remember to reset the Timer. When the time is expired, allow the child to leave the breakpoint area. Do not talk about your child’s bad behavior and discuss it with everyone, but look for ways to reward and improve the good behavior instead of later on.

How To Encourage The New, The Wanted And Desired Behavior?

The Only better Way to encourage good and acceptable behavior is by using an encouraging reward system. Kids who learned that bad behavior is not tolerated at all and the good one is rewarded are learning some good skills that last forever. Ideal for children that are older than 2 years. It can take almost 2 months to work. Being patient and keeping a diary can be so helpful for parents.

Select one or two behaviors you want to change (like sleeping habits, brushing teeth, collecting toys). Select something that your baby really likes. Examples of good rewards include an extra bedtime story, or a 30-minute bedtime delay, or his favorite Snacks or some money.

Explain the desirable and wanted behavior to your child. For instance: “If you clean your room before this Show is over, you can stay up for a little more time with me”. Ask him only once. If your kid does exactly what you ask him to, then reward him.

This system prevents fighting with your child over his bad behavior. However, if your child obeys and listens to what you tell him, he won’t be punished at all, and he will be rewarded for his good behavior.

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