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Benefits and Claims of Banana to Pregnancy

Benefits and Claims of Banana to Pregnancy

According to research, bananas are one of the most common fresh fruits that are being consumed by a pregnant woman during pregnancy. It contains a lot of beneficial effects on both the mother and the baby. Your doctor and dietician would recommend to include fresh fruits in your diet to supply the needed nutrients throughout the pregnancy, especially if you are not into supplements. In this article, we’ll explain the reason why consuming banana helps pregnancy and what are the other benefits that a pregnant woman can gain from consuming it.

How safe is this fruit to pregnancy?

The consumption of banana during each phase of pregnancy is totally safe. The nutrients and other health benefits that it gives is not only beneficial to the mother but is also assists in the formation and development of the fetus in the womb. Eating the recommended amount of banana per day will be enough to fill in the needed nutrients of your body. 

The positive effects of banana may not be the same to other pregnant women, it depends on how your body reacts to it. Even though it is totally safe for healthy pregnant women, consultation with your doctor is still advisable to avoid any harm in the future. 

How many bananas are recommended each day?

You can enjoy the benefits of bananas every day as long as your doctor gave you a go signal. Like any other food, you are advised to take bananas in moderation at least 1-4 medium-sized bananas through-out the day. There are also plenty of ways by which you can enjoy your banana, it can be made into a smoothie, bread, ice cream, etc. Two servings of bananas are enough to supply the needed nutrients in your body for the baby.

What are the benefits it can do to pregnancy?

  • It increases folic acid

Folic acid is an important nutrient needed by pregnant women because it helps in the development of the major organs of the fetus such as the brain and spinal cord. If the mother lacks folic acid, there is a possibility that the fetus will become premature with some birth defects.

  • It boosts hemoglobin

Pregnant women are prone to anemia during pregnancy because their hemoglobin count is too low. Bananas help in assisting the formation of red blood cells by enhancing the hemoglobin level. 

  • It prevents constipation issues

If you are pregnant, the feelings of constipation and abdominal bloating is just a normal thing but it makes your day-to-day activity a little bit complicated because of the irritations that you may feel because of some stomach issues. Banana helps relieve constipation and bloatedness because it is rich in fiber that promotes regular bowel movement.

  • It boosts energy

Banana is a fruit that can be a source of different types of sugars such as fructose, glucose, and sucrose that will give immediate energy to the body especially if consumed in the morning.

  • Assist fetus to have a developed nervous system

It is important to take in lots of Vitamin B6 during the first trimester because it helps in the development of the central nervous system such as the brain and nerve development. Bananas are a natural source of Vitamin B6 and are cheaper compared to supplements.

Top nutrients in a banana that is good for pregnancy


Banana is a well-known fruit high in potassium. It is good for pregnant women who are suffering from heart ailments due to blood pressure because it normalizes or neutralizes it. If you are pregnant, it is not advisable to take in lots of medications that is why it is still best to consume fruits with natural ingredients.  

Vitamin B6

This vitamin assists in the production of Red Blood Cells and neurotransmitter that releases serotonin to ensure that pregnant women will have good hormone cells to avoid any mood swings that are common effects of pregnancy. This vitamin is not produced by the body that is why you need to take it from different supplements or foods high in Vitamin B6 which is banana. Two servings of bananas per day can supply your daily need for Vitamin B6.

Vitamin C

This vitamin is always linked with immunity. You and your baby need high levels of immunity to avoid different kinds of diseases and illnesses. If you want to maintain your flawless body against stretch marks, Vitamin C helps the skin gain resistive properties to avoid it. This Vitamin is quite a surprise for some because they do not expect that banana can also give out vitamin C because it is not a citrus fruit.

Folic Acid

From the day you learned that you are pregnant, this is one of the first things your doctor would recommend you to take because it is needed especially during the first trimester for the development of the central nervous system and it also helps the body avoid anemia.


Calcium is well-known for the development of the bones. It makes sure that your bones are strong enough to carry the weight of your baby in your womb and it also gives the baby nourishment to develop strong and healthy bones.


If you are pregnant, you are susceptible to cellular damage and prone to free radicals that destroy the cells in the body. Antioxidants are important to regain the cells that were damaged to increase the immunity of the baby against different infections while still on the mother’s womb.

Things to consider in eating bananas 

  • If you are pregnant, it is always advisable to choose all-natural and organic food. Nowadays, there are a lot of bananas that are artificially ripened that consist of harmful chemicals that may affect the growth and development of the fetus when constantly exposed.
  • If possible, choose the ones that are fresh and clean so as not to eat bananas that are infected with some insects.
  • It is not advisable to eat overly ripened and out of shaped bananas because these are the ones that lose its nutritional value already so there is a possibility that you won’t benefit from it anymore.

What are the harmful effects of banana to pregnancy?

With the wide range of nutrients and vitamins packed in banana, you wouldn’t think of any harmful effects that it could give especially to pregnancy. However, there are studies that bananas contain Chitinase which is an allergen found in some fruits and vegetables. If you have a latex fruit disorder and it so happens that your body detected Chitinase, you would feel allergic reactions. Allergic reactions can sometimes become serious if you feel shortness in breathing, inflammation of the different parts of the body and itchiness. 

Pregnant women cannot just drink medications that is why they need to go to the doctor immediately. Bananas also contain lots of sugar, if you have gestational diabetes, it is not advisable for you to consume high amounts of bananas per day because there is a risk of an increase in the sugar level rapidly. If you have gestational diabetes, it is always important to check with your doctor if a certain food is good for you and the baby.

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