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Best Hair Ties on Babies – How Safe are They for Your Kids?

Best Hair Ties on Babies - How Safe are They for Your Kids?

You fall in love with your baby princess the first time you laid your eyes on her. From that moment, you have been planning of countless ways to bond and connect with your girl.  You have been thinking of documenting all your girl’s first – her first smile, her first brushing time, her first bath and even her first shoes, her first dress or even her first hair ties. 

Mommies have always been excited about how she will put those dainty ribbons and cute accessories on her daughter.  She is always planning to have a little version of her through her daughter. That is why when a mom saw those strands of hair slowly growing from the cute baby’s head, she is exploring countless designs and styles of hair accessories that will look good on her baby. One of which is the hair tie.

What are hair ties for?

Hair ties are items use to fasten hair, keeping it away from a particular area, most often, the face. It is also called in different terms like ponytail holder, hair elastic or bobble to name a few. There are some who have mistaken the simple rubber bands for a hair tie.  Well, it is not – since it was made from materials not suitable enough for the hair, especially that of a child. 

Although we can’t resist charming hair ties that accentuate a little girl’s lovely face, our primary concern is the safety of our little ones when using hair ties. Of course, we don’t want them to suffer just because of some accessories, especially those that are not deemed essential. 

Effects of using best hair ties on babies

Studies and personal experiences as well proved that there are some adverse effects of hair ties on babies that you might want to consider before putting one on them.

1. It can cause tension and breakage.

Compared to an adult, babies and children have more delicate and thinner hair since it is not fully developed. Thus, the baby’s hair is more prone to damage. Putting on tight hair ties may cause tension and breakage that may lead to partial hair loss on children.  It may take months for a baby’s hair to recuperate and grow once the follicles are damaged.

2. Babies have tendencies to eat them.

Babies have the tendency to put anything in their mouth. Be it food or toys and even loose hair accessories. Hair ties, especially those with designs attached like plastic beads and bows are not an exception.  They also have the tendency to remove anything in their heads. Once removed, the babies have the tendency to put it in their mouth. The materials used in the hair ties should be free from harmful chemical contents like lead, cadmium or mercury that is very harmful once mouthed by babies.

3. Can lead to choking in babies

One more this is that these hair ties may cause choking putting babies at risk. On the other hand, once swallowed, hair tie with decorative pieces could damage delicate tissues in the digestive tract or worse, block the intestine. If you suspect of these possible dangers, better bring the baby to the hospital for proper treatment or observation.  Knowledge in basic first aid is also a plus. 

Things to keep in mind when putting the best hair ties on your baby girl

If you really can’t control the urge to put those lovely hair ties on your little princesses, there are some pointers and reminders to be noted to keep the baby safe.

1. Make sure hair ties are durable enough.

First, choose one that is made from sturdy materials, not those that are easily broken and cut off making it a potential choking hazard. Choose one that is also made from soft and stretchy materials so as not to tangle or break a little baby’s immature, sensitive hair and damage her scalp causing pain. One that is made from knitted cotton will also prevent it from snagging on the hair.  Additional designs on hair ties should be made from materials free of chemicals and are proven safe for the baby.

2. Go for vibrant colors.

It is also suggested to select bright, cute colors for easier tracking so that it can easily be found once it is removed from the baby’s hair.  Hair ties with fabric bows and elastic ribbon hair ties are said to be better than the plain elastic, ones since it lessens the possibility of being swallowed. But as an ounce of prevention, it is best to always keep an eye on the baby. It is also advised to wash the items regularly to avoid the accumulation of dirt and bacteria that may pose another threat to the baby. 

3. Don’t tie your child’s hair when wet.

Never tie your baby’s hair while it is still wet.  Doing so will make it more prone to breakage. Let the baby’s hair dry naturally.  When putting hair ties, do not pull the hair too tightly as it will not only cause hair damage but can also cause a headache because of the pressure on the hair follicles. Baby’s skull is not yet fully developed and should be well taken care of.

Final thoughts

Putting hair ties on babies can be a very fun, cute and satisfying experience. It can even create memorable photos worth keeping and sharing.  But always put it into consideration that our baby’s hair and scalp is not the same as ours. Do not forget to use accessories that are suited to your baby’s needs, her hair length, and texture and her head size. Although it is still best to keep babies hair as it is if you consider hair accessories, be sure that adorning them doesn’t cause them any harm. Our primary concern is still the baby’s comfort and safety.

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