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Best Shoes for Pregnancy

Pregnant women were so busy buying the best maternity dress to accommodate their growing body during pregnancy. Little did they know, they need maternity shoes as well. Over time, pregnant women will experience swelling of their feet that’s why they should consider buying shoes while pregnant. They need to buy these shoes, as these are the best shoes for swollen ankle and feet that provide stability and support as their weight increases and the center of the balance shifts. They must avoid wearing any heels for pregnancy as this may not be very advisable for them to use. 

To make sure pregnant women stay comfortable and safe about what they are wearing in their feet, this article will discuss about the best shoes for pregnancy that every pregnant woman might want to consider. We recommend slip-on shoe pregnancy shoes most pregnant women as this could be ideal footwear for pregnant women. Learn about its benefits and know what they are made of to make sure you would be very comfortable wearing it. 

Pregnancy shoes

Won’t your footwear fit anymore throughout your pregnancy? Does it give you discomfort and uneasy feeling? Maybe you should buy new maternity shoes already. Here are our top picks or best shoes for pregnancy that are not just elegant, but also comfortable to wear and will provide you great support. 

1. Skechers Sport Women’s Empire Fashion Sneaker by Skechers

Worry no more about your active workouts or morning walks with these Skechers Sport Women’s Empire Fashion Sneaker. This is an ideal active shoe for pregnant women as it is a very smooth and woven mesh fabric. It has a smooth faux leather heel overlay panel. It has also an upper metallic woven pattern and metallic finish. It’s perfect for pregnant women for it is a slip-on bungee that is laced with athletic sporty walking sneakers. Its weight is also light enough for a pregnant woman to handle. 

2. Dr. Scholl’s Shoes Women’s Madison Fashion Sneaker by Dr.Scholls

Get the shoes that are the style for the season most especially for pregnant women. Dr. Scholl’s Shoes for Women is a sporty slip-on with nice lines and a neutral palette. The shoes that are not only pregnant women will like, but also those women with the big body built. This shoe is designed for maximum comfort, especially if you are bringing a baby in your tummy. It comes with rubber sidewalls and soles. The material mixing adds beauty and interest to the shoes. 

3. Toms Women’s Classic Canvas Slip-On by Toms 

Enjoy these comfortable Toms Woman’s Classic Canvas Slip-On footwear by Toms that is also advisable for pregnant women. It is made up of fabric that has a blend of hemp and recycled polyester. Its insole cover has a blend of hemp and recycled polyester as well. It is very comfortable to wear because of its one-piece outsole for durability and flexibility. This is a vegan-friendly brand of shoes because it uses no animal products. It also comes with different vibrant colors and sizes. This is highly recommended for pregnant women because it is easy to wear because it’s a unique slip-on design that comprised of very clean lines. It is a lightweight fabric that can be best worn by pregnant women. 

4. Women’s Memory Foam Diabetic Slippers Wide Fit Fully Adjustable Touch CloseStrap House Shoes for Elderly, Pregnant, Edema, Swollen Feet, Indoor & Outdoor byHotme 

Comfort yourself with this Women’s Memory Foam Diabetic Slippers and comfort shoes by Hotme. These shoes are specially designed for pregnant, elderly, and swollen feet that can give comfort to the minds of the users. It has an adjustable touch and fastening strap that can be used both indoor and outdoor. This shoe has a dual-density rubber outsole and it comes with a great skid-resistant to keep it from sliding on a tile, vinyl floors or woods. This is recommended for senior citizens, sick or injured and most especially for pregnant women for this shoe gives a comfortable wearing. It is washable so no need to worry about how to clean it. 

5. Roxy Women’s Rory Slip-On Sneaker Shoe by Roxy

Get yourself a Roxy Women’s Rory Slip-On Sneaker Shoe that is also recommended for pregnant women. This shoe is made with a textile upper and its topline was elasticized with embroidery or even printed heel detail. It also has a memory foam that was padded with canvass insole with a very attractive graphic design or prints. It was made of terry cloth lining and flexible injected outsole with molded detail. Its weight is very light making it comfortable footwear for pregnant. 

6. Laura Ashley Ladies Knit Closed Back Slippers with Faux Sherpa Lining by LauraAshley

These Laura Ashley Knit Slippers support your feet in a cozy and style manner. These knit closed-back style slippers with faux Sherpa linings give a very unusual look and sensation that will make the user feel like she’s walking in the clouds. These can be used all year round as these slip-on provide warmth during cold seasons and enough protection on warmer days.

Whether you’re coming from a long day at work or a gym training session, if you wear these slippers, these will take good care of your exhausted feet. The insoles are padded with soft foam, giving your soles ease from any stress or weariness. Ideal for both indoor and outdoor use and are available in a variety of colors that are attractive to wear. That is why this comfort shoe is very ideal for pregnant women because it is not only in style, but it can also eliminate stress to a pregnant woman’s body. 


It is important to invest as well with shoes most especially if you are pregnant. With the options discussed above the best shoes for pregnancy, you now have an idea about the best shoes you are going to buy for yourself when you are pregnant. Always think of the common good, first about your health and your baby’s health. Choose the shoes that best fit and comfort you. Shoes can sometimes be very pricey, but it’s not always about the price tag. It must always be about the convenience and the comfort it gives you on your pregnancy journey. 

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