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Can Breastfeeding Be Done Safely With Implants?

tYou can face challenges while breastfeeding as a new mother, and having breast implants can make it seem even more daunting. However, you can safely breastfeed, despite the changes in shape and feel of your breasts. Let’s examine the facts about it.

What are the potential risks?

Woman breastfeeding With Nipple Piercings
Breastfeeding With Nipple Piercings


Note the risks involved in breastfeeding with implants.These include a decrease in milk production due to hormonal changes associated with implant surgery and potential complications associated with the incision sites.

However, manage these minor risks through proper medical care and support from a qualified lactation consultant or doctor.

In addition, some women may find that their nipples become too sensitive due to the increased pressure on them caused by the implant material.

If this occurs, women should talk to their doctor about ways to reduce nipple sensitivity while nursing.

Take note that no connection exists between long-term health risks like cancer or other diseases.

Benefits of Breastfeeding With Implants

Despite the potential risks associated with breastfeeding after getting breast implants, there are numerous benefits too! Many women who get breast implants report feeling more confident about their bodies when they are nursing because they feel more “filled out” than before. This increased self-confidence can lead to a better overall experience when it comes to breastfeeding and parenting in general!


Breastfeeding after breast implants has some risks, but can be managed with proper care and support. The benefits of breastfeeding outweigh any risks and can make the experience enjoyable. Ultimately, the decision to breastfeed with implants is yours, and it can be done safely.

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