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How Can Husbands Handle Their Wife’s Pregnancy Cravings?

How Can Husbands Handle Their Wife’s Pregnancy Cravings?

It is normal for pregnant moms to have cravings. While not all women experience this during pregnancy, a lot claimed to have cravings, particularly during the first and second trimesters.

Many people have probably heard of stories about a pregnant woman waking up in the middle of the night and asking her husband to get her some food. There’s nothing wrong with it, and you can probably get some food from the kitchen. But things are usually more complicated because it’s also highly possible that your wife would ask for food that is not available or even worse, something that is not in season!

Now, this situation is not only the pregnant wife’s concern. Husbands also have to know how to handle this. To help husbands deal with this situation, we have to try to identify some reasons why pregnant women have cravings. While doctors and experts have not yet confirmed the real causes of these pregnancy cravings, the changes in a woman’s body might be somewhat responsible. These changes include hormonal changes especially in their estrogen and progesterone, the chief pregnancy hormones. An increase in estrogen level may cause nausea and also plays a role in the development of the milk duct. Progesterone increase can cause some internal structure to increase in size. These changes, along with the obvious physical changes such as a growing belly, are not easy. The cravings might also tell something about what the body needs. Moreover, a pregnant woman may be trying to find comfort food to help her deal with all these changes.

So what do pregnant women usually crave? There is no “official” list of cravings that expectant moms have. Some expectant moms crave salty and sweet foods. Chocolates, ice cream, and chips are pretty common. Some pregnant women crave for sour foods like some types of fruits. Others crave for some weird food combinations. Some crave non-food items.

Pregnancy is not easy for your wife, so you should help her and be there for her. Having pregnancy cravings can make it worse. So how can husbands handle their wife’s pregnancy cravings? Here are some tips:

1. Husbands should understand pregnancy (or at least, try to).

You should try to learn more about pregnancy. What men need to understand about pregnancy is that it’s a beautiful experience but also a very challenging one for most — if not all — women, especially if they are first-time moms. A woman’s body undergoes a lot of changes during pregnancy. A little human is growing inside her body. Along with these, they have to deal with the changes that occur in their home and their work and even their relationship changes during pregnancy. You might not know what it’s like to be pregnant, but when you try to know more about your wife’s situation and the things that can happen during pregnancy, you will also be able to understand her actions, feelings, and emotions. The cravings might be one of those things that are difficult to understand, but you have to learn to accept that it’s part of pregnancy.

2. Husbands should find a way to be accommodating. 

It may be difficult especially when it’s not possible to give her the food that she wants. When your wife craves some food, whether they are “normal” or “weird” foods, you should find a way to provide it and at the same time make sure that it’s not harmful to her and the baby. Hard, isn’t it? But you have to be more accommodating and don’t try to convince her to consider other food instead of the one that she’s asking (unless it’s dangerous for her and your baby).

Sometimes, when a pregnant woman doesn’t get what she wants, she tends to have mood swings and she feels stressed. You should make sure that your wife doesn’t get stressed during pregnancy. It takes a lot of patience to go through all these. You should let her know that it’s okay to give in to her cravings sometimes. If she’s craving for something sweet or salty, let her have some, but don’t let her over-eat. You have to be patient with her.

Is it bad to ignore pregnancy cravings? It may not be “bad”, but if you know how to deal with your wife’s cravings, you and your wife might also be able to avoid having a stressful relationship during pregnancy.

3. Husbands should help their pregnant wives “manage” their cravings.

“Manage” doesn’t mean you should “control” your pregnant wife’s cravings. But you can help her by getting or preparing healthy meals to avoid the sudden feelings of hunger. You can also stock up on nutritious snacks or food so that your wife can have better and healthier options when she suddenly craves for something. Learn about the foods that she has to avoid during pregnancy.

But again, don’t try to discourage her from eating what she wants and what she’s craving for or you might get into trouble.

4. Husbands should show support to and love for their wives.

Pregnant women tend to be more sensitive than usual. Some may think that expectant mothers are just demanding attention. But what a pregnant woman needs from her husband is his love and support. The whole pregnancy experience should be shared by both you and your wife. You should shower your wife with love and affection. You should assure her that you would always be by her side. Tell her that she’s beautiful and that you admire her for being brave and strong. Help her relax. Do your share of household chores. Listen to her while she talks about her feelings, the changes she’s experiencing, and her cravings.

Aside from knowing that her baby is healthy, nothing could make a pregnant woman happier than knowing that her husband is with her throughout the whole experience. Your wife will greatly appreciate your efforts to help her get through the pregnancy.

Pregnancy cravings remain a mystery even to the scientific and medical fields, but there are ways to deal with them. Once a husband knows how to handle their wife’s pregnancy cravings, it won’t be much of a problem. The most important thing to remember is that it is your responsibility as her husband to support her through the whole process.

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