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Can you sense when labor is near: the unseen signs you need to know about

As your due date approaches, you’re likely on the lookout for any signs that labor may be imminent. But can you sense when labor is near? How can you tell if you’re experiencing early contractions or just normal pregnancy discomforts?

The truth is, every pregnancy is different, and the signs that labor is near can vary widely from person to person.

However, there are some subtle changes that might indicate your body is preparing for birth.

In this blog post, we’ll explore some of the unseen signs of labor and what you should be aware of as you approach your due date.

Changes in cervical mucus

As you approach labor, your body will start to produce more cervical mucus. This might sound unpleasant, but it’s a good thing – the increased mucus helps to soften and dilate your cervix, preparing it for labor.

Can you sense when labor is near?

You might notice a thick, jelly-like discharge or small streaks of blood in your underwear. This is known as the “bloody show” and is a sign that your cervix is starting to dilate.

Increasing Braxton Hicks contractions

Braxton Hicks contractions are practice contractions that your body does throughout pregnancy. These can feel like mild menstrual cramps or a tightening in your abdomen.

However, as you get closer to your due date, these contractions may become more frequent and intense.

Can you sense when labor is near?

If you notice that your Braxton Hicks contractions are increasing in frequency or intensity, it’s a sign that your body is preparing for labor.

Changes in your baby’s movements

As your baby gets ready for birth, they will start to move down into your pelvis. This can cause you to feel more pressure in your lower abdomen and pelvis.

Can you sense when labor is near?

You might also notice that your baby’s movements feel different – they may be less intense or less frequent. If you’re concerned about your baby’s movements, speak to your doctor or midwife.

Nesting instinct

Have you suddenly found yourself wanting to deep clean your house or organize your baby’s closet?

Can you sense when labor is near?

This is a sign that the nesting instinct has kicked in, which is a common occurrence in the later stages of pregnancy.

While not everyone experiences this, it’s a sign that your body is getting ready for labor and your baby’s arrival.

Gut instinct

Finally, trust your gut instinct. As a mother, you know your body and your baby better than anyone else.

If you have a feeling that labor may be near, pay attention to your body. You might experience a surge of energy, feel more anxious or restless than usual, or have a feeling of “knowing” that your baby is on the way.

Can you sense when labor is near?

While the signs that labor is near can vary widely, it’s important to trust your instincts and listen to your body.

If you’re experiencing any of the signs we’ve talked about today, it’s a good idea to speak to your doctor or midwife to put your mind at ease.

Remember, every pregnancy and labor is different – there’s no one-size-fits-all answer to this question.

But by staying aware of your body and the changes it’s going through, you can be better prepared for labor and the arrival of your new baby.

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