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Craving for the Yummy Summer Treat: Can You Eat Ice Cream While Pregnant

One of the most satisfying and cooling treats during summer is ice cream. That is why it is one of the favorite snacks during hot, humid days not only of the kids but the kids at heart. Pregnant women are no exemption. When that pregnancy cravings come and they crave for their favorite ice cream, whether it is in hot, sunny midday or chilly winter night, that craving should be satisfied.

Although cravings and food temptations are common during pregnancy, a pregnant woman does not always eat anything she wants. She always takes into consideration whether what she will eat is safe not only for her but to her baby as well.

And one of the questions when it comes to food cravings is, can you eat ice cream while pregnant?  

Ice cream and pregnancy

Studies answer the common question, “Is it ok to eat ice cream while pregnant?” The answer is yes. Well, that sounds good news to many women. But like other foods, ice cream should be eaten in moderation during pregnancy. It is always better to ask your pregnancy dietitian regarding the matter.

The main ingredients of ice cream are dairy (milk and cream), sugar and sometimes eggs. If you don’t have allergies on these and to other add-ons on the ice cream, then it can be considered safe even on pregnant women.

Just a note, milk and eggs should be pasteurized when used to avoid the risks of bacterial poisoning that can lead to different pregnancy complications. Check the labels to be sure that no ingredients that may be harmful to you are added. This is not the time to be adventurous. Do not try ice cream or any food for that matter that you do not exactly know its ingredients. 

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Ice cream cravings

Why do women crave for ice cream during pregnancy? An old wives’ tales say that craving for ice cream or anything sweet can mean that you are having a baby girl or it might already be a sign of labor. But there is no medical evidence to prove it until now. What most studies say is that ice cream cravings can be caused by the lack of calcium in the body during pregnancy or simply because the pregnant woman is fond of ice cream. 

Screaming for ice cream? Although you can eat store-bought ice cream with limitations, there are healthier alternatives. You can opt for gelato when pregnant. It usually prepared with less sugar, fats, and calories. You can also have homemade ice cream while pregnant using your favorite healthy fruits as ingredients.

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The bad effects of eating too much ice cream

A serving of ice cream can contain calories, protein, carbohydrates, calcium, and sodium, do not overindulge since it can lead to some adverse effects.

It contains high calories, sugar, and carbohydrates that may affect blood sugar levels, thus it should be eaten with moderation during pregnancy. Limit consumption to avoid the risk of gestational diabetes.

Ice cream with unpasteurized milk or uncooked or undercooked eggs may cause listeria infection to the mother and her baby that may cause adverse effects. Opt for pasteurized ice cream when pregnant.

Avoid consuming too much ice cream if you are sensitive to cold since it may cause you fever or colds during pregnancy.

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Wrap up

Can you eat ice cream while pregnant? Yes. But just like other foods, take it in moderation. Always consult your medical health provider or dietitian to be sure. If you are craving for ice cream during pregnancy, be it store-bought or homemade, make sure that it is prepared with ingredients that will cause you no harm as well as to your baby. Do take note that whatever you eat, that is also what you feed to your precious baby. 

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