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Tasty and Refreshing Fruitless Smoothie Recipes

Smoothies are a delicious and nutritious drink to add to your diet as a pregnant woman. You can enjoy it in the morning for a little extra kick of energy or even in between meals as a pick-me-up snack. Most smoothies are power-packed with nutritious ingredients making every sip refreshing and healthy. 

Making healthy food choices is a priority for most pregnant women because what they digest does not only affect them but also their unborn baby. A proper and nutritious diet will provide the expecting-mother and fetus with the nutrients essential for growth and development. So, smoothies are perfect! 

Now, when most people think of smoothies they want to put a whole fruit basket into their blender. Fruits are great for pregnant women but vegetables make for great tasting smoothies too! 

The needed intake of fruits and veggies for pregnant women

On average, a pregnant woman must aim to consume at least five different portions of fruits and vegetables each day. However, it is advised that pregnant women should limit their intake of fruit juices and dried fruits because they are high in sugar. 

Most fruit types are heavy on the sugar so if you mixed more than one kind, then you’d probably reach your sugar intake. Drinking a fruitless smoothie and using vegetables for a substitute is a great balance to this.

Most fruitless smoothie recipes are vegetable only, which just as savory and refreshing as any fruit smoothie out there.  Here is our delicious list of nutritious fruitless smoothies which takes so refreshing and sweet, guaranteed no sugar added!

Top 7 refreshing fruitless smoothie recipes 

1. Green monster protein smoothie 

The basic ingredients of this savory fruitless smoothie recipe is spinach and almond milk with a bit of cinnamon, vanilla, and mint leaves. This smoothie is perfect for a hot summer day during your pregnancy or when you just need a cold and savory pick-me-up when you wake up in the morning. The best thing about this sweet tasting smoothie is that there are no-sugar-added or artificial flavors.

2. Healthy thin mint smoothie 

If you’re a fan of the famous thin mints Girl Scout cookies then you will love this smoothie recipe! It is a blend of spinach, greek yogurt, the mandatory mint, and a little bit of dark chocolate to give it that extra kick. The best thing about these nutritious smoothies is that it’s filled with probiotics, fiber, and a whole lot refreshing flavors.

3. Tomato gazpacho smoothie 

Not all veggie-based smoothies have to be green. This fruitless smoothie recipe is basically drinking gazpacho with a straw –without the overwhelming spices though. All you have to do is load your blender with avocado, cucumber, tomatoes, onions, and herbs. You will be sipping nutritious flavors the whole time along with a great dose of vitamins C and K to really give you that pregnancy glow.

4. Green vegetable smoothie bowl

For this smoothie bowl, you can take out the cherries because this one tastes just fine without them. Now, most smoothie bowls are fruit-based so there will be a lot of improvisation for this recipe. Instead of a banana to achieve a creamy texture, you will use a refreshing zucchini. 

Meanwhile, to add some kick in your flavors, you add some spinach and cucumber. This smoothie bowl is the vitamin boost you need during those tired and aching pregnancy days. If you feel like your smoothie bowl needs a little topping, you can add some healthy granola, chopped nuts, or hemp seeds.

5. Pumpkin spice green smoothie 

It is that time of year again where Pumpkin spice is your must-have drink but instead of going to your Starbucks to get some Pumpkin Spice latte, let’s go on a healthier route. But most of the time we cannot time our pregnancies, so if you’re craving some pumpkin spice then go ahead and put it in your smoothies. This recipe calls for spinach, almond butter, and pumpkin spice. This is one of the creamiest fruitless smoothie recipes best served cold.

6. Savory green garden smoothie

In case you do not have any specific veggies laying around then this impromptu green smoothie is perfect for you! This recipe calls for whatever tasty vegetables are in your fridge, it could be celery sticks, spinach, cucumber, tomatoes, and if you have some spare garlic throw it in the blender too. Adding garlic to this green garden smoothie helps to kick-start digestion.

7. Anti-oxidant green smoothie 

This delicious and healthy fruitless smoothie recipe is in need of cucumber, avocado, spinach, parsley, and coconut water. All these ingredients mix together to become refreshing frothy smoothy that is cleansing, alkalizing, and loaded with all the nutrients you need to keep your energy up during your pregnancy. 

The key takeaway of fruitless smoothies

It is hard for most pregnant women to find delicious options due to many food restrictions given by their doctors. So, it means less sugar and all the tasty guilty stuff everyone eats. Blending a healthy smoothie can help satisfy a lot of your cravings at the same time keep you and your baby healthy throughout the pregnancy. 

Vegetables are one of the healthiest and advisable foods your doctor can recommend to you. And yes, even adult women have a hard time only digesting vegetables without fatty salad dressings or savory meats. But vegetables adds the needed balance of nutrients your body needs to stay healthy and active in each stage of the pregnancy.

Drinking these fruitless smoothie recipes helps you increase your vegetable intake, which will provide adequate nutritional support for your developing baby needs. It also minimizes the risk of certain diseases and defects as well as nourish both you and your baby’s bodies throughout the pregnancy.

They provide vitamins, fiber, folate, and many more which can help relieve some common symptoms of pregnancy.

So, break out your blender and start chopping some veggies! Because you will not only enjoy drinking these delicious smoothies but it is a whole lot fun making them too.

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