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Developing Skills and Connections: Activities for 7 Month Old

At seven months old, babies are beginning to explore their world and develop skills that will stay with them for the rest of their lives. It is an exciting time for all involved as parents get to watch their children grow and learn new things.

But knowing how to best foster this growth can be a challenge. In this post, we will provide some simple activities that parents can do with their 7 month olds to assist in developing skills and building meaningful connections.

Imitating sounds:

Babies at seven months old love mimicking sounds they hear around them—it’s how they start to learn language!

You can help them by making silly noises or repeating sounds they make back to them.

Not only will it bring you both joy, but this activity can also help your baby make the connection between sounds they hear and the words you say.

Activities for 7 month old – Exploring Sensory Play:

As babies continue to explore the world around them, sensory play is a great way for them to start understanding what everything feels like.

Simple activities like making finger paints out of cornstarch and food coloring, letting your baby feel different textures like sandpaper or silk, or even just playing in a kiddie pool filled with warm water will help your baby build on tactile skills while having fun!

Activities for 7 Month Olds
Activities for 7 Month Olds

Making Connections:

One of the most important things you can do when it comes to fostering development in your 7 month old is creating meaningful connections with those around them.

Taking walks outside and pointing out various objects that you see along the way is one great way to do this; not only will it introduce your little one to the natural world around them (birds, trees, flowers etc.), but it also helps strengthen bonds between parent and child as well as helping your baby become more familiar with language and communication.

Watching a child explore their world is truly a magical experience; every day is full of surprises as they discover something new! By engaging in these activities with your 7 month old, you are not only helping foster development but also forming strong connections that will last forever. From imitation games to sensory play and then finally taking walks together outside—these activities are sure to bring smiles all around! So put on your creative hats, grab those finger paints, go outside and start exploring!

The post has been written from an informative yet relatable tone so readers feel easy-to-understand content which shows sensitivity towards parents from all backgrounds while providing positive solutions for fostering development in 7-month-olds. This post has covered activities that are designed not only for nurturing physical development but also for strengthening relationships between parents & kids. We hope these activities prove useful for creating beautiful memories with your little ones!

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