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What Fruits Should Be Avoided During Pregnancy?

Eating a balanced and healthy diet is essential for the health of mother and baby during pregnancy. However, certain types of fruits can be dangerous if consumed in excess or at the wrong time. In this blog, we will discuss which fruits should be avoided during pregnancy to ensure a safe and healthy pregnancy for both mother and baby.

Unwashed Fruits and Vegetables

It is important to make sure that all fruits and vegetables are washed before eating them while pregnant. This will help reduce the risk of contracting foodborne illnesses such as E-Coli, salmonella, listeria, toxoplasmosis, or campylobacter infection. These infections can cause serious complications for pregnant women and their babies, including premature labor and stillbirth.

Some Fruits Can Interfere with Medication

Certain types of fruit can interfere with some medications taken by pregnant women. For example, grapefruit can interact with certain hormones taken by pregnant women that may increase the risk of birth defects or other complications such as preterm birth. Additionally, pineapple contains an enzyme called bromelain that could affect labor induction medications prescribed to expectant mothers. Other fruits such as papaya also contain enzymes that could interfere with labor induction medications so it is important to check with your doctor before eating these types of fruit.

Fruits High in Natural Sugars

It is important to monitor how much natural sugar you consume while pregnant because too much sugar can lead to excessive weight gain during pregnancy which can put both mom and baby at risk for health problems in the future.

How safe is this fruit to pregnancy

Fruits high in natural sugars should be avoided or eaten only in moderation during pregnancy including mangoes, bananas, grapes, dates, lychees and figs. It is best to stick with lower-sugar fruits like citrus fruits (oranges, grapefruit) and berries (blueberries, strawberries).

                            Fruits That Are Best to Eat for Pregnant Women


Eating a balanced diet is crucial during pregnancy, but some fruits can pose potential risks. Wash produce thoroughly to avoid bacterial contamination and consult your doctor if taking medication. Monitor sugar intake from fruits to prevent excessive weight gain. By being mindful of fruit intake, you can help ensure a healthy pregnancy for both mother and baby.

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