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Dressing Up While Breastfeeding: Clothing for Nursing Moms

Dressing Up While Breastfeeding: Clothing for Nursing Moms

Women have been adjusting to many changes in their lives – from pregnancy to childbirth and breastfeeding. One of the things that should be considered during these times is women’s clothing.  We can’t deny it that many women love clothes and dressing up. Since they have babies and they are breastfeeding them, expect some adjustments to women’s choice of clothing. Breastfeeding means giving their babies what they need no matter when or where. So it can mean breastfeeding even in public, during travel or a break when shopping, in a restaurant, in a park. Particularly anywhere when babies are hungry. How can breastfeeding be comfortable?  How can mothers choose nursing clothing to make breastfeeding easier? What type of clothes can be practical choices? 

Clothing tips while breastfeeding

These clothing tips proves that you don’t need a full purchase of new wardrobes. Existing clothes can also be applicable when breastfeeding. Here are some tips.

Wear a nursing bra or a nursing tank

Invest in good nursing brassieres and it’s all worth it. It is a good foundation for good nursing clothes. Although regular bras seem okay, it is not a practical choice. You tend to flip and pull it aside during baby’s mealtime causing it to wear off easily. A nursing bra is created with special fabric and special support fit for breastfeeding. Choose those that are made from natural and breathable materials. It also has flaps or panels that you can move or pull-down during baby’s mealtime. It is complete with snaps, clips, and hooks so as not to damage its form when breastfeeding. Different designs are available, from the simplest ones to those that are sexy and fashionable.

Nursing tank top, also called nursing cami,  is design to make nursing easier without exposing the torso. These are available in different designs that nursing mothers can choose from. Some are double-layered, enabling you to lift the top and pull back a panel. There are those with panels on the side that you can pull across the chest. You can wear it as it is on hot days but you can also wear it under your clothes.

Wear a tank top beneath clothes.

Tank top gives coverage in case you need to pull up, flip, set aside or unbutton your outer clothes. Choose a tank top with a low neckline and bigger armholes so it’s easier to push it aside or pull it down when the baby is hungry. Your abdomen and half of your neckline will still remain covered.

Opt for button-down tops.

This provides easy access every time you and your baby need it. You can easily open the top buttons while leaving the lower ones secure, giving you coverage. When the baby is down, you can easily fasten everything. Button-down dress and shirts have many designs that can be formal or casual. It can serve as a perfect breastfeeding dress for any occasion and a good professional nursing clothes perfect for working mothers.

Try low necklined shirts.

V-necks and scoop neck shirts are comfortable choices for nursing tops. There are nursing shirts that are made of natural cotton fabrics that are applicable in humid days while breastfeeding. It can easily be pulled down when the need arises. Those that are made with polyester and lycra can offer more stretch without tearing the neckline.

Go for a wrap dress and crossover tops.

Depending on the fabric, these can be easily worn as office wear or during night-outs and parties. Since the fabric is overlapped in the breast, you can still look amazing while breastfeeding without the hassles. These nursing dresses are nursing moms’ best friend.  

Wear a maternity band. 

Pregnancy is over but those maternity bands are still usable. Aside from helping women in the transition to a smaller size, it provides coverage in the torso area when breastfeeding. 

Select peasant blouses.

If you want a boho look, you can pair a peasant blouse to skirts or pants. Its wide neck opening and tie closure can make breastfeeding easier with just minimal adjustments to complete your breastfeeding apparel.

A scarf can do the trick.

Scarves do not just give full coverage while breastfeeding, it can easily accentuate any outfit, making it a fashion mainstay for women. It can serve as a practical breastfeeding wardrobe that can be easily carried anywhere.

Wear nothing at all.

This, of course, is applicable only at home, or in the privacy of your room. Skin to skin contact is the best bonding moment for mothers and babies. You can do it while snuggling in bed. Just cover up in case you feel cold.

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Some points to consider:

Here are some notes that should be considered when buying or choosing nursing clothes.

  1. Do not wear outfits that can be too complicated for breastfeeding such as clothes without front openings, jumpsuits, regular underwire brassieres, too much layering, and tight tops.
  2. Opt for clothes with patterns, prints and dark colors as it can hide breast leaks better than solid and light colors. You can wear breast pads to absorb leaks and prevent stains on clothes. You can also bring vests, jackets, and scarves to cover embarrassing stains.
  3. Dismiss tight-fitting brassieres and tops that are not just uncomfortable, it can cause skin irritations, sore nipples and plugged milk ducts. 

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Today, many nursing clothes are available and can be purchased in shopping malls and online stores. Maternity nursing clothes are also becoming popular as it serves as a maternity dress and a nursing dress in one. They provide comfort to mothers and babies without sacrificing fashion and style. From sleepwear to tops, dresses, and formal wear, flattering designs are endless.  Since mothers will be breastfeeding their babies often, nursing clothing pieces are essential to provide easy access to the breast as much as possible. 

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