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Why do Babies Sweat so Much When Sleeping

Why do Babies Sweat So Much When Sleeping

Parents especially the first-timers are very careful and cautious with their new-born babies. They care for them 24/7 and they even have little time to sleep. True, taking care of babies is not an easy job. It requires a lot of patience, self-control, and love. As weeks and months go by, parents can’t help but notice every single unusual thing that happens to babies to make sure that they are completely fine. 

When babies are sleeping, that is usually the time when parents can roam around the house to clean or maybe take a rest as well. However, some tend to watch over the babies even during sleep to make sure that they are alright. Sometimes, babies have unusual habits while sleeping. Some newborn snoring wheezing, headbang, pause between breaths and babies sweating while sleeping. Now, if your concern is baby sweating a lot while sleeping, then let us find out if that is normal and should parents be of concern.

Some babies are sweating while sleeping during the deepest part of their night sleep. Their sweating is not just a little bit, but excessive that they end up soaking wet. Compared to adults, child excessive sweating at night is more common because they sleep more deeply than adults. Also, their temperature regulation systems are not as mature yet and they have a bigger proportion of sweat glands compared to the size of their bodies.

It is noteworthy that most of the time babies are sweating while sleeping is pretty normal. When babies are in a deep sleep, it is very common for them to sweat. Also, although your child was soaked wet all night, she may be completely comfortable at night. But your baby can be sweating all night because she may feel very hot.

But how can you tell if your baby is overheated? A baby who is overheated feels warm in the night before she reaches the deep stage sleep. So if the babies are sweating while sleeping earlier in the night, you need to adjust the temperature of the room and lessen the blankets on her to make her feel comfortable. Also, make sure you are not overdressing her so that she will not feel too warm. 

What is the possible cause for concern about babies are sweating while sleeping?

As we have learned, babies are sweating while sleeping is very common. However, excessive sweating can mean that something is not right. For instance, excessive sweating when eating can be a sign of congenital heart disease, sleep apnea or various infection. Also, overheating can also be a risk factor for sudden infant death syndrome. 

Baby excessive sweating at night can sometimes indicate a mild and temporary problem or a serious medical condition. If the child has an infection, she might sweat a lot because her body is fighting the infection off. Another case is with sleep apnea. It is a disorder where breathing stops many times during sleep. Your child may have excessive sweat as she tries harder to get a breath.

Another red flag to watch when your baby excessive sweating at night is additional symptoms. You need to watch out for snoring, pauses in breathing, fever, gasping and other symptoms that show any illness. Watch out also if your baby is fatigued or in pain during the day. When you notice that your child has any of these symptoms, contact your doctor so your baby can be checked.

If nothing is of concern, then babies are sweating while sleeping maybe just one of those things that will eventually happen lesser and lesser over time. Your baby may still sweat at night as well as everyone does, but she probably will still feel comfortable while sleeping. 

What can parents do? 

Here are some tips that parents can do when babies are sweating while sleeping:

Monitor the room temperature

When babies are sweating while sleeping at night, the best way to do first is to check the room temperature. If the room is a little hot, make it cooler to help your baby’s sweating. A good idea to keep in mind is that if the parents are feeling hot themselves then the baby is probably feeling hot too. If the baby has too many blankets and wraps, clear that unnecessary stuff to help him sleep comfortably. 

Dress your baby comfortably

Dress up your baby in comfortable night clothing. A light sleeping gown in soft, breathable material should be the most comfortable attire at bedtime for your baby.

It is important to dress your baby in clothes that are comfortable to sleep. A light cloth in soft and breathable material is the ideal attire for babies during bedtime. This helps them to have a good sleep.

Hydrate your baby

Before putting your baby to bed, make sure that you hydrate him properly. This is important when he often sweats a lot during the night. It will make it up for the loss of fluids and will prevent dehydration.

These are some ways that you can help your baby have a comfortable and deep sleep during the night even when he is sweating. If you can do all these, your baby will most likely sleep well and reduce sweating. However, just like the previous discussions about baby excessive sweating, if you have done all the tips but your baby continues to sweat so much, you can watch out for other discomforts that he may be having at night. If there are any other discomforts and symptoms that your baby may be suffering from, it is advisable to contact your doctor. Your doctor will not only help you find out if there are any problems, but consultation can help ease your mind if there are no problems to worry about. We hope that this article helps parents learn about baby excessive sweating at night and what they can do about it.

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