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Eating Hot Dogs And Barbecues While Pregnant

Hot Dog Burger, Pork. Check the foods that pregnant women can eat, and the important foods that you should avoid before you go to any restaurant.

On the off chance that you get yourself pregnant during the hotter months in the year, there is most likely a terrace for Grill (or three!) on the schedule. In any case, before you light the flame broil or fill your plate, recall that a portion of your preferred dishes can be dangerous for you.

Dr. Mary Lynn, associate professor of Obstetrics and gynecology at Loyola University Medical Center in Maywood, Illinois, says: “some types of foods can harbor bacteria that are particularly so risky during your pregnancy. »

This does not mean that you have to miss this pleasure and look sad when your friends eat. If you take the right precautions, you can enjoy it, while you keep it safe at the same time. Read on to know what food you should focus on and learn about clever precautions that can protect your pregnancy.

1. Hot Dog And Cold Cuts.

hot dog

Risk Factors

 This processed meat may contain listeria, a type of bacteria that can cause a rare and risky infection. “Listeriosis is associated with miscarriages, stillbirths and birth defects,” warns Marry.

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How To Do It In a Safe Way

cold cuts

 Heat the Hot Dog at least164° F, because the heat can destroy all the bacteria. If you do not have a practical Thermometer in your house and cut the Hot Dog into slices and make sure it is well cooked.

2. Burgers.

The Risk

 Despite the fact that you always order your burgers medium-rare, now is the right time to worry about the undercooked patties. “Pregnancy makes your immune system so weak, which can leave you more vulnerable to food poisoning,” explains Marry. Apart from Listeria, raw meat can also contain illness-causing E. coli, Staphylococcus, Salmonella and Campylobacter. “Getting sick could cause dehydration, which may lead to contractions,” says Marry.

Safety Tips


 Get a good Hamburger and use a Thermometer to make sure that the temperature reaches 160 ° F, and don’t pay attention to its color, it doesn’t show if it is cooked well or not, also make sure that the Cook places the finished Hamburger on a clean plate to avoid any contamination.

3. Barbecue Chicken.

The Risk Factor

 Same like hamburgers, dangerous food poisoning can also occur when the chicken is insufficiently cooked (Eating Hot Dogs and Barbecues While Pregnant).

How To Do It In a Safe Way

 Use a meat thermometer to ensure that your chicken is well cooked; also, remember that eating grilled meat could reduce birth weight. Experts say that polycyclic aromatic hydrocarbons (PAH), a potentially harmful compound that arises when cooking meat at an extremely high temperature, like over fire, which can affect the development of the fetus.

This study is still provisional and needs to be carried out further. However, if you are concerned, you should go one step further and pre-cook the chicken before putting it on the Grill. This will minimize cooking time.

4. Potato-Noodle-Salad.

Potato Noodle Salad

Risk factors: if left out for so long, these delicious things can be contaminated with bacteria such as Listeria.

Be Careful

Don’t try these dishes, unless you are sure that these prepared foods are made properly and not left behind for more than 2 hours or (1 hour if the temperature exceeds 90 ° F).

5. Sprout.


Risk factors

these weak plants grow in a humid environment. And it is at the same time a perfect breeding ground for listeria and other hurtful bacteria such as salmonella and E. coli.

these weak plants grow in a humid environment. And it is at the same time a perfect breeding ground for listeria and other hurtful bacteria such as salmonella and E. coli.

How To Do It In a Safe Way

 The FDA warns pregnant women to avoid all types of Sprouts, including beans and alfalfa, since they can be exposed to these bacteria. So stop using them in salads, or inside your burger.

6. Homemade Ice Cream.

Homemade Ice Cream

Risk Factors

 Some ice creams are made with raw eggs that may be contaminated with Salmonella bacteria.

Safety Tips

 Cold temperatures do not kill bacteria. Ask for a list of ingredients before eating. And make sure that the freshly made whipped cream- is produced from fresh cream from the local dairy or farmer’s market (Eating Hot Dogs and Barbecues While Pregnant).

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