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Pregnancy and Hunger: the Increased Appetite During Pregnancy

You can’t control your insatiable hunger during pregnancy. Here are some effective ways and solutions to deal with it.

Have you ever felt like you’re never full?

You have an increase in the appetite during your pregnancy, especially in the middle of it, when the morning sickness decreases, and the desire of eating increases and more calories are needed to feed a growing baby.

You get that feeling of hunger all the time because your body needs some nutrients.

Does The Appetite Increase Really During Pregnancy?

Some women know that their appetite increases in the first pregnancy semester. Most of them feel hungry in the middle of pregnancy when the morning nausea is over.

Why I Feel Hungry While Pregnant?

It’s so simple, your appetite increases during pregnancy because you’re growing a baby inside you, and he requires a lot of food by sending you a loud and clear message.

What Can I Do About My Increasing Appetite While Pregnant?

Whenever you want to breastfeed your increased appetite during pregnancy, just listen to your entire body and stay in your part.

So when you are eating, remember that one of you is much smaller, so follow the principle «one for me, and one for the Baby” in case this principle does not work.

Here Are Some Tips For Curbing Hunger:

  • Rehydrate: It’s easy to confuse Dehydration and Hunger – and because your body is so busy making a baby, you’ll need more liquids than ever before. At least 12-13 glasses per day, aim more when it is hot outside. Skip the Soda because it adds excess calories and sugar without increasing the nutritional benefits.
  • Reduce Calories: Most moms no longer need calories in the First trimester. Some need only about 350 calories per day comparing to what they were eating in their diet in their pre-pregnancy. This figure will rise to 500 in the third trimester.
  • Always Eat Healthy While Pregnant: Try to combine high-fiber carbs (such as whole grains and fruits) rich with healthy proteins and fats (such as nut butter, and dairy products), to give you some power and stay on the healthy track. Choose fresh food, no processed or refined foods. For example, a large salad provides plenty of nutrients and fiber to fill you up. Make sure you have a lot of healthy things in your hands.
Pregnancy and Hungry: The Increased Appetite During Pregnancy
Pregnancy and Hungry: The Increased Appetite During Pregnancy
  • Avoid Temptation: If you go to the grocery store, avoid buying the food that is not good for you.  But if you need to saturate your sweet teeth, keep the tidbits in the closet and not on your counter. In this way, it is less likely that they will be circled.
  • Eat Small And Frequent Meals: Instead of eating three times a day, you should eat five to six meals every three hours. If you overeat in one session, you will feel overwhelmed. Also, this can lead to more Fullness, gas, heartburn, and general gastrointestinal disorder. If you eat a little every few hours, you will never reach the point where you are starving and super hungry, and you may overdo it.

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  • Take a Snack: Get something healthy and avoid taking fast food.
  • Take One Day Off To Enjoy Your Favorite Food During The Week: Try to keep the ice cream Sunday for a Snack once a week. (Another tip: Use 70% dark chocolate instead of milk chocolate to sneak in a dose of antioxidants.)
  • Take Care Off Your Weight Gain During Pregnancy: If you gain so much weight, ask your doctor how you can change your diet to reduce your weight gain.

When Does My Pregnancy Appetite Will Decrease?

Maybe she’ll lose her appetite later in pregnancy.

The reason behind this is that the baby gets less and less space for your stomach. Or you might still feel hungry for a while, and then you’ll be fine.

To support this growing baby, most women need to consume about 500 extra calories per day.

However, it is a good idea to spend your day with six nutritious Mini-meals.

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