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Flying with an infant on lap: 5 tips and advice for new parents

Flying with an infant on lap might seem intimidating for new parents. However, with the right preparation, this can be a stress-free experience for both you and your little one.

As a mom, I have had firsthand experience flying with my infant on lap, and I’m here to share my tips and advice for new parents.

In this blog post, I will cover everything from planning and preparing for the flight to what you can expect during the flight. So, if you are a new parent planning to fly with your little one, sit back, relax, and read on.

Plan and Prepare Ahead

The first step to having a successful flight with your infant on lap is to plan and prepare ahead.

Start by checking with your airline about its policies regarding flying with infants on lap. Most airlines allow infants younger than two years of age to fly for free as long as they are sitting on an adult’s lap.

However, some airlines require you to purchase an extra seat for your infant. It’s important to confirm your airline’s policy ahead of time to avoid any surprises.

In addition to checking with your airline, you will also need to pack accordingly. Pack enough diapers, wipes, formula, and snacks to last for the duration of the flight.

Also, bring a few extra clothes for your little one in case of any spills or accidents. And don’t forget to pack a favorite toy or blanket to keep your baby entertained during the flight.

flying with an infant on lap

Secure Your Baby

When flying with an infant on lap, it’s important to secure your baby properly. Most airlines provide you with an infant seatbelt that attaches to your own seatbelt.

Make sure the seatbelt is snug, but not too tight, and that your baby is comfortably resting on your lap.

flying with an infant on lap

This will not only help keep your baby safe during turbulence but also allow you to have your hands free to read and rest.

Also, consider bringing a baby carrier or sling. This will not only allow you to wear your baby hands-free but also provide a cozy and familiar environment for your little one.

flying with an infant on lap

Be Prepared for Takeoff and Landing

During takeoff and landing, the change in air pressure can cause discomfort for your baby.

To help ease this discomfort, feed your baby a bottle or nurse during takeoff and landing.

The swallowing motion will help your baby equalize air pressure in their ears and reduce the discomfort.

If your baby is not hungry, consider giving them a pacifier or a favorite toy to suck on. This will also help them with the swallowing motion.

flying with an infant on lap

Bring Extra Supplies for Diaper Changes

Diaper changes on a plane can be challenging, especially if the bathroom is small and cramped.

To make this task easier, bring a portable changing pad and a plastic bag to dispose of dirty diapers. Also, consider bringing a set of extra clothes for yourself in case of any diaper leakage accidents.

Flying with an infant on lap can be an enjoyable and stress-free experience with proper planning and preparation.

Remember to check with your airline, pack accordingly, secure your baby, and be prepared for takeoff and landing. And most importantly, stay calm and relaxed, and enjoy the adventure with your little one.

Happy travels!

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