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How To Get a Toddler To Sleep In Own Bed

Making the toddler sleep in his bed can be a task that takes a lot of time, commitment and, above all, patience. However, with affection, respect, and understanding, this can be achieved.

Whether you have not yet left the “bed” with your baby or your toddler has started to “change rooms” at night, you must do everything you can to reverse the situation.

Sleeping the toddler in bed is difficult, but not impossible. In this article, we give you some tips to get there.

Why Doesn’t The Toddler Sleep Alone In Bed?

Possibly you didn’t figure out how to get your child to rest in his own room and need to remain connected to you. Your son may be having nightmares and this is the perfect excuse to run into your room at night.

Or there may have been changes in the family routine-for example, the holidays – and the toddler is no longer used to having his own room.

You should know that sleeping alone is fundamental to the development of small children, as it allows them to master their fears and learn to be more independent. Of course, we can’t pretend that overnight, he can go to their room without problems.

There are various reasons why your toddler does not want to sleep in his or her own room. The most common is the need for affection or “attachment,” but this may also be due to his fear of Darkness, which is common up to the age of three or four.

There are cases of children with traumatic events and, of course, there is no lack of habits. Remember that human beings cling to habits when they generate security. Then the toddler will think, ” Why should I sleep alone if I feel so good next to mom? »

Obviously, sooner or later, kids must end up free of their folks ‘ beds and have their very own space. For themselves and even for the couple, they can enjoy their privacy and rest again.

Tips To Make The Toddler Sleep In Bed:

Putting the toddler to sleep in his bed seems to be an impossible mission. Nonetheless, with constancy, duty and enough “act” for the baby to comprehend where to go through the night, we can accomplish the objective … and all relax at ease!

1.First Objective: To Lie Down And All Asleep:

To do this, you must accompany him to his room and stay with him until he is completely asleep. Remember that what comforts him is not in his bed, but your presence. If he has nothing to fear, he will fall asleep

Wait till he’s completely asleep. Sometimes they “cheat” and, when we move a little, they open their eyes and start to cry.

Be tolerant, maybe this procedure takes a few days. When you rest, go up all around gradually and go to her room. It is advisable to leave the door open for both environments.

“Sleeping alone is fundamental in the development of the little ones because they can control their fears and learn to be more independent »

2.Second Objective: Not To Go To Your Room:

With much patience, love, and affection, you will have to “bring him back” to his bed when he wakes up early in the morning or when he stands in the middle of both parents. Some children may be very quiet and do not alert adults that they have passed on the bed.

On the off chance that you wake up and your baby is close by, you should take him to his room and return him to stay in bed case he awakens in transit.

3.Third Objective: To Fall Asleep Alone:

Right up ’til the present time, your child ought not to wake up in the center of the night and keep running into your room. Right now, you can be a little more permissive with the activities that revolve around the dream.

That is, if you turn off the light from the nightstand, you can let it act for a while until the toddler falls asleep.

You can also accept that you bring a toy to bed or even that its pet sleeps beside it to protect it. That way, he’ll have a sense of security without being next to him.

Take the days, weeks or even months that force you to change your habits. And very important: both parents have to agree and stand firm; so the little one realizes that the rules are sacred at home.

What If Your Toddler Refuses To Sleep In a Bed?

If your toddler refuses to sleep in his bed and you think it’s time he did, here are some tips to help you change his habits :

  • Adopt a reassuring sleep routine that ends in your toddler’s bed.
  • Reassure your little one. He needs to know that you’re nearby and that nothing bad will happen to him while he sleeps alone.
  • Leave a light on in her room.
  • At first, you can stay in his room until he falls asleep. Once he gets used to this routine, you can take another step: instead of staying next to him until he falls asleep, stay with him for about 5 minutes, then leave the room even if he’s still awake.
  • If he comes to your bed at night, get up, take him back to his room and put him back to bed. Wait till he falls asleep before he leaves the room. If you let him spend the night in your room, he’ll soon learn to wake up at night and go to your bed.
  • Avoid letting your toddler spend the night in your bed when he or she has a nightmare. He must understand that he has nothing to be afraid of in his bed and that he is safe in his room. For more data, see our bad dreams page.

While you try to put these tips into practice, remember that consistency is the key to success. If you stick to this routine for a few weeks, chances are you’ll get your toddler used to sleep alone.

However, this routine may not work for some time because your toddler is ill or is experiencing significant changes (e.g., the birth of a baby brother or sister; new daycare provider, separation, death in the family). Don’t worry. Once he recovers or adjusts to the change, you can re-establish the routine. However, don’t wait too long.

Making the toddler sleep in bed is not an easy task and it takes time, but it is important to start small and get better every day.

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