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How to Manage Morning Sickness at Night During Pregnancy

Do you know that morning sickness is generally referred to as Nausea? Some moms experience nausea and vomiting during morning hours only but morning sickness can always happen at any time of the day. The severity of morning sickness may vary depending on the pregnant woman. Some will even throw-up quickly by just even drinking a glass of water.

Nausea and vomiting are awful, but it is linked to pregnancy hormones. It begins as early as three weeks of pregnancy and usually extends up to 12 to 16 weeks. If you eat a lot of sweets and high carbohydrate-foods, your blood sugar may spike and may cause you to vomit. The sensitivity of your smell is also a factor that triggers morning sickness at night.

Morning sickness is not easy to endure. But researchers claim that nausea and vomiting during pregnancy can lower the risks of miscarriage and breast cancer. A study also argues that babies of moms who experience morning sickness get higher IQ test scores. According to the study of Laura Riley, MD of Massachusetts General Hospital in Boston that during morning sickness, the right hormones for the mother and her baby starts to develop. Mothers should learn not to have morning sickness because it is a good sign.

Factors that cause morning sickness at night to happen?

Most moms realize that “morning sickness” is the wrong term for this event for a pregnant woman because it can also happen during night time.

  • Fast increase of hormone levels in the early stage of pregnancy
  • Sense of smell becomes highly sensitive to bad odors
  • Gastrointestinal tract becomes sensitive

Nausea during pregnancy usually starts before the nine-week mark. For some mother, it begins as early as two weeks after the conception. But there are mothers who don’t feel morning sickness. It usually comforts up near the end of the first trimester. There are cases that pregnant women experience hyperemesis gravidarum. It is the ultimate experience of nausea and vomiting throughout the entire pregnancy period until delivery of the baby. The case will need high medical attention to manage dehydration.

How can you survive morning sickness at night?

If you are now about to bear a child in your womb, you better prepare yourself to manage nausea and vomiting. Take this list of simple tips that you can easily do to manage morning sickness;

1. Ensure the right sleeping position

 Pregnant women are prone to acid reflux that causes morning sickness. To avoid acid reflux, pile two pillows to keep your head elevated. Sleep on your left side while you bend your right knee. It is also comfortable if you put a pillow between your legs.

2. Take small meals

You can eat frequently but in a lesser amount enough for you not to feel hungry. It is a recommendation that you eat something every two to three hours. But make sure you are following a healthy diet to manage your weight. It is best to devour foods that are high in protein, carbohydrate, and foods with essential nutrients. It is also best that you keep biscuits and dry fruits near your bed because there may be times you get hungry in the middle of the night.

3. Spicy food can promote morning sickness

Non-spicy food like milk, broth, soup white rice, and banana can help prevent morning sickness at night.

4. Stay away from fatty foods and sugar

Fatty foods and high-sugar content food are difficult to digest. It can cause an increase of hyperacidity and indigestion

5. Keep drinking lots of fluids

High intake of fluids is a remedy of indigestion that causes nausea and sickness during pregnancy. Prepare a bottle of water or at least a lemonade beside you or near your bed. You can sip it to keep your body hydrated. Apple juice is also useful in preventing stable blood sugar.

6. Avoid strong odors

Determine all the things, food, and even perfume that makes you vomit. You keep the windows open to allow the fresh air to come inside or switch the exhaust fan.

7. Eating sour foods

It is best to eat a lemon pickle, or green-crispy mango dipped in salt to be a remedy for a bad stomach. The sour taste works as an astringent that gives relief of nausea during pregnancy.

8. Sea-sickness bands

The sea-sickness bands can be useful to press specific points to reduce nausea. Another alternative method is acupressure. The intense of the pressing of certain points helps cure the feeling of nausea.

9. Eatingginger

Ginger is one of the super plants that can cure nausea and even other ailments like cough, colds, and headache. You can consume ginger by using it as a tea or mix with the salad recipe. It is best to sip a cup of ginger tea every evening. But drinking too much might cause you gas and acidity.

10. Aromatherapy

Apply some lavender and peppermint scent on your wrist or handkerchief to make you relax and alleviate nausea. Scented candles can also make you relax and relieve the morning sickness.

11. Try the BRAT diet

The BRAT diet is about eating bananas, rice, applesauce, and toast. It can help cure nausea and vomiting. It is also effective for people who have stomach pains and loose of motion. If nausea stops, then do not continue the diet because the foods are carb-heavy and can increase your weight.  

12. Always eat foods that are rich in Vitamins B6 and B12

Eat different types of buts, banana, carrot, fish, chicken, spinach, onion, tofu, egg and yogurt to cure your nausea during pregnancy.

Above all, the pregnant mom must not get tired that result in fatigue and stress. Go for de-stressing activities like walking and prenatal yoga. If doing this natural way of fighting morning sickness at night does not give you relief, then consult your doctor. Never take medicines without the doctors prescription.

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