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How to Soothe Itchy Breasts During Pregnancy

How to Soothe Itchy Breasts During Pregnancy

When a woman is pregnant, the mind, along with the body changes constantly. These changes are inevitable since the body is preparing itself to accommodate one more life. This is why during the early stages of pregnancy, a woman may suffer from uncomfortable conditions such as nausea, mood swings, weight gain, and more. One of the most common signs a woman is carrying a baby is when her breasts undergo some major changes. For pregnant women who are wondering why their breasts are itchy, keep reading to find out what causes it, how you can soothe it, and also learn all the breast changes you can expect during your entire pregnancy.

What causes itchy breasts?

If you have been dealing with itchy breasts, keep in mind that this is very common during pregnancy. In fact, this can even be one of the signs that you are expecting. It might feel uncomfortable, especially if you are having the urge to scratch that itch when you are out in public. It is also not ideal to keep on scratching your breasts every single time it is itchy since you might get an infection once the skin gets irritated. A woman’s breasts become extremely sensitive during pregnancy

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Your breasts are preparing themselves to produce milk for your baby, so it will naturally increase in size. Your entire pregnancy journey involves your breasts developing its milk ducts as well as the milk-producing cells. After all, their main purpose is to be able to feed your baby once he or she has been born. This then results in more and more layers of fat getting collected under the skin. The skin is stretching while the breasts get bigger, so this is what causes the itchiness. The skin expands and so the oil production gets delayed. This is why the skin on your chest is dry and itchy.

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This is also the reason why the skin on the breasts develops stretch marks. You may not just feel it on your chest, but also your stomach since that is where the skin will expand the most as your baby grows. Hormones also play a massive part when it comes to making the skin sensitive. The more sensitive the skin is, the more prone it is to get itchy. Sensitivity may also be caused by increased blood flow. You might feel a tingling sensation every once in a while, which is common to pregnant women.

How can you soothe itchy breasts during pregnancy

  • Use a mild body lotion or cream

There are lots of lotions and creams available in the market today that are dermatological-tested and are meant for pregnant women. However, it wouldn’t hurt if you seek professional help since not every cream or lotion in the market are safe just because they are mild. It is best to check on the label if it contains any alcohol or fragrance. Experts say that the more chemical the lotion or cream has, the more it can irritate the skin. Creams that contain aloe vera, olive oil, and cocoa butter are safe to use during pregnancy. They can even help if you want to reduce itching. These ingredients may also help hydrate the skin, which means that the blood will circulate properly, reducing the possible formation of stretch marks.

  • Choose comfortable undergarments

Another way you can soothe the itchiness on your breasts is to wear proper undergarments. It is ideal to put away your usual undergarment tops for now since. Your breasts are growing so it is best to find the most suitable and most comfortable innerwear you can find. There are now a lot of maternity bras in the market, and you can even find reviews from your fellow moms. 

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Choose a maternity bra that is suitable for your every need. You can pick something that you can wear when you are just relaxing at home. Tossing and turning may irritate your skin even more if you wear an ordinary bra. It is also ideal to choose a maternity bra that you can wear outdoors. There is nothing more uncomfortable than being itchy when you are out.

  • Moisturize and let the skin relax

If wearing a maternity bra and applying lotion or cream are not enough, then you can also try to moisturize the skin on your breasts to reduce the itching. There are a lot of ways you can do it. You can use a moisturizer before going to bed. This must be suitable for pregnant women, or else your skin might get worse. If you love baths, you may also try having a lukewarm oatmeal bath. The oatmeal will serve as a body scrub since it is not advisable to use other body scrubs while you’re pregnant.

Breast changes during pregnancy

Itchiness is not the only thing that you may experience with your breasts expanding during pregnancy. Most pregnant women may feel uncomfortable since their breasts may feel heavier than usual. According to the National Institute of Child and Human Development, it is normal for pregnant women to feel the tenderness of their breasts, they can even feel sore. If you are in your third trimester, you might experience some leakage of colostrum discharge from your nipples. This is normal since the breasts are basically just waiting for your baby to come out. It is ideal to wear breast pads since there is no way for you to stop your breasts from leaking. Your breasts will feel even sorer and tender once you start breastfeeding, but every woman has a different experience. You may seek professional help if ever you realize that your milk ducts are blocked, or when you are not producing enough milk.

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No matter what kind of changes your body is going through while you are pregnant, keep in mind that it is always ideal to get yourself checked by your doctor. Your well-being must always be taken care of since you are carrying your baby. If you feel more than just itchiness on your breasts, then be sure to mention on to your ob-gyne on your next appointment. A woman’s body becomes very vulnerable and sensitive during pregnancy, so it is essential to always be mindful. You cannot put yourself at risk since your unborn baby will also be at risk. 

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