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Kidoozie Toys For Developing Toddlers

Toys play a major role in the developmental phase of a child mentally and physically while he is not yet in school. There are different kinds of toys that specialize in certain developmental skills. As a parent, you want to give your child toys to at least divert their attention while you to some other things in the house but you need to make sure that the toys that you are giving are suitable for its age. Kidoozie for toddlers has a wide range of toys for children but in this article, we’ll give you the toys of Kidoozie for toddlers.

Kidoozie Six Pin Bowling Set

This is a 6-pin bowling set that has a flat bottomed pan with a foam ball that is easy to carry. It is a great playing set that can be used whether outdoors or outdoors. This 6-piece pin is equipped with assorted bright colors perfect that will truly give interest to your child making this toy a child-friendly. Aside from encouraging fun, it helps practice the baby’s focus and coordination. This is a perfect game if you don’t want to constantly chase your child because for sure their attention will be on trying to hit all the pins in just one throw of the ball. It comes with a zippered bag so you can just easily instruct your child to clean up by placing all the pins as well as the ball in the bag. The pins measure about 7 inches tall that is very suitable for toddlers ages 3 years and above. 

Kidoozie Cool Tools Activity Set – Pretend Play, Shape Sorting, and Fine Motor Activities with Fun Sounds – 18+ Months

This is a developmental kid toy set that aims to develop fine motor skills, sensory skills as well as the mechanical skills of the child. This playset includes shape sorting, tools work with fun sounds. This is an educational and engaging toy that will encourage your child to move and it introduces problem-solving. While your child is at play, their imagination and learning processes are enhanced. It is placed in a compact toolbox for easy carry and is perfect for travel. It is suitable for babies 18+ months. The package includes spinning parts, pretend wrench, hammer, moving gears, and a power drill with sounds. All parts are made from a high-quality material that is totally safe for your little one. This is a perfect stay if you don’t want a lot of mess because it has its own storage box. 

Kidoozie Double X-Track Build-A-Road with Over 11 Feet of Interchangeable, Flexible Track and 2 Battery Operated Cars

This Kidoozie build-a-road racing track allows your child to design their own track together with the battery-operated car toys. Its track includes mountain, tunnel and a curve path. They can easily change the direction and shape of the path for the next race. The package includes 200 pieces with at least 11 feet flexible track. This Kidoozie track can be assembled easily by your child and while they are playing with it, their imagination, visual and motor skills are further developed. Each piece is made from a high-quality material that can easily snap together and can be removed easily for convenient storage. It is a simple toy that will allow your child to be concentrated and to have a focus even for hours. 

Kidoozie Peek N Peep Eggs – Mentally Stimulating – Employs Tactile Engagement – for Ages 12 Months and Up

This is a fun and beneficial kind of toy that is mentally stimulating. It has colorful eggs that have colorful chicks inside when pressed that has a squeaky sound that is intriguing. It is made from top quality materials that no matter how harsh your child in pressing the eggs, it won’t easily get destroyed. It stimulates mental faculties that will enhance your kid’s problem-solving skills and motor skills. It also introduces the principle of cause and effect. This toy does not only provides beneficial effects to the development of your child but this is also a perfect toy that will let them enjoy. The package includes 6 pieces of adorable eggs with different chicks inside and 1 carton or box where it is presentably placed.

Kidoozie Musical Ball Maze with 25 Fun, Colorful Pieces

This is a creative musical ball maze that is visually, mentally and auditory stimulating perfect for your growing up kid. This is a suitable toy you want to introduce the basics of physics and engineering. It consists of colorful maze with cool sounds that will surely get the attention of your child for hours letting you do your other tasks. They are the ones who will build their maze masterpiece where they can drop the wall and watch it as it passes through different obstacles such as the spinning monkey. The package has a total of 25 pieces that includes 3 colorful plastic balls, flipping monkey, tunnel, spiral base with music, on and off switch, spinning fan, etc. It is suitable for 18 months and above.

Kidoozie Sand ‘n Splash Activity Table with Storage Compartment and Lid

This outdoor activity is perfect to bring if you are going to the beach. Let your kids have fun and enjoy the sand and the water while they show off their creativity in building structures such as sandcastles. This is not only suitable in the beach but it can also be enjoyed in your backyard. It may seem a big toy with dimensions of 4.1 x 17.8 x 12.2 inches with a weight of 3 pounds but it can be cleaned and stored easily. It is a toy not only suitable for a toddler but it can be enjoyed until 8 years old. 

Kidoozie Musical Blooming Garden with Flashing Lights and Melodies

This musical toy is equipped with colorful lights and cool sound effects that have different textures and instrumental and fun songs. Your child can develop hand-eye coordination and fine motor skills. Your child can enjoy this toy wherever he goes because it is equipped with a carry handle. This is a perfect toy where your child can explore different learning styles. Your child’s eyes, ears, hands and all of his senses are engaged. The package includes 5 instrument sounds, 10 fun songs, 8 sound effects, and 8 light-up friendly faces, and find it a light game.

Final thoughts

In choosing for the best toddler Kidoozie toys, you must not consider toys that look entertaining but you need to consider what it can benefit into your developing child. It is important to choose toys that will be suitable for their age to ensure that it is safe for use.

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