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Most Wonderful and Vintage 27 Italian Names

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Italian names either have Latin sources or are Italian adaptations of names starting in different nations. The names that simply move off the tongue like a tune; However; that you pick one for your infant;  you can make sure that he/she will catch everyone’s eye of Sophias and Michaels. Italians have a firm arrangement of guidelines with regard to naming. The primary child is named after the fatherly granddad; the subsequent child is named after the maternal granddad.

Concerning the females; the primary girl is named after the fatherly grandma the subsequent little girl is named after the maternal grandma. The resulting children can be named after guardians, aunties, uncles; perished relatives or holy people. This all unavoidable show has prompted numerous Italian families with offspring of comparative ages having similar names. In some conventional Italian families; it’s compulsory to give kids a name that is associated with a benefactor holy person.

  1. Alessandro : It means ‘Defender of men’.
  2. Alice: It means ‘The truth”.
  3. Andrea: It means “Defender of mankind”.
  4. Aurora: It means “A wonderful dawn”.
  5. Chiara: It means “As clear as light”.
  6. Emma: It means “Universal whole”.
  7. Gabriele: It means “God has given amazing power”.
  8. Giorgia: It means “The farmer”.
  9. Giulia: It means “Youthful”.
  10. Greta: It means “Family loving”.
  11. Leonardo: It means “Bold lion”.
  12. Martina: It means “A war-like woman”.
  13. Matteo: It means “Gift from the Lord”.
  14. Riccardo: It means “Strong ruler”.
  15. Sofia: Itmeans “A wise woman”.
  16. Achille: It means “Pain”.
  17. Adelmo: It means “A hard noble”.
  18. Aelda: It means “A fighter”.
  19. Alcina : It means “A witch”.
  20. Aldo: It means “Something old”.
  21. Alessio: It means “Protector of mankind”.
  22. Alvar: It means “The elf army”.
  23. Amanta: It means “Expression and creativity”.
  24. Amer: It means “Prince”.
  25. Anthonie: It means “Priceless”.
  26. Anzia: It means “One armed”.
  27. Aria: It means “Air as a song or melody”.
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