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The Most Popular Norse Name for Your Baby Boy

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Scandinavian name dominates the Vikings and Scandinavian history, and whether you agree to take all from the hard and strong as Blame, to the charming and tender as Dahlia.

 Agni: the old Northern name comes from the word EGG, which means “(sword) edge”. 

ALFR: old Norse legend of a king who pursued the virgin Alfitr, which means” elf”. 

Aki: the name of the old Norse comes from the small form of Anur, which means “father”. 

Alvis: Thor, which means “wise,” the old name of the dwarf Nordic legend, is almost married to the daughter of Thrud. 

ÁFLJÓTR: thus, the name of the old North consists of the elements” FEO el fin”, “elf” and ljótr” FEO”. 

ANUNDR: the name of the old Northern Vikings consists of elements Anu “ancestor; ancestor “and UND” win; victory” and therefore “ancestor victory”. That was the name of the legendary king of the house of Inglin.

 ALREKR: the old equivalent of the Nordic Visigoth Alaric, consisting of the elements al” all” and Riki are” ruler, rich and powerful”, and therefore “Almighty; all ruler”. 

ARUNDHALE: old name: Northern elements consisting of arundh” eagle” and Gail” spear”, hence” spear eagle”.

 ANLEIFR: old Norwegian name composed of the elements*anu – “ancestor; ancestor” and left “descendants, heirs” and thus “heirs of the ancestors”. Anwender: the name of the old North, thus composed of elements of” Contra” and” vendor” wind”, “against the wind”. 

ARNKELL: the name of the old Norse language, which consisted of elements of the Ari “eagle” and Caldera” cauldron, Caldera”, hence the “eagle Caldera”. 

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Ari: the old Northern name means “eagle”. 

Arnie: old Norse name means “eagle”. 

ARNLAUG: old Northern name, consisting of RNA” eagle” and Risa’s” promise, oath” of elements, hence the “eagle vote.” 

ARNNÓRR: the previous name: Nordic, consists of the element arn” eagle” and the name of the God Thor(Þórr), hence “eagle Thor”. 

ARNLJÓTR: the old Northern name consisting of RNA” eagle” and ljótr” brilliant, brilliant” and therefore” bright eagle” elements. 

ÁSBJORN: the old Norse name and Bjorn” bear” consists of the elements * ¼s” God, God”, hence “bear God”. 

Arun Vier: former name: Nordic elements consisting of Ali “eagle” and viðr” tree”, hence the” eagle”. 

ASHOUR: previous name: elements of ass “God, God, consisting of Nordic “and gar “GAU”, therefore, “God is high”. 

Asgeir: so the old Nordic name consists of the elements” God” and” spear” girl, “spear of God”. The equivalent of the former high-ranking German Gar response. 

OSWALD: old Norse name composed of the elements” God, divinity” and valor” power, government,” and thus” the power of God” or” ruler of God”. 

ASMUNDR: the name of the ancient Nords consists of the elements “God, divinity” and the Mundra” protection”, and therefore “divine protection”. 

BALDR: an old Norse name derived from the word Baldr, meaning” Lord, Prince. In mythology, it is the name of the second son of Odin and Frigg. He was a God of beauty, joy, purity, and peace. His death was considered a trigger event that caused the destruction of all the gods of Ragnarok. He cremated his ship, the Kinghorn, the largest of all the ships built to date.

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BJARTR: the old name Nord comes from the word barter, which means “brilliant”. 

BERGÞÓRRR: old North, thus, is composed of the elements bargain” to the rescue” and Thor” Thor”, “the salvation of Thor”. 

BRAND: the name of the old Nord comes from the word” Sword, Sword”, which is derived from Brannan, meaning “Shine”. 

BJORN: the old Norse name comes from the word Björn, which means “bear”. 

BRÖKK: ancient Norwegian mythology, along with his brother Eitri, is a magical object for the gods, including Thor’s hammer, derived from the Norwegian element Brooke, which presumably means” panties”. 

Dar: the name of the old Nord comes from the word Dagr, which means “day”. 

DAGFINNR: previous name: element Dagr Nordic” Finn” as part of” day” and Finnr, wanderer,” hence the term” day Finn ” or “day traveler”.

David: means “beloved” and forms the Hebrew word David in Scandinavia. 

EILEIFR: EI de Aiwa and” did not end, did not end” and left” offspring, beneficiaries”, composed of old Norde elements name, means “did not end with an heir”. 

Egil: a small form of old Norse Agni means ” Philo (sword)”, “small edge”. 

EIRIKR: the old Norwegian name consists of the elements ei “Siempre” and richer “ruler”. 

ERLINGR: the old Nord is the legendary name of the mortal son of the God rig, meaning “count, noble”. 

AITORI: the name of dwarf Scandinavian mythology, which together with his brother Brekkom created a magical object for the gods, including the hammer of Thor. 

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