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Newborn Photos: When is the Best Age?

As a parent, you want to capture and preserve every moment of your baby’s first few weeks and months.Everyone knows that newborn photos are timeless keepsakes, but when should you get them taken?

The answer isn’t as simple as it may seem; there are a few factors to consider before booking an appointment with a photographer.

Let’s explore what age is best for newborn photos!

Ideal timeframe for newborn photos

The ideal time frame for newborn photos is within the first two weeks after birth. This is because babies tend to be more alert during this period, allowing photographers to capture their expressions more easily.

Additionally, babies this young have not yet developed any facial markings or characteristics that can distract from their natural beauty—so scheduling your photoshoot during this time will yield the best results!

If you are unable to take newborn photos within two weeks of birth due to medical reasons or other circumstances, don’t worry—you still have time!

Getting pictures after two weeks – is it still possible?

Babies up to 3 months old can also have beautiful photographs taken.

During this time, they will start developing their own personalities and features which can add even more charm and personality to the photos.

However, keep in mind that some of the poses that are possible with younger babies may not be possible with older ones.

The final thing to consider when planning your newborn photoshoot is whether or not you want posed or candid shots.

Posed or candid shots?

Posed shots typically require more preparation and setup while candid shots usually involve less effort on the part of both parents and photographers alike but offer more natural expressions and moments captured between family members.

The decision is ultimately up to you so make sure you discuss it with your photographer beforehand!

Newborn photography can be a wonderful way to capture those precious first days of life together as a family—but deciding when exactly to take those pictures can be tricky.

Ultimately, the best time frame for newborn photos is within two weeks after birth; however, if that isn’t possible due to medical reasons or other circumstances, then babies up to three months old are still perfect candidates for photographing too!

Don’t forget about discussing whether posed or candid shots works best for your family’s needs before booking an appointment with a photographer so that everyone involved has an enjoyable experience!

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