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How to Hold a Baby? 8 Safe Positions with Pictures

What was your feeling the moment you carried your baby? The time that the nurse put the baby in your arms, sure your heart got excited, your hands were shaking and tears have fallen down your eyes. That was the priceless moment of holding your little one.

This blog teaches you as well inform you of the 8 safe positions on how to hold a baby.

How to hold a newborn upright?

You can try different positions on how to hold a baby to determine what she or he likes the most.

Cradle Hold    

Cradling your baby is easy and natural. The following are the right ways on how to hold a baby to sleep:

  • With your baby aligned to your chest height, you must slide your hand from the bottom up to take care of her head and neck.
  • Tenderly place the head of the baby right into the angle of your arms.
  • Move your hand from the neck down to the bottom side and hips.
  • Move the baby closer to you and you can bring her to sleep fast.

Shoulder hold

This is among the most natural ways on how to hold a baby. This is how you do it:

  • With the newborn’s body aligned to yours, carry her within your shoulder height.
  • The head of the baby should be on your shoulder.
  • Your one hand should be supporting the baby’s head and neck while the other hand is at the bottom.

This baby position allows her to listen to your heartbeat.

Belly hold

Your baby will certainly love this way of holding the baby. Here’s how to take of a baby:

  • Put the baby with her tummy downwardly facing on one of your elbows with the head above your arms.
  • Her feet must touch on either side of your hand at a slant close to the floor level.
  • By putting your hands at her back you make her feel safe.
  • This is a great position on how to hold a newborn baby when burping. Kindly stroke the back of your baby to free the gas.

Hip Hold

Hold your newborn’s hips once she has complete control of her head and neck. This position is great when your baby is about three months old. Here’s how to hold a baby on your hip:

  • Make your baby sit on your hips by making her face away from you.
  • Put your arms across her waist.
  • Your baby can look at things around her happily.

Face-to-face hold

This type of hold allows you to connect with your baby. Here’s how to hold a baby perfectly:

  • Take care of your baby’s head neck with one hand while the other hand is giving support to her back.
  • Hold the baby just beneath the chest in front of you.
  • Make her smile and enjoy connecting with the baby.

Chair hold

  • Let the baby lie back and rest on your chest to give the right support.
  • Put one hand around her chest to avoid tilting on the sides.
  • Put your other hand beneath.
  • Provide good support

This way of holding a bay is not ideal for babies under three months.

Football hold

This is perfect if you’re feeding the baby and you can practice this while sitting or standing. Here’s how to hold a baby:

  • Your one hand should be providing support to your baby’s head and neck while the rest of her back is on your arm.
  • Protect the baby’s head and neck with the other hand.
  • Have the baby curl close to your body side and with her legs stretched behind.
  • Place her close to your chest.
  • The other free hand should offer extra support to your baby’s head.

Lap hold

This is perfect for when you’re holding the baby while feeding her or while sitting. Here’s how to hold a baby:

  • Put your both feet on the ground level when sitting and place your baby on your lap.
  • Her head should be near your knees with her face in the air.
  • Put both your hands under her head for the great support and your arms all over the body.
  • Let her feet wrap around your waist.

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