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Precious Baby Girl Names Perfect for Your Little Miss

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An adorable baby girl is coming in your life not too soon. You are already beaming because you’ve prayed and wished for this precious blessing. Your eyes are twinkling and your heart is erratically thumping with so much anticipation for the coming of the big day. While thinking for the much-awaited moment, it crossed your mind that you wanted to give your little girl a name as precious as her. You want a name that just only uttering it, your heart will melt away. As a result, you came browsing the net looking for the most beautiful precious baby girl names ever dated but you have failed to no avail. So, if you are still in the quest for searching that perfect precious name for your baby girl, congratulations, you are on the right page! Here, we present to you a list of precious baby girl names that will certainly fit your little miss. Let us start browsing them! 

Precious – This name means of great value, and highly esteemed.
Aziza – This name has origins in both Arabic and Hebrew and means beloved, and precious.
Bao – With Chinese origin that means precious treasure.
Caoimhe – This name means gentle, beautiful, and precious. It is usually pronounced as KEE-VA or KWEE-VA.
Lana – Originated from Old German that means precious.
Alaine – It means precious and is the French feminine variant of the name Alana.
Alamea – With Hawaiian origin that means ripe precious.
Alannah – This is the same with Alaine and means precious.
Almodine – With Latin origin, meaning precious stone. 
Anmol – Hindi origin that means precious and priceless.
Lulu – Another Hawaiian origin that means precious, pearl, calm, peaceful, and protected.
Nadira – It has Arabic roots that mean precious and scarce.
Bry – The name means lovely and precious.
Ola – This means wealth, ancestor, precious, worth, defender of mankind, holy, man’s defender, life, and well-being.
Cara – It means darling, beloved, dear one, friend, and precious jewel.
Anna – This name came from multiple origins such as Arabic and Indian. It means present, graceful, “God has favored me”, mother, eagle, happiness, precious angel, and elder sister. This is a variant of the name Anne as well.
Ashy – A Hindu name that means covered with ashes and something as precious as a hidden diamond.
Asma – Originated from Arabic, meaning sky, excellent, precious, higher, more exalted, honorable, loftier, more eminent and daughter of Abu Bakr.
Jade – Of English origin that means precious greenstone, the most beautiful stone, and green gemstone.
Magg – The name means, made from the precious crust diamond, and goddess of love and lust.
Myra – Indian origin which means swift and light, admirable, aristocratic lady, wonderful, fragrant resin from a tree, sweet ointment, honey, beloved, butterfly, and divinely precious.
Nila – Originated from India as well and means enchanting moon, and precious stone.
Opal – Also an Indian origin. Jewel names became popular in the 19th century. This name means the earth, gem, jewel, and precious stone.
Remy – An Indian name which means solely precious.
Ruby – The name means reddish, red-colored precious gemstone, reborn, and jewel or red gemstone.
Sara – Came from Arabic origin which means princess, pure, lady, excellent, priceless, inestimable, solid, precious, star, happy, and beautiful.
Yana – Indian origin as well, meaning God-gifted, precious to God, and God is gracious.
Aarya –  Originated from India which means precious, princess, goddess Parvati/Durga, and noble lead or lady. 
Agate – English origin that means a semiprecious stone, a playing marble made of substance, referring to the stone, jewel, and kind.
Alley – It only means precious.
Beryl – An Indian origin which means a gemstone, a jewel, and a precious jewel.
Amber – A Sikh origin which means a sky, gemstone, healing, and a reddish-yellow precious jewel.
Azure – Christian origin meaning sky blue, and blue semi-precious stone.
Eliza – An Arab name that means God is my oath, consecrated to God, pledged to God, the chosen one, unique, and precious. This is another form of the name Elizabeth.
Fizza – It means nature, silver, precious, and pure.
Gemma – A Christian origin name that means jewel, precious stone, and gem
Jewel – Another Christian origin that means rare excellence, precious stone, a gem, plaything, delight, joy, and precious.
Kelva – Arab origin meaning full of dreams, precious, and beautiful.
Meena – Indian origin meaning precious stone, starling, heaven, and glass.
Meera – Indian origin as well that means light, saintly woman, a devotee or worshipper of Lord Krishna, aristocratic lady, high-born girl, and precious gem.
Kelvi – It means a deity, light, and God’s precious and gracious gift.
Milen – With English origin which means precious, and affectionate.
Pearl – Originated from India and means the precious stone, pure heart, a gem of the sea, and diamond.
Sarah – Arabic origin that means princess, lady, a woman of high rank, pure, happy, precious and queen. This is a variant of the name Sara.
Presh – An English origin meaning precious.
Treas – English origin as well which means treasure, and most precious.
Alaina – An  Arab origin meaning valuable, precious, dear child, beautiful, and fair one.
Alanis – With Christian origin that means little rock, beautiful, valuable, and precious.
Aliona – A Turkish origin meaning torch of light, awakening, and precious.
Amanda – Christian origin, that means lovable, much loved, she who must be loved, worthy of love, deserving to be loved, and a precious thing.
Areeya – With Indian origin that means precious.
Arinah – Arabic origin meaning precious, winner, and beautiful.
Goldie – Christian origin that means gold, golden-haired, made of gold, precious metal, and fair-haired maiden.
Keisha – An Indian origin that means alive and well, great joy, favorite, beautiful, unique, and precious.
Meghan – With Christian origin that means pearl, strong and capable, precious and diminutive of Margaret.
Alannah – Arab origin meaning valuable, dear child, bright, shining, darling, warmth, and peace.
Yasmine – A Sikh origin that means jasmine, fragrant flower, shining, and precious stone.
Coraline – An English name that means sea growth and nature.
Sapphire – With Christian origin meaning blue jewel, and blue precious gem.
Jacinth –  Christian origin as well which means precious stone and Greek flower name for Hyacinth.

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