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What to do when Giving Birth Alone in the Bathroom

All the pregnant mothers out there are seen to be very excited about their delivery and becoming a mom. There are times that they feel worried if they are going into home labor alone, or can they make it in the hospital. But what if you ended up in a situation when giving birth alone in the bathroom? You need to stay calm and follow the simple tips below on how to handle such a situation. This may be uncommon; but it can happen to every woman. So be prepared and keep an eye on these tips.

  • Understand and evaluate the situation

This is the first thing that you should do. You need to know if the baby is ready to come out; and you can’t make it to the nearest hospital. Evaluate if you have strong and frequent contractions and if your water bag has broken or any signs that you are giving birth already. Keep in mind that if you are expecting your first baby, it will take a longer time than second or third. So you need to be ready for the possible effects.

  • Dial 911

You need to make sure that you remember the number for emergency hotlines. You must dial the number quickly and ask for help with your obstetrician. Your doctor can help you through reciting the different basic steps for a home birth; so you need to put your cellphone on loudspeaker mode. Also, never lock your bathroom door for the medical staff from the emergency service to help and reach you easily.

  • Keep calm

When a hard situation like giving birth alone in the bathroom occurs, you need to stay calm and keep in mind that everything is normal. You need to believe that you are knowledgeable enough to deal with this situation. Be careful about walking around the bathroom; if possible, stay in one place where you think you can have a safe delivery. Do take note that you don’t need to panic when you see that your baby gets stuck or his feet come first. Always remember that the babies who are positioned ideal head down are those babies who don’t encounter any difficulties.

  •  You should know how to be comfortable and clean

Make sure that your vaginal area and your hands are clean. You can use either soap or wipes to keep yourself sanitize. Since you are inside the bathroom; be sure that you have a bucket of lukewarm water and clean towels to use when your baby comes out. Also, take note that maybe your first impulse is to lie in the tub; but you will never be comfortable there. You can use clean rugs or towels and lay them down on the floor to give your child a soft and safe landing. Whatever position you may choose is still okay as long as you are comfortable with this.

  • Suppress your urge to push

When you are unexpectedly giving birth alone in the bathroom and the baby is arriving surprisingly; it is better not to bear down so your delicate tissue won’t be damaged. Panting can be a big help in adding internal pressure essential in holding your breath. Try to help your baby to come out through gentle pushing. If you already saw the head of your baby; press your hands against the perineum. You can help your child by gliding out gently and slowly. You need to hook one of your fingers under the umbilical cord while loosening it slowly when you see that it is around the neck of your baby. Keep in mind that once you notice that the head is out; rest assured that the body should come out easily.

  • When your baby is out, you should do the following

As soon as your baby is out, you need to give him instant skin to skin contact to give the warmth that he needs, drying him with a clean towel and wrapping him in a blanket. Also, putting the baby in your breast can stimulate contractions in order to deliver the placenta.

You also need to run your fingers in the corner of the baby’s eyes down to his nostrils. This is essential to drain off amniotic fluid and ensure his first birth. You are also obliged to rub both sides of his rib cage upward and downward until he begins breathing. We can notice that most of the babies nowadays can start breathing on their own without any intervention. The next thing that you need to do is to help your child put his mouth in your nipple for breastfeeding.

This can be a big help in releasing oxytocin. If you notice a gush of blood that will come out, it is a sign that the placenta has already come away. If possible, put the placenta in a towel inside a bowl to be checked.

  • Never tie nor cut the umbilical cord

Another tip when you are accidentally giving birth alone in the bathroom is never to cut nor tie the umbilical cord. It is because you will need to sterilize things to prevent any infection. You need to be careful when it comes to this matter because 30 percent of the baby’s blood is in the placenta, which is essential in giving him 2 to 5 minutes of oxygen. Remember that this is a lifesaving situation since the baby still can’t breathe on their own, and the emergency staff to help you doesn’t arrive yet. You need to wait for the medical team to cut the umbilical cord in a sterile way.

If you are expecting your first baby, it is more likely that this will come out without any warning. Most women who are giving birth alone in the bathroom are those who are first-time parents. While this situation seems to be frightening, all you need to follow is to stay focus and calm. Always keep in mind that one of the essences of being a woman is being a mother.  So your body is already ready and aware of what to do. You don’t need to worry the next time that it will happen to you since you can now follow the steps above.

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