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Pregnancy Diet: How Safe is it to Eat Apricot During Pregnancy?

Who doesn’t love apricots? Oh, a delicious, healthy kind of fruit that resembles a peach and can be eaten dry or wet. Delicious and sweet, apricots are as well used as a dessert! They are high in nutritional content and are rich in vitamins and minerals essential for our body. However, when you get pregnant, there is a lot of restrictions, especially on the food you eat. So, is there anything to worry about consuming apricots? Read on moms-to-be and find out if it is fine to eat apricots during pregnancy. If the answer is yes, what is the recommended amount for consumption?

How safe is eating apricot during pregnancy?

It is extremely safe to consume apricots while you’re pregnant. Belonging to the same family of cherries, almonds, plums, and peaches, apricot provides several health benefits. A pregnant woman can eat 1 to kernels of apricots in a day. This is the recommended amount of consumption of apricots. Make sure to watch the fruit well before eating to remove dangerous chemicals on it.

How can a pregnant woman benefit from eating apricots?

1. Rich in iron and copper

Did you know that dried apricots are rich in iron and copper? A pregnant woman needs an adequate amount of iron to lower her risk of having anemia and oxidative stress. The rich content of copper in dried apricots also plays a major role in hemoglobin production and iron absorption.

2. Aids in constipation

Just like most of the fruits, apricots are a good source of fiber. Eating them during pregnancy helps a pregnant woman to have stable digestion keeping her away from constipation, which is among the most common pregnancy symptoms.

3. A good source of folic acid

As an expecting mom, you should have known the importance of taking a good amount of folic acid from the start of the first trimester. The good thing is apricots contain a high amount of folic acid which helps in the baby’s healthy development so that he will have a reduced risk having birth defects which includes spina bifida.

4. Promotes healthy eyes

Apricots also have a high amount of beta-carotene, an essential nutrient that helps in improving your eyesight. Include apricots in your diet to have healthy eyes.

5. Maintains your blood sugar levels stable

If you want to keep your blood sugar level under check, you may want to consume apricots. Eating apricots during pregnancy is proven to keep you less likely to have gestational diabetes while you’re pregnant.

6. Have incredible effects on your unborn baby’s growth and development

Apricots are truly beneficial not just for the mom but for her unborn baby as well. They highly contain folic acid, which helps prevent birth defects such as spina bifida in infants. Indeed, apricots are good for your child’s fetal growth and development.

7. Good for the skin

Eating apricots can make you achieve a good-looking, glowing skin.

8. Promotes a higher supply of breastmilk for mothers

As soon as your baby is delivered to the world, it is important to breastfeed him immediately after he goes out of the womb. Eating apricots is known to help in enhancing the lactating mother’s milk production.

9. An effective remedy for vaginal infections

Being pregnant makes you susceptible to various vaginal infections. Apply an apricot paste to the affected area and the infection will just go away.

Harmful effects of apricot to pregnant women

While eating apricots during pregnancy provides a number of benefits, you should also keep in mind that this fruit also has some risks for the pregnant woman which include the following:

1. Contains the dangerous ingredient “amygdalin”

“Amygdalin” is a harmful ingredient that can be found in apricots. Excessive consumption of foods that are enriched with this substance may lead to nervous system breakdown, cramps, nausea, and vomiting, as well as respiratory problems.

The tip of apricot is rich in “amygdalin” so make sure to remove it before eating to avoid discomfort and further damages to your health.

2. Has sulfur content

Apricots have sulfur which can cause anaphylactic shock, trigger allergies in pregnant women.

3. Can cause gastric issues

Eating unripe apricots can give pregnant mothers gastric discomfort which can lead to vomiting and dehydration.

4. Can cause dizziness and headache

Eating apricots in excessive amounts can make you feel dizzy and trigger a headache.

When is the right time to eat apricots during pregnancy?

There is no real particular time when a pregnant woman should eat apricots, yet the recommendation is to have it along with a meal like breakfast or snack in between meals. Avoid eating them during the night.

Additional points to consider about apricots consumption in pregnancy

  • It is unsafe to eat unripe apricot. It is suggested to eat the dried ones.
  • Consume apricots in moderation.
  • Eat apricots along with breakfast.
  • Talk to your doctor before including apricots in your daily diet.

Final thoughts

There is no real big deal if you eat a couple of apricots each day while you’re pregnant. As a matter of fact, it is delicious and full of health benefits. However, always remember to wash it thoroughly before eating them. Do not go overboard in eating apricots during pregnancy. Should you feel any symptoms of discomfort, seek medical help immediately. Consult your doctor prior to adding or removing them from your pregnancy diet.

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